Profiles of Ogbona Prominent Persons

Pastor (Mrs.) Julie Inu Umoru

First full ordained RCCG female Pastor in Edo province 3. Currently the state deputy president of National Association of proprietors of private school in Edo state. She is a mother, a teacher, a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ogieavianwu gave her a chieftaincy title in 1995 as the UFIOLE of Avianwu as mark of her contribution to Ogbona.

Sister Julie, Auntie Julie and Pastor Julie, is a sister and a friend for life. She is one of the early women elites from Ogbona. She always happy for you and your family all the time and also available to help the community anytime. Thank you for your support to our community, care and prayers over the years.

A fair skinned baby was born at the crack of dawn on Tuesday, July 9th 1946 to Mr. Joseph and Christiana Anaweokhai in the bustling commercial town of Onitsha, Anambra State. (Formerly known as Eastern Region). The second of six children. That baby was named Juliana Omonemi.

Juliana attended Holy Rosary catholic school. She grew up with a desire to be a nun but the untimely death of her mother at age 13 changed the course of her academic and subsequently, her career direction. After the death of her mother, she went to live with her uncle where she completed her Standard six at Immaculata conception convent primary School. After completing her primary education, she went to live with her eldest brother, Chief Vital Anaweokhai in NIFOR.

She later went on to Teachers training college in Warri and then went on to complete her Grade 2 in 1966. She later went on to Nigeria College of education, Abraka and bagged an NCE in 1978 and immediately went on to do her NYSC (National Youth Service).

Juliana was born a devout Catholic and was baptized and confirmed at Holy Rosary Catholic church, Onitsha. However in 1992 she gave her life to God in Benin City, Edo state.

Juliana became a teacher and taught Geography for 27 years before she retired voluntarily in 1993. Juliana’s love for academic stirred her to open her own school. In 1994, Brighter Tomorrow group of schools was born.

In March 2002, she joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Blessed Parish, Auchi, where she went on to be a full Ordained Pastor in August 2015.

Juliana is blessed with 2 children, and 6 Grandchildren.  She is also very blessed with many godchildren and spiritual children.

For Juliana, giving her life to Christ is the greatest thing that has happened to her. With all her accomplishments she never fails to ascribe it all to God. She uses the phrase “If Jesus tarries” so often that it’s now been a part of her. Looking at Juliana’s journey over the last 70 years would make anyone awed by the magnificence of God

Juliana is fondly called ‘Okpotso’ by her closest friends. When she is not engaged in her School or in Church activities, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren and keeping herself up to date with social media.


Profile of Mrs. Theresa Ekamhefa Abu

Mrs. Abu Theresa Ekamhefa was born on 17th March, 1952, her parents are late pa Luke Amiekhamhe, who was the head Christian of Ogbona and Cecelia Amiekhamhe, Attended Saint John primary school, Ogbona and later continued in Lagos  where she obtained primary 6 certificate , married to late Isaac Abu in 1968, was enlisted into the Nigeria police force in March 1978 in Lagos, and rose to the rank of an inspector and later posted to Edo state in 1991 where she worked at the Police Training School and in the Police officers Mess and finally retired successfully in 2012 without blemish after 35yrs. To God be the glory. She lives in Benin City

In a male dominated profession she was able to rise to the position of a police inspector. Meet this woman with a great smile and that radiates an atmosphere of love anytime you meet her.



The Profile of Mary Omosike Charles Anwaosi

Her names are Mary Omosike Charles Anwaosi, born to the family of Lucy and Charles Anwaosi from Ivhiobore

quarter in Ogbona. She was born in Zaria in 1964, but grew up in Ibadan Oyo state, where she had her primary/secondary education, then later relocated to the United Kingdom where she obtained a diploma from South Bank polytechnic, South East London. She moved to the United States of America where and lived there for 20 years and graduated from Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York with a BSc in Business management. Also attended one of the best beauty schools in New York USA, Tinny’s Beauty and figure where she became a trained aesthetician (Laser Cosmetics Surgeon) qualified to work with laser beams. She also obtained certification as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) from the Staten Island University New York USA with several years of experience in nursing practical in the USA.

Mary relocated to Nigeria in the year 1999 and became the first person to introduce permanent cosmetics (permanent makeup and body tattoo) to the beauty industry in Nigeria, and has received various awards to that respect. She is the brain behind the popular outfit known as Twinkul Skincare and laser treatment located at Emporium plaza Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos and a branch at Centro Lekki Mall, Lekki phase 1, Lekki Lagos.

Her clientele list consist of high-profile personnel such as the late Stella Obasanjo. She was the coordinator of the Better Life for rural women an NGO initiated by late Mariam Babangida. She is a member of the Rotary club International and also a member of the Association of practitioner of Spa and medical aesthetics of Nigeria.


 Dr. Dorothy Lovina Kufeji (Nee Asapokhai) First Female medical doctor from Ogbona (Paediatric Surgeon)

Dorothy Kufeji FRCS (Eng.), FRCS (Paed), specialises in neonatal surgery and paediatric colorectal surgery at Guys and St Thomas’ hospital in London.

She performed the first laparoscopic ACE stoma at the Evelina Children’s Hospital 8 years ago and is currently the chairman of the Pan London consortium for Paediatric Surgery Training and a member of the board of the London Postgraduate School of Surgery. ComplexdWoman chats with Dorothy about her medical career

The stability I was brought up with in Nigeria made me feel like I could go out into the world and do and achieve whatever I set my mind to. I have two sisters and six brothers and I was given as much freedom as my brothers when it came to career choices. My dad just wanted all of us to excel in whatever we did. From a young age I knew I wanted to look after people; after all, I was the one cleaning up the scraps and cuts caused by the daring adventures of my brothers. I qualified with honours at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria’s premier tertiary educational institute. After my post-graduate training at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, where I was the first female chief resident in surgery, I came to the UK, where I have lived for the last 15 years. Medical training in Nigeria is based very much around the British system and I had a well-rounded experience when I came to the UK, working in Nottingham, Leeds and Sheffield. I’ve worked at St Georges Hospital, Lewisham Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. My working days can be up to 24 hours depending on what commitments and patients I have. The alarm goes off at 6am and I’m at my desk at 8am, but if there is an emergency then I have to be available whenever I am called. A typical day on call involves visiting children in the intensive care unit. Training staff as I make my rounds and monitoring premature babies who have had surgical complications or congenital conditions. At the same time emergencies are coming in, creating situations where I also have to compose myself for operating in theater or talk to the parents and families of children who are critical. At times, I can be in theater all day and night, eventually heading home at 2am in the morning. I am up again at 6am and it starts all over again. I knew what I was getting myself into. It’s the nature of the profession and I had enough warning in my training. You persevere, even though the hours are crazy. The European regulation for working times are trying to control the hours doctors work, but if you choose this path, especially at my level, the work finishes when your patient’s condition is no longer life-threatening. Seeing a child who was critical smiling at you when they recover gives me the strength to work robotically. That’s all I need to keep me going. In medical school, I knew I wanted to be a surgeon. At the end of my general surgical training, I was chief resident in the hospital and had an opportunity to work with Professor Debo Adeyemi and Professor Omodari, who had a great way of dealing with children with terrible birth defects. I won’t pretend it was easy to be a woman when I was moving up in my medical career. There are very subtle incidents, comments and actions that go against you because of your gender. When I was training, all the meetings were scheduled after work. While I had to return home because I had a young family to look after, the male trainees would join the consultants and surgeons at the pub, go to the gym or play tennis together and make decisions during these male bonding activities that were vital to what was happening at work. It was a silent form of exclusion that led to the relationship with male trainees and their seniors being much stronger and resulting in very offensive and condescending situations at work. Instead of keeping quiet, I spoke out about it and made my point known. I was met with cold shoulders by my seniors, but I made no apologies for the fact that I am a woman, willing to work hard for my career, but that I also wanted to spend time looking after my own children. I am a woman and I wouldn’t change anything! Whatever role or career I am in, I am there because I am capable of being in that role. I grew up in a home full of men and men have always surrounded me at work and in surgery. At work, I bring to the table a quality only a woman can bring in a difficult situation, not only when I’m looking after a sick child, but also picking up signals from my mentees.  I am the chairperson of the training committee for paediatric surgery in the region and once, when a trainee came in for their assessment, I could see that they were falling to pieces. I gave them some words of encouragement and pointed them in the right direction because I could sense what this person was going through. One of the male panelists asked me why I was being over emotional about the situation. It proves that there must always be a balance between rational and emotional. An equal amount of men and women in higher positions in the medical profession is a good thing, because there is no denying that women contribute an emotional balance in the work place. Our roles as the nurturing mother and wife are just as important and I will not drop them because of what I want to achieve at work. What I try to do is let these factors meet in the middle. I will admit, balancing family life and a career is very difficult. I admire women who have been able to do both with some degree of success because both are full-time jobs. At work, I lead firmly but I maintain my nurturing qualities because it reaches out to people. At home I have learnt to sacrifice being a perfectionist and delegate a bit more. When I finish work I try my best to detach, but I can’t just put my foot up because my own children also need and want my attention. To disconnect I read, but when I close my eyes sometimes, there are patients I still see. It’s not a bad thing – like an artist, ideas come to me in the middle of the night and I am able to construct surgical procedures that could cure a child. There are also children that grow on you. Because of the nature of what I do, I can be faced with a child who is critically ill from the moment they are born and has to have major surgery for the next 16 years of their life under my care. You get to know that child, their family and watch their personality grow. It is very difficult to stop thinking about my patients. I am often touched on a personal level. I find solace in talking to some very wise people in my life, while maintaining patient confidentiality. I have strong friendships with people who work in the same field, so we share our experiences. I have learned to never do anything by halves. Whatever I do I give it 110%. As the saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing well. I believe women truly rule the roost. I don’t think we need to be feminist! We are feminine and that’s good enough. I have lived and worked in environments where I am the only woman, but it doesn’t really matter to me. I can wear a dress and I can wear trousers… I am versatile. I am a ComplexdWoman because of my love for my fellow human beings. It doesn’t matter if I was the chief executive of Guys and St Thomas Hospital; the respect I have for another chief executive would be the same respect for the cleaner.


Bar. Christopher Ekhasemomhe

Bar. Christopher  Ekhasemomhe was born in October 1941 to the families of Pa Ekhasemomhe Asekokhai of Ivhitse quarters in Ogbona and Ma Amina Ekhasemomhe née Akugho from Fugar both in today Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State. He attended Etsako Division Council Primary school from 1951 to 1957. After his primary school leaving certificate Examination, he proceeded to Blessed Martin School, Jattu from 1959 to 1961 for his model school after which he went to St. John Bosco Teachers Training College, Ubiaja from 1963 to 1964 and taught briefly at Ivhioghe Catholic School in 1965 but left for St. Thomas College, Ibuzor from 1966 to 1967 for his Advanced Levels. Upon his graduation from St. Thomas College, he picked up teaching appointment and taught at Imiegbai Catholic School from 1968 to 1970.  In the present day Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State.1970 he gained admission to the Present day Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife and studied law and graduated in 1973.He went to the Nigerian Law School and was called to bar in June, 1974. Bar. Thomas Ekhasemomhe did his mandatory National Youth Service Corp program in the old Benue Plateau State from 1974 to 1975. He began his legal carrier in Kaduna State under Dr. F Oguntoye’s Chambers from 1975 to December, 1977 and attached himself to Aluko Olokun Chambers from 1978 to June, 1979. In July 1979, he established his Freedom in Kaduna State. Bar Ekhasemomhe got married to his heart throb, Mrs. Luci Onozoamhor Ekhasemomhe née Utsalo from Jattu on the 28th of December,1974 and the marriage is blessed with Four children .Among whom are, Emily, who was among the best graduating student of her class at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Marriet, a lawyer by profession, Dr. Mrs. Jenny Momodu who is married to Dr. Israel Momodu both of whom are medical practitioners at Irrua Teaching Hospital, Edo State and Emmanuel Eghiegbai, a lawyer who works at Freedom Chambers with Bar. Thomas Ekhasemomhe. On his arrival at Kaduna in 1975, Bar. Ekhasemomhe discovered that there were two factions of Ogbona general meetings in Kaduna but with the help of Mr. ABC Anaweokhai, they were able to unite and coalesced them into one strong meeting. Bar. Ekhasemomhe represented Ogbona both at the Justice Ejoor Tribunal in Benin City and at Auchi High Court throughout the Ogbona/Imiava case. Bar. Ekhasemomhe is excited by the giant stride Ogbona has recorded in the education sector in the past few years compared to his time when education was tailored towards teaching. He has no regret whatsoever in life, given the opportunity again, he would not hesitate to come back into this would through Ogbona as his ancestral home. Bar Ekhasemomhe is a trail blazer in the legal profession as far as Ogbona is concerned.

 Chief Ferdnard Oshioke Orbih (SAN)

Feddy as commonly called by friends and family is the first son of Late Chief M.C.K Orbih. He is the Only Senior Advocate of Nigeria from Ogbona and probably from Avianwu clan. Do you know that Ogbona community has more than 10 court cases still pending across the country? Most of them between us and our neighboring communities. Feddy is the only lawyer that has the history and the knowledge of all the issues at stake. You can always contact him and or his law firm for Legal matters as related to our community and other specialized areas.

As the managing partner and founder of this firm he personifies the principles upon which the firm was built. He is a problem solver with a knack for achieving or striving to achieve perfection in all he does.

Before founding the firm Ferdinand Orbih previously, he worked at the Ministry of Justice during his National Youth Service Corps (1979-1980). He also worked as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Ife, Ile-Ife (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) from 1981-1982. He then worked as a Counsel in the Firm of Sadoh & Co. from 1987-1987.

In 1987, Ferdinand Orbih Founded Ferd Orbih & Co in Benin- City and it is now Ferd Orbih (SAN) & Co and has expanded to Abuja and Lagos (through the branch offices there).

Ferdinand Orbih has an LL.B degree from the University of Ife; he obtained his B.L. from the Nigerian Law School in 1979; He also has an LL.M. from the University of Ife.
Ferdinand was conferred with the title of SENIOR ADVOCATE OF NIGERIA (SAN) in 2011 (but with effect from 2010). He also became a Fellow Institute of Chartered Arbitrators of Nigeria 2013. (FCIArb)

Ferdinand Orbih is a recipient of the following allocates:
Represented the Federal Government of Nigeria in Arbitration Proceedings in the Matter of the A.I.C Limited & Anor V. Federal Ministry of Works and Housing in London.

  1. Paul Harris Fellow – Rotary International
    The IGECHI of Auchi Kingdom. 7th December, 2006.
    b. The OSIMUA of South Ibie Kingdom 2014.
  3. MERIT AWARD: in recognition of contribution to the Legal Profession and the NBA by Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Benin Branch 18th May, 2012.
  5. Icon of Excellent leadership in Niger-Delta, 2014: An Award by the National Association of Niger-Delta Students.


  • Emergency powers under the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and the emergency powers under the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, 1961 – a critical appraisal: paper presented at the Nigerian bar association Benin branch law week on June 21st, 2004.
  • Injunction Vis a Vis the principles of fair hearing under the Nigerian constitution: a paper presented at the Nigerian bar association Benin branch law week 2005.
  • The nature and effect of default judgment: a paper presented at the 25th advanced course in practice and procedure organised by the Nigerian institute of advanced legal studies.
  • The duties and liabilities of the press under the electoral act and the law of defamation in Nigeria: an address presented at the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) world service trust workshop for journalists at Benin city on Thursday the 13th day of February, 2003.
  • Confronting legal issues in examination malpractice the law, prosecution and judicial processes: a paper presented on the 16th day of august, 2006 at a summit on examination malpractice organised by the House of Representatives committee on education.
  • Improving adjudication procedure in election petitions in Nigeria: a paper presented on the 15th day of March, 2012 at the Nigerian bar association conference on review of performance of election petition tribunal held in Benin City.
  • Plea bargaining and the anti-corruption crusade in Nigeria: a paper presented on the 8th day of May, 2012, at the law students association (LAWSA) of the Benson Idahosa University Law week.
  • Constitution and tenure of the executive: matters arising: being a paper presented on the 11th day of December, 2012 at the Sapele bar law week.
  • Practical advocacy: a paper presented at the Benin bar law week 2011.
    Trending issues in the law of evidence in Nigeria


  • Inherent jurisdiction: a chapter contribution to the book “jurisdiction” edited by professor epiphany Azinge.
  • Review of honourable justice V. A. O. Omage’s judgement (chapter 5 of the book titled “opportunity to serve”).
  • A review of barrister Agbonrofo’s “cooperatives principles and practice in Nigeria”.


Gilbert Erelumhe Odior, FNAPE, CPG

Gilbert Odior is the Managing Director of Field Support Services (FSS), an oil and gas industry support services firm specialized in the provision of Interface management and regulatory, project specific manpower supply, University assistant programs and community development work.

Gilbert Erelumhe Odior was born at Ogbona to Raphael Nasamu Odior and Angelina Agbapalo Odior (Nee Igonor), Etsako Central Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria on September 22, 1957.  He attended Saint John’s Catholic Primary School, Ogbona 1964-1969, Saint John’s College, Fugar 1970-1974, Edo College Benin City 1974-1976. He then proceeded to the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, where he graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Geology in 1979 and M.Sc. Petroleum Geology in 1981. Gilbert Odior (EGO as fondly called by his friends and colleagues) joined Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) in 1981

EGO has always gone beyond the call of duty to touch many people’s lives in different ways. He always looks for the good sides of people and how to develop their potentials. He believes that everybody is useful in his or her own way.  His policy is to develop and bring to limelight the strengths and de-emphasize the weaknesses of people around him. GILBERT thrives on challenges, he believes in leading by example and readily changes situations for the better. He has enjoyed every challenge and hard work that has come his way which elevated him to position in oil and gas industry. He sets high standards and achieves things that others dare not dream about. Highly motivated to “make things happen” and energetic, broad technical/business knowledge, diverse exploration and production experience, leader of multi-disciplined teams, flexible and mobile, focused on bottom-line results. Pace setter among mentors for the less experienced members of the department. A good manager of resources.

Holds a B. S. and M. S. Degree in Geology from the University of Ibadan in Ibadan, Nigeria. Gilbert Odior brings a rich experience in Asset management, Oil and Gas Management Consulting, Learning & Development as well as Government Relations to your business/ project.

His experience covers 34 years of diversified activities across the oil and gas  industry such as finding, developing and producing hydrocarbons offshore in Nigeria and Gulf of Mexico, regional evaluations, field development and resource management and a strong knowledge of Government Relations and all applicable Laws and agreement in oil and gas development in Nigeria.

He started his career as a Geologist/ interpreter on several fields including the Edop field, the first Nigeria Deepwater reservoir to be characterized, and with his excellent performance, he became Geoscience Supervisor for MPN, Lagos, Technology leader Nigeria special projects in Dallas, Manager Geoscience-East Area, Deepwater Geoscience Manager, Manager Venture Relations and Manager Formation Evaluation/ Operation Geology with the Geoscience Technology Group. He retired from ExxonMobil in December, 2015 as Exploration Geoscience Coordinator.

He has authored and co-authored several technical papers, proprietary industry papers and reports. Amongst other notable project, he coordinated the production of 24 lecture series on various aspects of Geoscience and soft skills that were deployed to 15 universities in 2015.

He is a founding member of Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE), of which he is a fellow, and a past president. He is a member of Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS), Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Nigeria Gas Association (NGA), National Data Repository Board and American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) for which he also served as president for the Africa Region. He is a registered geoscientist with the Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geoscientists (COMEG).

Chief Daniel Osikheme Orbih

  • Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) in Edo State.
  • Former Director NNPC Group Board as well as member Governing Board University of Port Harcourt.
  • Served at various times on PDP Committees at State and National levels.
  • Dan is a chief from Ogbona, meaning, the community recognizes all the things he does for them

Chief Daniel Osikheme Orbih was born on the 27th of October, 1961 to Chief and Mrs.  M.C.K. Orbih of Ogbona in Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State.  As a veteran politician of the first republic having been elected to the Federal House of Representatives in 1959, Chief M.C.K. Orbih imbued in his children that vibrancy and sensitivity to public affairs which the young Daniel clearly imbibed.

Chief Dan Orbih attended the Catholic Central School, Afashio for his primary education from 1967 – 1973 and Our Lady of Fatima College Auchi from 1973 – 1978.  For the General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level, he attended the Advanced College, Igueben from 1979 – 1981 before entering the University of Benin in 1981 where he obtained the B.A. (HONS) degree in History in 1984.  After his National Youth Service Corp in 1986, he served as Executive Director, Hill Top Hotel Ltd., Auchi from 1987 – 1988.  He bagged a Certification in International Petroleum Management, Eni, Rome, Italy 2006 and also a Certification in Corporate Leadership, Harvard Business School, Boston Massachusetts, 2007. Convinced that the future belonged to young men who have the courage to step out into the world to fashion out a living for themselves rather than bask into the warmth of family achievement and legacy, the young DAN as a young graduate joined Denny Micky& Co Ltd. in 1988 and became its Operations Manager.

In 1990, he became the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the company, a position which he still occupies till today.

Under Chief Dan Osi Orbih’s shrewd and prudent management always setting goals and targets and achieving them, it was not surprising that the company grew into one of the biggest known organizations in the southern part of Nigeria as an importation outfit.  Such was the phenomenal growth of the company that it became a fore-runner of many other subsidiaries and companies which as at today include Express Transport Services, Marijoe Enterprises Ltd., and Whitney Rentals, Port Harcourt. Chief Dan Osi Orbih is the Chairman of this Business Octopus which has a huge real estate investment all over the country and specializes, among other things in the importation and supply of cement and chemicals to Oil and Construction companies in Nigeria.

In spite of his prodigious success in business which brought him wealth, social status, respect in business circles in Nigeria and Overseas, Chief Dan Osi Orbih has kept a cool head as well as other praise worthy attributes of humility, versatility, considerable maturity, approachability, simplicity and sound judgments.

He certainly has matured more than his age and his executive responsibilities spanning a period of nearly two decades, have made him indisputably a very responsible, dynamic, resourceful and responsive individual whose horizon and ambition are ever shifting.

It is a reflection of the sterling qualities of the man, who within a short space of time made giant strides in industry and commerce that today, Chief Dan Osi Orbih stands tall and is one of the most respected names in the business and political community at home and abroad.

He has served as Director NNPC Group Board as well as member Governing Board University of Port Harcourt.

He has also at various times served on committees at both state and national levels of his party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

He ones contested election as Deputy Governor Candidate Edo State under the APP (1998 – 1999).  Member PDP Presidential Electoral Panel, Dec., 2006, Chairman Edo State PDP Finance Committee 2006 – 2007, Member PDP Edo State Campaign Committee 2007 elections and member of the PDP national convention concluded in August, 2013.He is today referred as the digital chairman, the most active and constructive opposition chairman in Nigeria. He is the Chairman Edo State PDP since 2008.

Despite his business success story, Chief Dan Osikheme Orbih who is a devout Catholic and a member of the Knights of St. Mulumba has maintained sound moral principles and remained faithful to business ethics. Chief Dan Osi Orbih was recently elevated to the Elite donor status of Rotary International after been a Paul Harris Donor for a while.

A completely detribalized Nigerian, Dan Orbih is married to Mrs. Florence Orbih nee Okiyo, from Isoko in Delta State.  They have two children Winifred and Mildred Orbih. Chief Dan Osi Orbih is an avid reader and an enthusiastic squash player, who loves traveling, music and football.


Bar. Felix Jones Osimerha

On Saturday 1st October, 1960 at 2pm a baby boy came into this world at Ayogwiri town of the then Afenmai Division of the then Western Nigeria, through Mr. /Mrs. T. A. Osimerha, at the time late T.A.Osimerha was a teacher at Ayogwiri. This baby boy was in 1961 baptized in the Catholic Church in Uzairue and named Felix and later in my secondary school days l added Jones as my second name to register for the WAEC O Level in 1978 at St John Grammar School, Fugar now the headquarters of Etsako Central Local government council area of Edo state.

He attended the Government College Ughelli then in Bendel state and now in Delta state and obtained his HSC (Higher school certificate) A level before entering to read Geography at the University of Ibadan. After his second year and at the prompting of John Ichue from Fugar, he left to start a degree in Law at the University of Lagos where he obtained the LLB, by 28th August, 1985 he was enrolled at the Supreme Court as a lawyer.

He served the NYSC, the one year national service at Kaduna polytechnic as a lecturer in law in three departments in the ND level. He started his private legal practice in Kano on the 6th September, 1986 after the one year national service. He has spent 30 years of his 56 years on earth in KANO, with occasional visits to his Edo state of origin.

Felix is known to have come to the rescue of many undergraduates in the Universities and polytechnics with school fees and upkeep. He is looking forward to new opportunities to contribute to Ogbona community. He is an active member of Ogbona Imhakhena Union in Kano. He has been the chairman of Ogbona Asama Federated Union KANO branch for 5 years. And legal adviser to the National body some years back.

Felix has been in litigations in the high, appeal and Supreme courts. He has prosecuted or defended many elections petitions for members of the National and State Assembly as well as gubernatorial election. He specializes in mainly civil cases and has done cases free for many Ogbona sons. He is the 4th Ogbona indigene to be called to the Nigerian Bar as a lawyer.

His hobby is watching football and watching natural habitats of animals to marvel at the wonder of God. He also loves traveling and knowing places hence he has travelled to 35 states except Bayelsa in Nigeria. He loves Arsenal because of their style of play and has visited Emirates stadium to watch a live match and for tour of the stadium


Dr. Jerome Atsenokhai Umole

Dr. Jerome Atsenokhai Umole began life’s journey on the 3rd of March, 1946. Born as the first son (second child) to Pa Momoh Umole and Ma Esther Adi Umole (both now late) in Ogbona Town, Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State, he began his primary school education at the age of 6 years at EDC school, Ogbona in 1952. He proceeded and graduated from modern school in 1961.


Thirsty for education, Joe as he is fondly called enrolled at the Prince College, Onitsha in 1965 but was forced by the Nigerian Civil war to abandon his education and return home to Midwestern Nigeria. Here however, his pursuit for self-enlightenment and self-discovery propelled him to apply for the much sought after Midwestern Government Scholarship. Not surprising, he got the scholarship on merit after a rigorous examination and interview. It was therefore on the broad shoulders of Government that he completed his secondary school education at the prestigious Essi College in 1969.


With his excellent golden result in his hands and the world at his feet, Papingo as soccer lovers in the old Midwest called him, was short listed by Barclays Bank DCO for immediate employment. Once again fortune smiled on his hard work as he sat and passed the highly competitive examination with flying colors and became one of the elite few Nigerians in those days to carry the banner of the bank. There he worked and climbed the upward ladder of the bank, until 1975 when in patriotic zeal, he transferred his services to the New Nigerian Bank Ltd. He rose to become one of the youngest managers in the history of the Bank in 1985. Paulosa Nigeria Limited was his next station after he left the fast paced banking sector in 1989.

Quickly he became Vice-president/Regional Manager (North) but once again the desire to create a niche for himself propelled him to resign his services from the company. He then birthed the following companies: JerryGold Nigeria Limited, Adi Publishers, Silverpoint International Services Ltd AND JerryBest Suites Ltd


  • WASC, AIB, MSc, University of Ibadan
  • PhD (Econs) Somerset University, UK


  • Banking and Monetary Systems in Nigeria
  • The Language of Money
  • JerryGold “My Memoirs” at 60
  • The Nigerian Budget Challenges (ongoing)

 Married Life

Elder Umole is happily married to his heartthrob of 45 years Deaconess Comfort Omosigho Umole (Née Aghedo) and together they are blessed with five (5) children and nine (9) grand children

Social Life 

  • Pioneer Chairman, Abuja Bankers Club
  • Secretary, Benin City Bankers Club
  • General Secretary, Senior Staff Association of New Nigerian Bank Ltd
  • President 1991/1992, Rotary Club of Abuja
  • Vice President (Publicity), Abuja Chambers of Commerce, Agriculture, Mines & Industry
  • Vice Chairman/Trustee, Abuja Children’s Home

Elder Umole or JerryGold as business associates love to call him, loves and plays football, hates tobacco and alcohol in any form, avoids loose talkers and covenant breakers, celebrates hard work and friendships. Unashamed of his faith, Elder Umole is saved, Holy Ghost filled with evidence of speaking in tongues and a husband of one wife. Ordained by the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Elder Umole believes that every man has one life to be lived for God and humanity.

Rev. Fr. Dominic Azagbor, First Catholic Priest from Ogbona

Fr. Azagbor always enjoin people to always place God first in anything they are involved in rather than waiting until things have gone bad or have problems. According to him, there would be storms of life, but Jesus living up to His name as Emmanuel which means, God is with us, never departs from us. He maintained that there is no other way of being a Christian than following Jesus Christ to the fullest.

Rev. Fr. Dominic Azagbor professed his vows to the Order in 1988 and served in a variety of capacities at parishes in Nigeria and Ghana before being ordained to the priesthood in April of 2000. From 2002 to 2005, he served as assistant chaplain at the University of Ife, located in the Diocese of Oshogbo, Nigeria. From 2005 to 2009, he served as associate pastor at St. Jude Catholic Church in Mafoluku, part of the Archdiocese of Lagos, Nigeria.


Bishop Robert P. Deeley assigned Fr. Dominic Azagbor, O.P., as parochial vicar to St. Brendan the Navigator Parish (St. Francis of Assisi Church, Belfast; Our Lady of Good Hope Church, Camden; St. Bernard Church, Rockland).


The Order of Preachers (O.P.), more commonly known as the Dominican Order, have an emphasis on charity, study, and preaching. The spirituality evidenced throughout the Order reflects the spirit and intentions of its founder, St. Dominic de Guzman, in France during the 13th Century. St. Dominic’s brother and sisters in the Order are called to follow in his footsteps by imitating his mercy and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in different way to meet the needs of the times.

In 2010, Fr. Azagbor arrived in the United States and was assigned as chaplain to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania, where he also served as chaplain to the Maria Joseph Continuing Care Community, comprised of The Meadows, an independent living facility for seniors; Maria Joseph Manor, an assisted-living facility; and the Emmanuel Center, a nursing and rehabilitation center.

Fr. Azagbor served in Danville until receiving his new assignment in Maine.

“One thing that I have noticed already in Maine is that the people are ready to hear the Word of God, to hear the Gospel,” said Fr. Azagbor. “That is what I am happy about. You can see that the people are ready to listen.”

Fr. Azagbor holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Rome, Italy, and a bachelor of arts from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria.

Contact details: Email

Poster Address: St. Brendan the Navigator Parish, 7 Union Street, Camden, Maine 04843

Phone: +2348034722901

Bishop Anthony Anyiador

  • Bishop Anyiador is the first ordained Pentecostal bishop from Ogbona community.
  • He is the founder of Kingdom Connection Academy in Abuja and Ogbona.
  • He is providing alternative education system for our community and he also provides major community support for Ogbona
  • Bishop Anthony Anyiador has been in the forefront of the yearly prayers for our community, sons and daughters of Ogbona, in August yearly for several years now.

BISHOP ANTHONY ANYIADOR was born on the 10th of March 1956 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Obozegie and Eruwoghaghame Aminetu Anyiador (Nee Okozi) in Ogbona, Avianwu Clan, Etsako Central LGA of Edo State, Nigeria.

Bishop Anthony Anyiador attended Etsako District Council Primary School (EDC) now Imhakhena primary school and graduated in 1969 along with His classmates like Christopher Emalumhe, Moses Umole, Godwin Asekomhe, George Akpeokha, late Juliana Oghosomhi Agbayekha, Baby Mhana Irene (Nee Odior) and others. He attended Saint Peter’s Grammar School, Agenebode. He is a great man of God. He is the first to be consecrated bishop in Ogbona and Avianwu Clan. He is one of the patrons of Ogbona Community Christian Association.

He left for Benin City to stay with his uncle Ayaosi. Later became a patient medicine dealer. He later went to the University and became a graduate. While having the quest to go to school, he got born again in church of God Mission International Incorporated, Benin City. He pastored many churches in Benin City, Lagos, and other parts of Nigeria. He was consecrated a Bishop of the Church of God Mission on 10th November 2001 by Archbishop Benson Idahosa. He was later posted to Abuja. His ministration under the anointing of the Holy Spirit has connected many to their place of destiny over the years, Anthony Anyiador is now the presiding bishop of Kingdom Connection Ministries, a network of churches in Nigeria with headquarter in Abuja. He is the first ordained bishop from Ogbona community.

He is married to Pastor (Mrs.) Matilda Anyiador and their marriage is blessed with children. He is the founder of Kingdom Connection Academy in Abuja and Ogbona. The church is located by the entrance to Ivhido from the highway to Fugar.

Bishop Anthony Anyiador has been in the forefront of the yearly prayers for our community, sons and daughters of Ogbona, in August yearly for several years now.

Surveyor Thomas Ikhaghu

Surveyor Thomas Ikhaghu was born on the 15th of February 1958 to  Mr. Martins  Ikhaghu  and  Mrs. Felicia Ikhaghu  (Nee Idode)  family.  He attended Church Missionary Society (CMS) School Ogbona from 1966-1972 and later went to St John Grammar School Fugar from 1973-1978. He proceeded to Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi where he obtained an HND in Surveying and Goe Informatics. He later went to Federal School of surveying Oyo for his professional degree in 2007 and  got registered as a surveyor and the first registered surveyor alive in Ogbona Community today 2016.

He met Jesus many years ago. He was the formal church administrator in Kingdom connection ministries Ogbona Branch and now the presiding pastor. A member of the Federal Road Safety Corps (Special Marshal). He is married to Deaconess (Mrs.) Bridget Ikhaghu and their marriage is blessed with two boys and two girls.

Thomas Ikhaghu the Chief Executive of Team Surveys Nigeria Limited. He is into property Developments and land acquisition in the whole of Etsako land. If you need land or any type of property at Ogbona, please contact Tom at

Tel: 08066630028, Email:

King Benji Igbadumhe, The Musical Icon Across Nigeria

King Benji Igbadumhe was born on the 5th of March, 1955 at Ogbona in the Present day Etsako Central LGA of Edo state to the families of Mr. Louis Asimhegbe Igbadumhe and Mrs. Magdalene Igbadumhe (née Odogbo). He started his primary school at St. John’s Primary, Ogbona in 1960 and later left for Lagos to stay with his uncle Mr. Julius Igbadumhe, and eventually finished at Ibadan in 1968. He proceeded to Ansar Undeen Grammar School Agbede from 1969 but dropped out in 1971 as the grandmother who was sponsoring him could no longer cope financially. His father too could not help as the elder brother, Antony was already in secondary school in Fugar. In fact, the father had earlier told them, there was no way he could train him and Tony at the same time.

He went to his cousin, Sunny Odogbo Iyiodo) to learn music. Under Iyiodo, he learnt the rudiments of music from 1972 to 1973 after which he joined General Bolivia’s band and he rose to become the band manager. He toured the whole nation with Gen. Bolivia and also learnt music administration but sometimes in 1978 there was misunderstanding and he left and joined Niger Cat Construction Company.

In 1979 he went to Kaduna to meet with Mr. Joseph Irekpita who eventually bought him musical equipment that was launched in March, 1980 and began his musical carrier with his Okeke Sound band. Few years later, he found himself out of music due to some disagreement with Mr. Williams Irekpita but as fate would have it, he met Mr. B J Sam Tsedi who gave him money to buy new musical equipment but the money was not enough and Chief Odidi helped him to guarantee a bank loan with which he bought musical instruments relaunched his carrier.

King Benji Igbadumhe who has no regret in life as he has over 100 albums to his name but has a soft spot for IYEREABOPOMHE, ACROSS THE NATION, ATSAKPAMEGHE, ITSANOTSANOR & IYEIYA. King Benji loves music, perhaps, it is because music runs in his family but did not go into music because of the financial reward or fame. Somehow, his natural love for music has brought him fame, took him to all the major cities in the United States of America and Europe and in every sense of the word, he sees himself as fulfilled and cannot ceased to be grateful to God for everything, if for nothing else, he can pay his bills and take care of his immediate and extended family and other people. King Benji is sentimentally attached to his Town of Ogbona and sees a glorious future for Ogbona.

Mayor Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe

“Like father like son”

A calm and literate presence, spreads a good aura, thoughtful lyrics and a smart band “Nigeria’s/Afenmai’s King of Melody!” “One of the best things to have happened to contemporary music in Afenmai …a rare creator of rich sounds and a gifted performer.” Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe A.K.A Young Bolivia and his Bolivia Memorial Band have

General Bolivia Osigbemhe’s death on January 25th 1991 was very shocking: it came like a bad dream. He was young, born in 1942 and was buried on February 2nd 1991 in his three storey building compound along Ogbona – Fugar Road. He had 58 albums to his credit.
His fifth child and second son, Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe was able to stand the hit of the opposition. Today, the young Bolivia leads his father’s Bolivia Memorial Band: “when the head of the rabbits die, there are still younger ones in the hole”, this is one of the younger Bolivia’s popular tracks among his numerous works.

The young Bolivia is such a dexterous on the scene as his works are even more inviting and inciting, especially in his compositions, utilizing the popular “Agbi” format of deliverance. Young Bolivia is a musical activist, whose lyrics depict prevailing political developments in Afenmai land: the realistic compositions have two faces, the opposite is angered by the truthfulness and the other side praises them. A calm and literate presence, spreads a good aura, thoughtful lyrics and a smart band “Nigeria’s/Afenmai King of Melody!”

“One of the best things to have happened to contemporary music in Afenmai …a rare creator of rich sounds and a gifted performer.”

The fruit that dropped from the tree that died has grown and has developed into a living legend that stepped into his father’s shoes, he is polishing them and the legacy is growing and shining “Everywhere you turn, the music of Young Bolivia caresses your sensibilities to the beautiful realities of African culture.”

Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe A.K.A Young Bolivia and his Bolivia Memorial Band have helped to strengthen our belief that there is hope for genuine modern Nigerian and African music, a conviction that is being daily shaken by the foreign hip hop culture which has completely overwhelmed the Nigerian scene. Listening to his music, one cannot but agree with the very true and valid view that Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe is blending rhythms and melodies from the folk traditions of his Afenmai culture with personal influences; and that he has created an original form of music that defies categorization. “One of those who have come to redeem the image of traditional African music.”
Young Bolivia’s voice needs to be heard not only in his native continent Africa but all over the world.”

Although most of his songs tend to draw awareness to the serious degradation brought about by civil war, ineffectual governments, violence amongst neighbours, public health concerns, and widespread apathy, you can almost see the smile on his face as he and his band play epics that beam with hope and positivity. Like an encouragement coach, Young Bolivia is always offering phrases of faith, redemption, perseverance and above all unity, but simultaneously lets you know that sublime rewards will not come without the African people waking up and working for a change.

“The first time you take a listen to Young Bolivia, one word comes to mind. And that word is DIFFERENT.”


Chief J.E.T Oshiomogho – Retired Commissioner of Police

Chief JET Oshiomhogho was born in 1949 to the families of Oshiomhogho-Aleghe of Okotor, Ogbona and Madam Omhonanya from Ivhiokhile, Fugar both in Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State. He cut his primary

education teeth at EDC primary school, Ogbona in 1952 but in 1953 he left with his elder brother, Mr. S.A. Oshiomhogho to Imhokhuehe near Agenebode. He came back to EDC in 1958 where he finished his primary school and proceeded to secondary model school at Agenebode between 1959 and 1962 with Mr. P.S. Eleta as the Head of the institution. After his graduation in 1962, he took up teaching appointment and was deplored to Iyamho and later to Ekperi till 1963 when he proceeded to the Provincial Teachers Training College, Igueben. Upon his graduation in 1966 he returned to EDC Primary School, Ogbona as the Deputy Headmaster. As Headmaster, he fancied the well starched and ironed khaki short. While teaching he enrolled for the London G.C.E and passed all four papers including English Language at once. He sat for the “A level” but performed poorly.

In 1968, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, who was later elected president of Nigeria came down to the south to recruit volunteers to fill the teaching positions vacated by the mass exodus of the Igbos and Yourubas as a result of the civil war. He was recruited and sent to the North Western State of present day Sokoto, Kebbi, Niger and Zamfara states. He was stationed at Bukkuyum as his place of primary assignment where he taught standard six. He repeated the Advanced Level GCE and passed all the three papers at a sitting.

In 1971 he was admitted into the University of Lagos to study political Science and he graduated in 1974.

He did his national youth service program (NYSC) in Arochukwu in today state of Abia. After his service between 1975/76, he joined the Federal Ministry of Education and he was posted to Denis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha and he taught HSC students. He was transferred to Queen of the Rosary Girls Secondary School Onitsha and later to St. Charles Teachers College where he taught social studies.

In August, 1977, he got enlisted into the Nigerian Police Force as a cadet ASP.
At the middle grade, he served six years in Kano as DPO in three divisions from 1977 to 1983. In 1983 he was promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police and served in Kano, Dawa Kia Kudu, and Deala. Between 1986 and 1990 he was at Force Headquarters in Moloney, Lagos as the Director of Training command in charge of all the Police Colleges nationwide. He attended courses in Durham and Administrative Staff College of Nigeria Badagry, Lagos.
He also worked for six years as Asst. Commissioner of Police Abeokuta Area Command, Otta Area Command, Festac Area Command and Bauchi Area Command.

At The Senior Rank, he was second in Command, Niger State Police Command, Deputy Commissioner of Police Operation, Zone 1, Kano, Deputy Commissioner, Abia State Police Command, Deputy Commissioner, and Delta State Police Command and was appointed Commissioner of Police Delta State in 2008 where he retired in 2009.

Chief JET Oshiomhogho got married to Mrs. Veronica Oshiomhogho, nee Osigbemhe in 1968 and the marriage is blessed with five children.

Since his retirement from active since, Chief JET Oshiomhogho has been involved in politics and the development of Ogbona Community and environ and this has not gone unnoticed as he has been rewarded by the Ekperi Community with a chieftaincy title as “The Asemhokhai of Ekperi” and by the Avhianwu clan as “The Irekhegbe of Avhianwu”

Sam Ikhenemo Okomilo – Publisher

Sam Ikhenemo Okomilo was born in the early 1940s in Jos to the families of Okomilo and Ikhuenena both of Ivhiochie quarter. When the father relocated to Ibadan, his father decided as the first son, he would go home to learn about Ogbona cum Avhianwu culture but before then, his father gave him Ikhenemo having survived the agony of the WW11 where he fought as part of the British West African Frontiers in Egypt and other parts of the world. In 1948 he was sent home and started St Johns Primary School, Ogbona where he was taught by Chief Patrick O Oboarekpe under the Headship of Chief MCK Orbih. He would return from school and go to the farm or to Okokotoko stream to

fetch water. After his primary school, he proceeded to EDC Secondary Model School at Igbhe Rd in Auchi in 1957. At Auchi, he met Constance and Prince Tony Momoh though they were ahead of him. While in Auchi, every weekend they would trek home to get food stuff as there were no vehicles even the roads were not motorable. He finished his secondary Model School at Blessed Martins in Jattu in 1959. Among his classmates were John Idode, Greg Enegwea, and Albert Ilegoghie etc. Though he had the offer to teach like his classmates, he declined and went to Ibadan and got a job in the Federal Ministry of Education. He was sent to the archive department but as fate would have it, he was sent to UCH Ibadan to be trained as a medical photographer from 1960 to 1962. Coincidentally, Lagos University Teaching Hospital was opened and his immediate boss was employed there as the head of the medical photography unit. His boss persuaded him to join him in Lagos. In his 20s he was an assistant medical photographer with a big staff quarter and an official car though he turned down the official car and bought a vesper instead. With the vesper he would ride from Lagos to Abeokuta and Ibadan without any fear of molestation by armed robbers in 1964 with the help of his immediate boss who was an expatriate, he found his way to London. He did not find London environment strange at all as he had lived in the cosmopolitan town of the University of Ibadan. Moreover, all the people he had worked with both at the University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan and Lagos University Teaching Hospital were expatriates. While in London, he did his O level and a levels and got admitted into The University of Edinburgh to Study politics, philosophy and economics between 1970 and 1972.

In 1975 he met his wife, Joanna, a Dutch in the heart of London and they got married and the marriage is blessed with a boy, Ayekhele. Just like his father did for him, he brought Ayekhele home as a child to take the Okhei title. Mr. Sam Ikhenemo Okomilo is the Publisher of the London based African News File, a parent magazine that also publishes: AFRICA TODAY, WHO IS WHO IN AFRICA AND MAKERS OF MODERN AFRICA.

Mr. Sam Okomilo enjoys Omhi akpee and palm wine.


Chief Joseph Ebuetse, a retired Customs Assistant Comptroller General, is the Group Managing Director of Classy Frozen Foods Nig. Ltd. Onoke Petroleum (Nig.) Ltd. and Data Bond System Ltd. As a strong believer in regional integration, he has established strong business connection within the West Africa sub region. He strongly believes that a strong network of trade interchange in the sub-region will heighten our potentials in other parts of the world, apart from opening up wider vistas of opportunities for both cultural and social integration. He is a recipient of Honorary Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from Bradley University USA in 2001.

Chief Joseph Ebuetse Oshiotse was born on the 28th November, 1940 in Ogbona to the family of Pa Oshiotse Ukhami of Ivhianaga sub quarter of Okotor and Mrs. Omhonaya Oshiotse, nee Iretode Ikhanoba of Ivhiorevhor both in Ogbona in Etsako Central Local Government, Edo state.

His childhood threw up a lot of challenges which aided his understanding of life as a product of hard work. His present situation reflects his early childhood belief that life is a product of the individual player and he wanted to belong. He realised he could outlive his childhood nightmares by dint of hard work and he is happy that God gave him the gift of intellect to attain success. His guiding principle in life is “life is what you make it”. He knew right from childhood that if he has to enjoy a measure of good life, he has to work for it. Indeed, he did work for it and rose to the position of Customs assistant Comptroller General.


  1. Catholic Primary School Ogbona from 1948 to 1954
  2. Provincial Teachers Training College Agbede 1957 to 1958
  3. Assumption Teachers Training College Afashio 1961 to 1962
  4. University Of Ibadan, Ibadan 1965 to 1968

He attended Teacher Training College and had his Teachers Grade II Certificate in 1962. Thereafter he settled down for private studies for his London GCE O/L and A/L which earned him admission to the University of Ibadan in 1965


  1. Primary School Leaving Certificate
  2. Teachers’ Grade II.
  3. ‘0’ Level GCE.
  4. ‘A’ Level GCE (Three Papers)
  5. B. A. Hons. Geography


  1. Primary School Teacher Ekperi 1956
  2. Primary School Teacher Auchi 1959-1960
  3. La Modern School Auchi 1963-1964
  4. Eghosa Grammar School Benin City 1969-Aug.1970
  5. Nigeria Customs Training School Lagos 1971-1973
  6. Customs & Excise Hqtrs, Harvey Road Yaba 1974-1975
  7. Bendel State Area Command Sapele 1975-1978
  8. Western Area Command Ibadan 1979-1980
  9. Served In Various Area Commands In Lagos, Kano, Katsina, Harvey Road, Yaba-Lagos 1980-1998
  10. Retired Customs Assistant Comptroller General in 1999


  1. Customs Basic Course 1971-1973
  2. Customs Advance Excise Course Oct. 1974
  3. Personnel Evaluation Course June 1976
  4. Fiscal And Monetary Control Of The Economy 1992
  5. Excise administration At Customs Co-Operation Council, Brussels 1995
  6. Brussels system of Goods Valuation 1997
  7. Advance Course on Goods Classification 1998

He taught briefly in various Missionary Schools but he spent almost all his adult life in the Nigerian Customs Service where he retired as Asst. Comptroller General. While in service, he held various Command positions before his retirement as Assistant Comptroller General Zone ‘F’ comprising of all what used to constitute Western Region. He won Award as the Best Customs Area Controller in Revenue Generation 1992 and Excellence Award from the Akwa-lbom State Government 1996 where he served as Customs Area Controller. He is also a distinguished personality Award of llaro Polytechnic and a Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International

He is a member of the Institute of Sales Management of Nigeria and many others. He has been honoured with six chieftaincy titles including those of Gbobaniyi of lgando, Lagos, Anawe of Uzairue, Edo State, Babalaje of Egbeda Land, Lagos, Otunba Soludero of Idimu land and Oshiozokhai 1 of Avianwu his home base.

He is the immediate past National President of Ogbona Federated Union which is principally concerned with social and economic development of his birth place.

He manages quite a number of Petroleum outlets both in Edo and Lagos State where he has made a mark for proficiency and honesty. In fact, he won recognition from the Rotary Club of Auchi for adhering to set standards in the, storage and sale of petroleum products. He never one day sold above the official pump price because he regards the outlet at Ogbona, his home town as a social service to his people. In Lagos, he has over 100 people on his payroll in both the Petroleum sector, Classy Frozen Foods and Data Bond which deals on computer software and Secretarial Services. His Fish Coldstores provide nearly all the protein needs of Agege and Egbeda people where he has been honoured with the highly rated chieftaincy title of Babalaje of Egbeda Land. He is first vice-Chairman of Oba in Council of Egbeda Land.

Recently he won the West Africa Gold Award for excellence in Enterprise in recognition of his role on the issue of trade, cultural and social integration of the sub-region. He is married to Chief (Mrs.) Angela ljearnaka Oshiotse and blessed with children

We will conclude this profile of Chief J.E. Oshiotse with his perception of life and living and his agony about corruption and its impact on our country, Nigeria

“The Nigeria project is a difficult one to handle. My prayers is that it might please God to descend to help us forge a nation where truth and justice reigns. I hope this does not turn out to be wishful thinking. The present music is not good for the ears. The celebration of 17 years of civilian democratic government is worthwhile with retrospect to our days under military rule. But the mindset of those in power either through the barrel of the gun or through the ballot box is basically the same. It has not changed with time. The philosophy is like “take what you can while you can”. The military men do their own with brazen contempt while the civilians play the hide and seek game. Those caught are not the very clever ones. The general understanding of the game is that the person who is caught in the act is the thief. The corporate health and existence of the nation is not given any thought. Occasionally the voice of the minority calling for caution is drowned in the drum beat of the wealthy. The institutions of state set up to fight this all-pervading corruption are too weak to contend with the powerful rich clique. And thus the fight against corruption does not go beyond mere rhetoric in a country where nobody earns a living wage. The struggle for daily existence becomes the real challenge. What becomes of Nigeria’s fate lies in the bowels of time and God’s absolute mercy”.

Dr. Paul Apeye Lucky Anawe (Associate Professor)


Dr. Paul Apeye Lucky Anawe, Associate Professor, HOD Petroleum Engineering College of Engineering Covenant University, Canaan Land, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering specializing in Petroleum Refining Engineering) from USSR Azerbaijan institute of oil and gas, Ph.D. in Lubrication Engineering from the USSR Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences Research institute of chemical and technology of additives.


Dr. Paul Apeye Lucky Anawe was born on the 12th of June 1948 at Ogbona in Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. He attended Notre Dame College Ozoro – Ughelli 1963 -1967 where he obtained his WASC (West African School Certificate) in 1967. He obtained his (HSC) Higher School Certificate at Government College Ughelli in 1969. From 1970 – 1972 he taught the Sciences – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology in two different secondary schools at Auchi and Ibadan respectively.

With the foreign scholarship from the USSR for Tertiary Institutions through the Bureau for External Aid for Education under Federal Ministry of Education, he proceeded to the USSR for further studies in September 1972. On successfully completing the one-year Russian Language course at the USSR – Azerbaidjan Institute of Oil and Gas, Baku City (now Azerbaidjan State Oil and gas Academy) he was admitted into the same institution to study Chemical Engineering in 1974. From the Chemical Technology Faculty of this Institution, he in 1979 obtained his M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering – specializing in Chemical Technology of Oil and Gas processing (i.e. Petroleum Refining Engineering).

He later proceeded to the USSR-Azerbaidjan Academy of Sciences Research Institute of Chemical and Technology of Additives, where he obtained a PhD in Lubrication Engineering – specializing in Additives for universal (all-seasons) lubricants, fuels and fluids in 1982. On return to Nigeria in 1983, he served in the (NYSC) National Youth Service Corps for one year in elf marketing Nigeria Limited Lagos. As a result of his good performance and dedication he was employed as the National Lubrication Engineer by the same organization in 1984 after a brief course at the Tribological Research Complex, in Soleize – France.

He was made the National Co-coordinator of CECA – elf Petroleum Chemical Division Business in Nigeria after a brief course in Paris at the CECA-ATOCHEMICAL – elf Aquitaine Training Centre, numerous practical courses were carried out at Granput-Nagis Refinery, Asphalt plant at Soissons -Rein, and the Industrial Chemical Production Complex in Feuchy Lex-Arras in France. He had detailed study of theories and practice of crude oil treatments using various industrial chemicals, oil spillage control, safety and environmental protection problems in the industry.

In 1991, he was reassigned and made the (LPG) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Manager after a brief course at the elf Antar International Gas SA, Paris. In 1996, he was made the Production manager of Lubricants and allied products after various courses at the lubes Blending plants in Dakar – Senegal, Roun (France) and Antwerp Belgium automated blending plants. He also attended numerous advance management courses in Nigeria and abroad. He became Chief Executive Officer of Petroleum Academy Limited, after he honorably resigned his appointment in 2001. He worked in the oil and gas industrial environment for close to twenty years.

He later went into academics as a Senior Lecturer at the Chemical/Petroleum Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Igbinedion University Okada – Benin City. He was appointed the Sub-Dean of the College, and later Head of Department, before he joined Covenant University, Ota in 2007 as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical/Petroleum Engineering.

He supervised bachelor degrees thesis in the Department of Chemical/Petroleum Engineering and taught the following courses: petroleum and gas refining Processes/Petrochemical Technology, Natural Gas Engineering, Polymer science and Technology, Oil & Gas Pollution and Control, Industrial Hazards and Environmental Pollution, Introduction to chemical engineering, Lubrication engineering fundamentals, Transport phenomena, and Fluid Mechanics.

His hobbies include Reading, Research/Training, meeting people.

Research Interests

  1. Chemical treatment of crude oil/natural gas and corrosion control.
  2. Recycling of lubricating materials, formulation, blending, base oils/additives and lubricants.
  3. Drilling fluids.
  4. Petroleum Refining /Petro-Chemical issues, Biofuels, Lubrication fundamentals.


Awards & Honours

  • Foreign scholarship from the USSR government for tertiary institution.
  • Award of an authorship certificate (“Patent”) on new Additives for Lubes, by the USSR Academy of Science Committee for inventions and discoveries of industrial values (part of his PhD Thesis)
  • Automatic employment at Elf Oil Nig. Ltd after NYSC as Best Corper.

Teaching Areas

  • Petroleum and gas refining engineering/petrochemicals
  • Polymer science and Technology
  • Introduction to chemical engineering and Introduction to Petroleum engineering
  • Lubrication engineering fundamentals
  • Transport phenomena, Fluid Mechanics
  • Natural gas engineering
  • Oil and gas pollution and control, Industrial hazards, Safety, Health and pollution in process industries.

Current Postgraduate Supervision

Supervised bachelor degrees thesis in the Department of Chemical/Petroleum Engineering. Currently co-supervising a PhD student in the field of bio diesel, fuels.


He is a full member of:
American Society of Tribologist and lubrication Engineers ASTLE, 1981.
British institute of Petroleum (IP), 1981.
USSR-Scientifico-Technical society of Mendeleev, 1980.
Nigeria Society of Chemical Engineers, (NSChE), 1988
Nigeria Society of engineers, (NSE), 1988.
Tribology Society of Nigeria (TSN), 1996.
Deputy President of Liquefied Petroleum gas Safety council of Nigeria-1990-1996
Council of Registered engineers in Nigeria, (COREN) 1988.
Currently Chairman, Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) Technical Committee on Standards for Petroleum and Petrochemical Products.
Chartered member of Nigeria Institute of Management, 2000
Current member, steering committee (PTDF) Petroleum technology development Fund Annual research Grant.


Profile Reverend Martin Ilama’oghena Asaya


Reverend Asaya Martin Ilama’oghena was born on July 2nd 1952 to of Pa Imhoagene Asaya of Ivhiorevho village and Madam Onoku Asaya (nee Itsuokor) of Ivhiobore quarters in Ivhiochie village. He attended St John (now Oboarekpe) primary school, Ogbona from 1957 to 1962. Then St Michael Secondary Model School Ogbona between 1963 and 1965. He also attended Government Trade Centre, Sapele between 1967 and 1970. He did his Pastoral training at All Nations for Christ Bible Institute, between 1981 and 1983.

Work Experience: He worked with SCOA Motors, distributors of Peugeot cars as workshop foreman from 1970 to 1975. He also worked with Olori motors, major distributors of Toyota motors as workshop manager before setting up his personal workshop called Asaya Motors Company from where retired to take up his pastoral duties with Church of God Mission, Benin City till present.

Community Roles: He opened the first ever Event Centre called ASAYA INN in Ogbona with the sole aim of opening Ogbona to the outside world as postulated in the first banner displayed at the opening of the centre. The caption on the banner was: BEING DONE IN THE VILLAGE AS IT IS DONE IN THE CITY.

While in Lagos, he joined the Ogbona progressive union and upon his relocation to Benin City his house became the venue for the meetings of the Union when the could no longer meet at Edo College compound up till 1986 before the venue shifted to Anyador’s house. He was among the first rated contributors to all Ogbona projects: the construction of Ogbona Community Secondary School, counterpart funding of the Auchi/Agenegbode road for which each community was made to contribute 1000 naira per kilometer.

He also inspired the growth of Pentecostal Christianity in Ogbona whereupon church of God Mission in Ogbona became known as Asaya Church. According to his view, he is the first Ogbonan to go on a pilgrimage to Israel in 1983.

Martin is blessed with eight children: four males and four females and they are all graduates.  He has taught his children to developed deep affection for Ogbona.

What he remembers about Ogbona: To him, Ogbona is a land of bold, religious, self-reliant and hospitable people. As an example of the boldness of the average Ogbonan, he cites an incident involving Iraokhor indigenes who were arrested for not possessing bicycle licenses and on being brought to Ogbona our community men manhandled the much-dreaded license officials and sent the arrested men free. It was a jinx broken forever. And that incident put paid to such harassment forever in both communities.

His vision for Ogbona: Reverend Asaya foresees a land flowing with milk and honey in the nearest future and upon this vision he is still willing to set his building blocks.

Profile of Chief Bruno Igwemhor Aikabeli (the Igbevhomhe of Avianwu)


Chief Bruno Igwemhor Aikabeli (the Igbevhomhe of Avianwu) was born to Pa Aikabeli Momoh of Ivhido village and Madam Salametu Emariemhe Agbayekhai of Okhakhia quarters in Ivhiochie village in Ogbona sub-clan of Avianwu in Etsako Central LGA on October 6th 1943. He attended Etsako District Council School (EDC) now Imhakhena Primary school from 1954 to 1959 where he enjoyed a one-year scholarship sponsored by Ogbona Progressive Union. Thereafter he proceeded to St Thomas Secondary Model School Agenegbode in 1960.  Between 1961 and 1962 he attended St Andrew’s Anglican model School in Fugar.


Work Experience: In 1963 he started working with the Ministry of Agriculture in a Farm settlement at Okpe near Igarra. At the creation of Midwestern state the plan to establish the farm trainees was truncated and so in 1964 he came to Benin City to work for Canadian Expatriates (Mr. and Mrs. H. Smith) the then Education adviser on education in the Ministry of education as a domestic servant from 1964 to 1966. When in the same year Mr. Smith relocated to Canada, he left for Warri where he joined MONIER a German construction company (MCC), first as a labourer and later as wages and salaries Clerk. He later vied into petroleum dealership business with Total Oil Nigeria between 1972 and 1976. He later became a dealer under British Petroleum (BP), which became African Petroleum (AP) and now Forte Oil from 1976 to 1994. And in 1996 he started running the business of Frozen Foods, a business he is still into till date.

Community roles: He was a member of Ogbona Aloagbaye Union Benin branch where he served as Assistant Secretary to Doctor B Idode between 1965 and 1966. Later he left for Warri and after a brief stay returned to Benin City in 1972 and took up the role of Treasurer of the union from 1972 to 2003 (a period of 31 years of meritorious service). He also was the National Treasurer of the Union from 1989 to 2006 during which time he coordinated all the finances used to build Ogbona Community Secondary School, Ogbona light project and the Ogbona/ Ineme crisis era. Till date he still serves as the Patron of Oboareke Social Club in Ibadan, a club of Ogbona Indigenes.

What motivates his love for Ogbona: To Chief Bruno, his one year of scholarship by an association in Ogbona pushes him to do all he can to show gratitude by do whatever he has to do in order to make Ogbona and every Ogbona great. He has in every way inculcated in his children and grandchildren a supreme love for Ogbona and all Ogbonans. Thus, he visits home with them frequently to tap from their roots.

Vision for Ogbona: Chief Bruno dreams constantly of a United and progressive Ogbona in all spheres of life.

Profile of Jerry Irene-Oshias

Jerry Irene-Oshias Was born on the 27th Sept. 1950 to the family of Pa Irene Itokula Oshiakpemhe and Madam Isametu Irene nee Atsike all in Ivhiorevhor village. He attended Etsako District Council EDC Primary School from 1957-1962. Then St Michael Secondary Modern School in 1963, and proceeded to Ibadan due to health issues. Went to Anglican Sec. Mixed Commercial School Morita Mefa Ibadan where He graduated with Royal Society of Arts 1969. Later went into private studies and had Diploma in Marketing. He also had a Diploma in Theology from MINISTRY TRAINING INSTITUTE (MTI) AZUZA USA. Now a Pastor in Spirit & Life Bible Church HQ Benin City.

WORKING EXPERIENCE: Work with TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT NIG LTD as a Sales Manager for 40 years before retiring. He attended courses in Ghana, Sierra Leone, United Kingdom Malagasy, Spain and Illinois, USA.

COMMUNITY ROLE: He joined Ogbona Progressive Union in 1980 and serve as PRO, Ogbona Federated Chairman Benin Branch for 8 years and became National Executive President of Ogbona Federated and has just handed over the mantle of Leadership to Chief Greg Enegwea which was handed to by Chief J E Oshiotse. He contributed immensely to the Development of Ogbona the little he could. The granite issue, Auchi-Bode Road, Rural Electrification Projects. Ogbona Secondary School, the water project and Town Halls.

WHAT I REMEMBER ABOUT OGBOANA: Is a united force to reckon with both in Politics and Developmental stride. They live in peace and harmony with each other even with strangers. When Ogbona sneezes Anwu shakes. They speak with one voice if there is an issue between them and other community. He also sees Ogbona as God fearing Community hence I would like to name it a New Jerusalem because they LOVE GOD. He is happily married with 6 children and are all graduated by HIS GRACE.


Linus Aruna Dunia was born on the 03 March 1948 to Mallam Dunia Anaemhomhe (Ogbona) and Madam Itasana Ozobor Ogbhobu from Iraokhor.

 Schools: EDC Primary; Pioneers Ogbona Model School; Orinta Mefa Mixed Commercial Secondary School Ibadan.

Enlisted into the Nigerian Army on 13th May 1968. Took active part in the Civil War. At the end of the war, attended various Administrative military/civil courses at the Nigerian Military School of Infantry, Jaji, Kaduna – 1970 – 1974.

 Working Experience:

  • Appointed Instructor on administration at the School of Infantry, Jaji 1977.
  • Personal Assistant to Commandant Major -Gen. David Jemibewo.
  • Personal Assistant to Commandant Major General IOS Nwachukwu.
  • Personal Assistant to the Military Police Provost Marshal.
  • Personal Assistant to the Military Governor Imo State 1985.
  • Personal Assistant to the Minister of Labour and Productivity. Took active part in the establishment of the National Directorate of Employment where one of our Sister is in charge of Lagos Branch. She got the job through me.
  • Personal Assistant to General Officer Commanding First Infantry Division, Kaduna.
  • Personal Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs 1990 – 1992. Member of Delegations to ECOWAS, OAU, United Nations General Assembly, Common Wealth, Normalization of relationship with Israel, Settlement of Charles Taylor and various Rebel groups in Liberia etc.
  • Also, a delegate in the normalization and destruction of the wall between East/West Germany.
  • Retired from active service on 31 Mar 91 after 24 years 206 days as Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) or Master Warrant Officer (MWO)

Employed as Admin Manager by Siat Nigeria Limited on 4th April 1993.

General Manager Lagos Branch Presco Industry (Siat bought over Presco Plantation, Obaretin, Benin, Edo State).

Linus Aruna Dunia first joined Ogbona Imhakhena Asama Union in Kaduna and he later joined the Lagos Branch of the Union in 1974 at Obele Odo in the house of late Pa Balogun upon his transfer to Lagos. At one of the meetings there was a serious argument and Okotor members walked out. The then secretary late Joseph Osilama went away with the minute book. He was mandated to act and produce the minutes. Which he did to the amazement of the house.

Several reconciliations attempt with Okotor were made but failed. In September 2001, on a motion moved by late Sir Paul Anavheokhai, late Moses Omhuakhia, late Pa George, Alfred Idode, Michael Umoru, Sir Donald Orbih and Linus Dunia, they went in Linus vehicle to meet with late Pa Oghena for reconciliation with Okotor. It was a successful story. When they finally met in Pa Oghena’s residence, final reconciliation was made. Ogbona Union was adopted as the new name. Pa Oghena single handedly appointed the executives. Joseph Osilama was made Chairman and Linus was appointed the treasurer.

After the passing on Pa Oghena, OFU relocated to Chief J.E Oshiotse’s residence. In 2008, Linus was elected Chairman of OFU Lagos branch until date. OFU Lagos contributed its quotas to the Federation. We attend meetings at National level when invited.

He is also the Chairman of Alafia Community Development Area (CDA) Lagos since 2005 till now and also a member of Idimu Community Consultative Development Association (ICCDA). Linus Aruna Dunia along with Oba of Idimu, and two others are the Board of Trustee. He was also appointed Chairman of the Security Committee (ICCDA) in 2015 and Chairman of the Constitution drafting committee in use by the association. Through ICCDA, he was able to secure three 500kva electric transformers for Alafia CDA. Graded all the roads and construct gutters in their community. Last year, he was appointed a member of Committee of “Friend of the Police” to assist the force to make her operatives road worthy.

Linus Aruna Dunia played his part in the Ogbona Community projects and development including the construction of the secondary school, the Land issue with Imiava, electricity, borehole repairs, the Reverend Father’s house, the Catholic Church, buying of cars to newly Ordained Priests, Tiling of Roads by Peter Dunia, and Member of Adversary Committee under the Okphe-Ukpi. He was the chairman of the Security Committee and also financially supported a house in EDC school during sporting activities.

In 1970, when the power line cables to the bore hole were vandalized, Linus petitioned the then Head of State Gen Ibrahim Babangida and copied Inspector General of Police. IG immediately order the Commissioner of Police, Edo State to investigate. Francis Umago came to me with copy of my earlier petition, CP letter to late Ogieavhianwu for my confirmation.

He is a past Patron to Clubs at home and Youth clubs in Lagos.

Remarks: God Almighty used me to help our brothers and sisters in paying school fees in Nursery, Primary, Secondary Schools, Polytechnics including Federal Training Colleges. Others we helped in employments. None of our four quarters was left out. Will not mention names.

The wife Veronica Adomo Dunia (may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace) without her housing and accommodating the needing would have been impossible. Their house was called barrack because of the population.


Kerimu Inua-Okozi (A.K.A Pericomo) was born in 191956 to the family of Late Pa Inua Okozi and Mrs. Mary Okozi (Nee Ekiegbemhe) who worked at Araromi Rubber Estate at that time

Kerimu Inua-Okozi started his early education at L.E.A Primary School at Araromi Rubber Estate. When the Nigerian Civil war started, they relocated to Urhonigbe Rubber Estate and attended the Estate Primary School. He later completed his primary education at EDC Primary School, Ogbona in 1969.

Pericomo started his apprenticeship in tailoring under late Mr. Oghie Ako (Mezu) in 1970. He graduated from Mezu Tailoring Institute in 1974.  Soon after his freedom, he established his own tailoring Institute and has been in his tailoring work since 1974 till date. He handled all the school uniform for Ogbona Grammar school when it was established in 1980. Pericomo has trained and mentored several young men and women from Ogbona and nearby villages in tailoring and designing.

Kerimu is married to former Miss Julie Vital Osun in 1976. The marriage is blessed with eight (8) surviving children. He is also a very successful farmer.

Kerimu has always strive to portray the good image of Ogbona community to his children and friends. He encourages them to participate in their various place in the Ogbona family meetings and activities and also to visit home often. He puts himself at the disposal of the community to any service that requires his skills and might.

Pericomo is a peace-loving gentleman with a lot of respect for elders and authority and also very mindful of his business. He always encourages the youth to be self-reliant.


Mr. Pius Oghena was born circa 1943 to Pa Oghena Apekhore and Ma Omeghe Umole both of Ivhianaga quarter of Okotor in the present day Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State. He was the last of nine children and didn’t enjoy the luxury of a formal education but had a liking for tailoring and clothes merchandise. It was not surprising that he underwent tailoring apprenticeship under his master and mentor, Pa Cyril Imhoagene of Ivhiorevhor from 1959 to 1961.

After his freedom in 1961, the same year he was initiated into manhood alongside Patrick Okhumholor, Oghiator Okhakumhe, Ashietu Isunuevho, Utu Idode and many others, he opened his tailoring store immediately and soon became a household name in the designs and sewing of wears. He also helped to train and nurtured some young tailors in Ogbona.

He got married to his first Mrs. Comfort Akonomho Anaweokhai in 1965. The wedding was conducted in Afashio Catholic Church as was the tradition. He later got married to his second wife, late Mrs. Matilda Asaya and both marriages were blessed with 12 children among who are Stella, Andrew, Flora, Peter, Celestine and others. Though he hadn’t the privilege of western education, he ensured his children are educated and also encourages them to come home regularly to get properly integrated into Ogbona culture and tradition.

He contributed immensely to the building of Ogbona Secondary School in 1980. His love for peace and development of Ogbona community has not gone unnoticed as he has been rewarded with the chieftaincy title of The Osese of Ogbona by the Okphe Ukpi.

His memory of Ogbona as a young man growing up in Ogbona reflects on the Okei and Atsamho koko dances that were quite entertaining. He still remembers with relish the drumming prowess of Ejioyie Okhumholor and Basil Alabi for Ighio ge dance. He wishes that Umhormhe dance where Ogbona and Iraokhor composed songs to satirize each other is resuscitated. To him, such endeavor brought out the best in everybody, helped to inculcate morality and forced everyone to be on guard.

He is particular impressed with the commitment of Ogbona children, especially the group being led by Mr. Gilbert Odior to the educational advancement of all Ogbona sons and daughters, opportunity his likes never had.

Eramha Pius Oghena wants to see Ogbona where everybody is united in love for the common good of the community in particular and humanity in general.



CHIEF CHRISTIANA AMINA ERUA ANABOR (OREGHOKPHE or ONYEKHAKHA as she is fondly called) is an illustrious daughter of Ogbona, a business woman, Politician, Philanthropist and a Community Leader of repute, who has served the Community and the entire Avhianwu Clan in numerous capacities. She was born May 1937 to the family of Late Pa. Jonny Emokidi and Late Omonaya Braimoh Omoakhia in Ivhianagah quarter of Ogbona in the present day Etsako Central Local Government, Edo State.

She is the only surviving Child of her Father as she lost her brother at a very tender age. The death of her Father when she was barely 7 months made it very difficult for her to go to school and this she has always wished for. However, she has never seen her inability to acquired formal education as a limitation.

She got initiated into Inumegie Age Group and she is among the only surviving 10 members of the Age Group.

Christiana Amina Erua got married to Late Pa Julius Erua Anabor in her early twenties as it were in those days and they were blessed with 13 Children but 10 are alive today.

She is correctly blessed with numerous Grand Children and Great Grand Children.

Chief Christiana Amina Erua started trading in her early life with the Financial Support she obtained from her Husband (Pa Julius Erua). She traded across several States and regions (Onitsha, Lokoja, Benin, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos, etc) buying and selling Food stuffs (Garri, Rice, Fish), Shoes, etc. She became very wealthy and popular throughout Midwest Region etc.  because of her trading. She was very shrewd to the extent that She will buy Garri, Yam, plantain, etc. to the North and buy Beans, soya Beans, fish, etc. to sell at the local market. She was popularly known as Madam ‘K’ (Her trade mark) among her Northern traders. Chief Christiana Amina Erua was the chairperson of ICE Fish Traders Association of Afemai land in the 70’s for several years and local Rice Dealers Association.

As a way of showing appreciation to her husband for financing her trading, she purchased a CD 185 Honda Motor Cycle as a gift and presented to him.

Mama started her political life with our most respected political father Late Chief M. C. K. Orbih in the days of NPN and grew to become Etsako Woman Leader for several years, Mobilisation Officer and political/ Community leader till date. She became so prominent that She was a member of the Clan Head secret eyes (Imiatonoba) at the coronation of HRH Chief Oboarekpe (the Oghieavianwu of Avhianwu).  Till date, she is a reference point when it comes to Avhianwu cultural and traditional heritage/ history.  She was a member of various cultural Dance group such as Izi, Agbi, Atsamukoko, etc. now a patron.

On January 28th, 1990, she attained the highest level of Avhianwu/ traditional achievement for the noble women ‘’ Ukpe No Khua’’. This entails her to Cook (all delicacies) for the entire Community as it has traditionally admitted her into Avhianwu Women Roll Call of Honour. This earned her the name ‘’ ONYEKHAKHA’’ that she is fondly called.   Before she could achieve this height, she must perform the same rite for her Mother who was still alive then, as it is traditionally mandated for her Mother to attain the highest level “Ukpe No Khua’’ before she could perform the rites. You must also achieve AKHE- OHIE, AKHE- IPKE, before performing Ukpe no Khua.

On the 4th of November 2006, the Oghieavianwu of Avhianwu- HRH Chief Ajayi P. Oboarekpe conferred on her a chieftaincy title as the ‘’OREGHOKPE OF AVHIANWU’’ making her the first Woman in the entire clan to be honored with a Chieftaincy title.

She is currently the head of Osai group of Avhianwu a body responsible to nurturing young and upcoming women about the Avhianwu Culture and tradition.

As a dedicated Roman catholic, she has earned various awards and recognitions across Etsako and Avhianwu clan.  In 2009, she was sponsored by the Etsako Central Local Government on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Chief Christiana Amina Erua is the grand Patron (Mother) of Inakhuegiemhe Age Group, Enalo Social group, and currently the Oldest Woman in Izah Family ‘’Ape Izah’’ among others. She is till date a cheerful and selfless giver. She led money without interest and in most cases, writes off debts till date.

Chief OREGHOKPE is ‘’a born Mass Leader who could not help Magnetizing People’’ She is highly Image conscious and always sought out fine quality clothes and carries herself in a regal manner even in her old age. She is an exceptionally intelligent (even without a formal education), shrewd and loyal Leader.

She is known to be stubborn and loyal, and at times exhibits a quick temper but naturally friendly and welcoming and appears relaxed in conversation with everyone, including her opponents. Constantly polite and courteous, she is known for her ability to find common ground with very different people, groups and Communities.

Christiana Amina Erua is at home with the old and the young and always excited to see everyone around her.


NAME: Alhaji Suleiman Uloko Oyarekhua AKA Yoghoyogho

DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH: 1949 at Ogbona

PARENTS: Oyarekhua Oghamha and Elizabeth Oyarekhua nee Ugbodaga

PRIMARY SCHOOL: Uralo Primary School, Iraokhor, 1960-1966



Born to Oyarekhua Oghamha and Elizabeth Oyarekhua of Ogbona in the year 1949. He had his elementary education at Uralo Primary School, Iraokhor from 1960 – 1966. Thereafter, he left for Onitsha in present day Anambra state to stay with his uncle, Osilama Onokozi. In Onitsha, he worked briefly with UAC (United Africa Company) as a crane controller. He came back home in 1967 when the civil war broke out and immediately took to farming. From the little savings he made from farming, he got married to Mrs. Celina Okomilo in 1970 and also started his petrol business in in 1974.

He established a fuel business in the year 1974 with a tank and glass meter with hand pump. From there he established a full-scale petrol station in 1981 and he is also a successful rice and yams farmer

He is happily married to four wives with twenty-five surviving children. He is very grateful to God for giving him the enablement to give almost all of his children university education.

He converted to Islam in the year 1979. He is versed in Arabic studies and he went on holy pilgrimage to Mecca in the year 2001.

Though he suffered some issues due to a fire outbreak in his business while he was away to Mecca, he still manages a small-scale petrol business till date.


He has always told his children that Ogbona is the best place in Etsako Land and encourage them to come home as often as possible.


I have always think of developing Ogbona rather than any other place. I wish I have more money to expand my petrol business at Ogbona.




NAME: Chief John Ikuku Anabor (Double Chief)

DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH: Born in 1934 at Ogbona

PARENTS: Late Chief Anabor Atogwe and former Miss Omomhiruevho Arayanyekhai of Imiegba

WORK EXPERIENCE: He worked as a landscape attendant at the M.C.K Orbih Comprehensive Health Centre, Ogbona between 1983 and 2010. He obtained a certificate in horticulture and was promoted to the rank of Chief Landscape attendant before he retired in 2010


He is the Chairman of Ighie-Osese place chiefs of Ogbona Sub-Clan. Ighie-Osese is the arm of the palace responsible for peaceful resolutions of all disputes and conflicts in Ogbona Sub-Clan.


Chief John Ikuku Anabor was born to the family of late Chief Anabor Atogwe in 1934. His father was a farmer and as a result he was not encouraged to go to school for a formal education. From the little saves he made from farming he got married to Mrs. Fatima Orbih in 1960 and also started a provision store in 1965. Onitsha was the nearest market they could go for their stock but when the civil war broke out in 1967, he decided to establish new sources for his supply of provisions. Between 1967 and 1971, his new sources for provisions were Idumota, Balogun and Ebute Ero markets in Lagos and Dugbe and Mokola markets in Ibadan

He started his political career in 1951 when he became a member of the NCNC. In 1979 he joined NPN where he became the Youth Leader for Ogbona and Iraokhor ward. When he retired from civil service in 2010, he became a full-time member of PDP where he serves till date as a ward leader.

Due to his numerous and invaluable contributions to the development of Avhianwu land, he was conferred with a Chieftaincy title of “The Ekhaeyuno of Avhianwu Land” by the late Ogieavhianwu of Avhianwu, Chief P.A. Oboarekpe on the 7th of April, 2007. Also because of his leadership roles in the development of Ogbona Sub-clan, the Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona, Chief Willy Idode installed him as the chairman of Ighie-Osese of Ogbona Land. Ighie-Osese is the arm of the palace responsible for peaceful resolution of all disputes and conflicts in Ogbona. He is a very successful farmer and civil servant who struggled to give the best of education to all his children. He has nine surviving children.


I have always told my children that they have no other home but Ogbona and they need to come home regularly and help to developed the place. They all come home regularly.

 DO YOU EVER THINK OF WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR OGBONA? I have always been a part of those that assist in developing Ogbona Community and will continue to work to make Ogbona community great.



ELDER James Moses Itsisor-Asekomhe was born on August 23, 1930 at Ogbona to the family of the late Itsisor and the late Madam Eladi Amiebamhe of Ivhiagbogidi Quarters, Iraokhor. He is the second child of that union of five children and the first male child in the Itsisor dynasty.

He is married to Mrs. Victoria Ikhake, nee Akhamhe of Ivhiorevho Quarters, Ogbona, Mrs. Comfort from Aneya family in Irhaokhor, and the late Esther from Osimhua family, in Ogbona.

He attended the Catholic School, Ogbona, the EDC School, Ogbona and completed his Standard Six education at the EDC School, Okpella in 1951. Thereafter, he relocated to Sapele, in the old Bendel State, where he worked with John Holt for seven years before coming back home in 1958 to take up teaching appointment.

Upon his return to the village, he taught first, at the primary school in Jagbe, in Anwai Clan, near Agbede. He also taught at EDC School, Ugbenor, as well as EDC School, Ayogwiri before he got the calling of God to go into full-time gospel ministry.

In the journey that made him the first Pastor in Ogbona in the early sixties, he equipped himself by attending the Adventist College of West Africa (ACWA), Ilishan-Remo, in the then Western Region. ACWA, which was then the most formidable Bible College in the whole of the region and beyond, metamorphosed into the present-day Babcock University, in Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State.

He obtained a Diploma in Theology/Evangelism from the college and was posted to be the pioneer pastor at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, (SDA), Ogbona, where he served meritoriously for 11 years before retirement.

During the period, he took evangelism to the nooks of Avhianwu and its environs and was so passionate about spreading the gospel that he bought a Suzuki 100 motorcycle in the early sixties to facilitate evangelism. This took him far into difficult terrains, as far then as Apana and Iyiora in Uzairue Clan.

When he lost his father in 1968, Pastor James broadened his horizon by venturing into business. He opened the first patent medicine store at Ogbona in the late sixties at the family house in Ivhiebi Quarters. He also operated another store in the early 1970s at the late Pa. Inwumho Orvini’s house in Ogbona, where he sold cement and other household materials.

While still in the gospel ministry, the then Military Governor of Bendel State, Brigadier Samuel Ogbemudia appointed him as a supervisory councilor in 1970-71, in the then Etsako Local Government Area. In their days, the chairmanship and councillorship activities were more of sacrificial service to the people, as it was done on part-time basis.

In 1977, James, a man of many parts, joined the Auchi Polytechnic as a catering supervisor. That was at a time when the Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo-led Military government was still subsidizing feeding for students across the country. Due to his kindhearted nature, he obliged free feeding for many students of Etsako origin who could not afford the basic meal tickets of N1.50kobo per day.

Pa. James left the services of the polytechnic upon the scrapping of subsidized feeding programme and consolidated on his subsistence farming. He later added tobacco farming, which he cultivated at Ineme-Udochi, where he won several awards for quality products.

As fate would have it, the traditional Okhei title in Avhianwu beckoned on him to be made the custodian (Oghie-Ebo) of the Etsu Apoghie in Ivhiobore. He was installed as the head of the Etsu on September 22, 2007. Named Moses at his baptismal, he is the patriarch of the Asekomhe family and the second eldest person, after Pa Erua Aluoghor, in the Ape Oghie lineage in Ogbona. The ancestry is made up of the Asekomhe, Idode, Enamhegbai and Okpabi families.

Papa James is the seventh surviving man in his Irenumaye Age group of November 1953.  Today, Irenumaye age group belongs to the last four existing sets in Ogbona. M.K. Itsisor, as he is fondly called, is the eight among the eldest men in Ivhiochie Quarters and the 18th eldest man in Ogbona at large.

A strict disciplinarian, he is the Chairman of the Elders Forum of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ogbona.  A passionate adviser to the younger generations, James is very hospitable and philanthropic. The retired pastor and teacher hates injustice and craves impartiality and near perfection in all his dealings. He is blessed with 18 children, among whom are 11 boys and seven girls, many grand and great grandchildren.

Rev Fr. Dominic Azagbor, OP

As a student at the Secondary School, Dominic Azagbor, born to Mr. Gabriel (Azagbor) Ikhiagwa and Mrs. Mamuna Anna Gabriel Ikhiagwa, was very active in many groups. Among other posts he held was being a Senior Prefect in 1984. With others, he distinguished himself academically. As a mark of his excellent performance, he consistently took and maintained 1st position, over-all, from start to finish. In fact, while still a student, other students looked up to him as a role model. He got nick-named Addo Akufo, because, although a student, he sometimes taught Government. Without sounding immodest, Dominic was viewed by both staff and students of Ogbona Community Secondary Students as a STUDENT- PRINCIPAL. He commanded such similar respect that was due to both the principal and staff of the school. He was truly an epitome of what true leadership entails. He was an example, par excellence, of what it meant to be a scholar.  In his leadership roles, he acted unpretentiously and unobtrusively, but efficiently.   Not only was he an academic paragon, he was and still is, a perfect example of moral purity and decorum.

After his secondary education, he felt called to the priesthood and so joined the Dominican Order, also known as the Order of Preachers. He was at the Dominican Community in Ibadan until his ordination, after which he worked in Nigeria as the Chaplain at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife between 2002 and 2005 and in Ghana. As a trail-blazer, he became the first individual from Ogbona to be Ordained as a Roman Catholic Priest on the 8th day of April 2000 at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos.   He is currently in the United States on a foreign mission where he has served, variously, as a Hospital Chaplain, Chaplain of Nursing Homes, Independent, Assisted living facilities and in a Parish.  He is the first Ogbona to have worked beyond the shores of Africa as a foreign missionary. Bravo! He took the gospel to Oyibo people! What a feat!

In his words, “We will always remain grateful to the first Principal of the School, Mr. C. O. Aikeremiokhai and other staff who sacrificially laid, for us all, solid foundations upon which we mounted to attain our various noble positions, today”.  He expresses an avowed desire to work relentlessly to always give back, that which is positive and fruitful, to the school and the entire Ogbona Community that made him and others who and what they are today.


This is what he has to say:

How I ended up at Ogbona Community Secondary School in 1980 surprised some of my friends but it was providential. While in Kwara State, I did a few common entrance examinations and interviews, and I gained admission to several Secondary schools: Iwo Comprehensive High School, Offa Grammar School, Ijara-Ishin High School, among others. Home is home, we always say. Thanks to the then free education of the late Prof. Ambrose Alli, I returned home and I had the privilege of being one of the first graduating students of Ogbona Community Secondary School in 1985.

Taking a retrospective look at the school then, we didn’t really appreciate the discipline instilled in us by the school authority at that time. Experiences after graduation made me to see the value of that type of somewhat extreme discipline. What is worth doing is worth doing well. I later realized that laying a solid foundation in any aspect of life is always painful, but the benefits out-weigh the pain and suffering. This is where my experience begins with our indefatigable first Principal, Mr. C.O. Aikeremiokhai. He was discipline personified. The iron Principal, as he was known, and the Staff prepared us to be innovators and leaders to face the market challenges of the society. Among the surrounding communities, the school was famous for its discipline thanks to the no-nonsense Principal.

First and foremost, kudos should be given to him for encouraging us to know the history of our villages. Among others, the first assignment Mr. Aikeremiokhai gave to all of us was to go research and write the history of Ogbona. My father took me to one of the oldest persons in town, Chief Ikhanoba, who narrated how Avhianwu clan (Iraokhor, Imhakhena, Arua and Inone) migrated from Benin area (I hope I can still recall the details).

What characterized Aikeremiokhai’s administration was this toughness and discipline. First on the list was punctuality. He made sure that everyone, students and staff alike were punctual in everything they did. I remember vividly that at 7.30am, all students and staff were already in school. God save you, if you came late! The “Morning Piece of Work” began. Classes followed afterwards. Although the Prefects and Teachers were present, the Principal would never fail to go around monitoring how things were going.


Once in school, no vernacular was allowed, evening “Prep Class” was not optional for students and silence was the norm. Both the academic and non-academic staff were hardworking.

Part of the discipline was the academic excellence that Aikeremiokhai promoted. He would always tell us that our school could not be called “Grammar School” yet except we are proficient in English language and well-grounded in academics. He would always encourage us to look up to some of the popular schools in the State as models. Sometimes he would challenge us with questions that will make one go for a research. As part of his final challenge, he told us that our mock exam questions will be brought from another school, still to prove to us of the need to be well prepared for the final examinations. He kept to his promise; questions from one of the Federal Government Colleges were brought. That exam was an eye-opener.  This motivated us to work harder, and that explained while a respectable number of us had excellent results at the WASC Exam. We will always remain grateful to Mr. Greg Enegwea at the NYSC who made sure we had some of the best youth corpers.

This story will be incomplete without a mention of the rigorous manual labour, the school farm and other extracurricular activities we were all involved in.

I owe the Principal and the staff a debt of gratitude for their courage, dedication and selflessness. How can I forget to acknowledge the fact that Mr. Aikeremiokhai and some of the teachers were present at my Thanksgiving Mass at Ogbona in the year 2000? I will never forget you!

In conclusion, it was disheartening to hear stories of woes of our Alma Mater, especially as it pertains to the moral decadence. I must admit my failure to visit the school since our graduation, at least, to express our support. Thank you, Ogbona Elites, for coming to the rescue. May God reward all of you”.

Alhaji Aminu Iroremhe Isunuevho (A.K.A Alhaji Kano)

Alhaji Chief Aminu Iroremhe Isunuevho was born to the family of Isunuevho Ogbiti on the 14th of March 1955. The parents are Isunuevho Ogbiti and Mrs. Emhodina Isunuevho

He started his early life as a farmer as he could not further his education beyond primary school level.

He attended C.M.S Primary School Ogbona from 1962 to 1968. He took to farming thereafter He got married to former Miss Sisi Idode in 1973.

He worked briefly with Chief Orbih at the Iyanomo Rubber Estate in Benin from 1976 to 1978 as a Technician.

When he returned home in 1978, he decided to change his occupation. He learnt Driving under Alhaji Abudu S.M.O and thereafter he was employed as a professional driver by S.M.O. transport company in 1979.

Alhaji Aminu Isunuevho is an accomplished Businessman. He floated a transport Company in 1982 and till date he has a fleet of commuter buses to his credit. Apart from his transport business, Alhaji Isunuevho also sponsored the Ogbona (eleven) 11 football team that won the maiden edition of the Rear Admiral Mike Okhai Akhigbe’s football competition in 1979.

This distinguished son of Ogbona is also a philanthropist who had helped very many Ogbona Sons and Daughters. In many occasions, he single handedly awarded scholarship to indigent students to study both in secondary and tertiary institutions of learning.

Because of his immense contribution to the growth and development of humanity in our town, he has received several awards of honour and recognition. He was honoured by the Ogieavhianwu of Avhianwu land with a Chieftaincy title as the “EGHIETSEMHE OF AVIANWU LAND on the 22nd December, 2001. For his contribution to the growth of Avhianwu land.

Alhaji Kano became an achieve politician in 1999 when the ban on politics was lifted. He was a founding member of the ALL PEOPL’S PARTY (APP) at the grass-root level. He crossover to the PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY in the year 2004 and thereafter he was made the ward party leader.  In the year 2007, He was elected the local Government Vice-Chairman of the party. He is currently a member of the Edo State Executive of the PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY. He is happily married and has about 22 surviving children.

Alhaji Kano has always told his children that Ogbona is a very good place to live in and tell his friends that Ogbona People are very hospitable. He continues to encouraged all his children to come home and develop Ogbona town.

Alhaji Kano has always wish to give more scholarship to students but the current financial state of the country e has not allowed him to continue.



John Enezuno Itsisor Asekomhe was born on the 23rd of October 1950 at Ogbona, Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State. His parents are late Pa. Itsisor Asekomhe and Late Madam Adishetu Oyomhi (Nee) Ilele. He started his primary education in Etsako District Council School Ogbona in 1955 and finished up at Etsako District Council School Imiokono Jagbe in Etsako West Local Government Area in 1960.

His late father had wanted him to be a typist.  In 1962; he was sent to his father’s uncle in Lagos, Late Michael Yaya Esi Balogun. In Lagos he was enroll into Commercial school at No. 18 Mcneil Road Yaba where he attended for 2 years and succeeded in passing R.S.A stage I and Pitman’s stage 1 examination. He attended various commercial institutes in Lagos. He left Lagos to Ibadan in 1967 to his late senior brother Anthony Asekomhe while in Ibadan; he worked briefly as a personal assistant to Mr. T.R Parker, Higher Technical Officer at NITEL, Eleyele Ibadan.

He later left Ibadan to Lagos at the end of the war in1970. He also worked as a binder clerk in Domino stores Yaba with late Sir. P.M Anaweokhai.

In June 26th 1970, he joined Aluminum manufacturing company (ALUMACO PLC). He was trained in Alumaco by Alusuisse Group of Companies in Switzerland as a Roofer. He was in Roofing Erection department in Alumaco while in Alumaco he attended many workshop/seminars in effective supervisory management and techniques. He rose from the post of a charge hand  to senior site supervisor and manager and retired In 2002 after working in the company for 32 ½  years.


While in Ibadan, He was assisting Chief George Kadiri as the secretary of Ivhiochie Apakhade family union in Ibadan for 3 years.

In Lagos he was elected as the Secretary of Ivhiochie Apakhade Family Union from 1971 – 1996. He served as a secretary for 25 years. He was unanimously elected as the chairman of Ivhiochie in Lagos in 1996, a position he has held till date.

He was also the Chairman of 7-man committee setup in 1975 by O.P.U branch Lagos to plan for Ogbona Comprehensive Secondary School. Members of the committee were, Late P.M Anaweokhai, Late G.M Oputeh, Late J.A Ayeni, Late T.D Ikeku, Mr. T. Emhokidi, Mr. Alfred Idode secretary and Mr. John Asekomhe chairman. This committee worked consciously to see that the secondary school was approved for Ogbona.


John Enezuno Itsisor Asekomhe is a devout Catholic member. He has served in various societies in his parish S.S Mulumba & David Catholic Church in Lagos. He was the president of Edo Delta in the parish for six years, patrons to C.W.O, CCCM and PRESIDENT C.C.C.F for six years.

He is also a patron to apostleship of the prayer league of the sacred heart. In November, 2016 he was given an award by the Lagos Archdiocese of Catholic confraternity of Christian father as the ambassador of the C.C.C.F in the Archdioceses of Lagos.

He got married in December 1972 to Mrs. Comfort Bose Asekomhe (Nee) Akhabighimhe; He is blessed with four surviving children.



·        The first, male Medical Doctor from Ogbona, in Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.
  • Former Director of Health and Social Services, Federal Capital Territory, (FCT), Abuja- the First Nigerian from the Southern part of Nigeria to occupy that position.
  • An unblemished industrious and multi-talented  Medical Professional and Civil Servant.
  • An acknowledged Humanitarian Service Provider to the needy and less privileged in the community locally. nationally and internationally.
  • A Christian of the Catholic faith and a Knight of St Mulumba (KSM) Nigeria, from Wuse Sub-council in Abuja Metropolis; he has many friends and few foes from other religious denominations and persuasions.
  • A humble recipient of the Honourary Chieftaincy Title: – the “Onorumua of Avhianwu Clan conferred on him by His Royal Majesty, Alhaji Jackson Dauda Etokhana- “The Ogieavhianwu of Avhianwu Clan”, on Saturday, 29th of August, 2015

Felix Emoakemhe Orbih was born in Ogbona, Avhianwu clan of present day Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria, on 30th May, 1947. Although there was no official record of his birth, the date of birth and names given at birth were clearly documented. Many other events that occurred that month and year, were also clearly documented by one of his elder brothers, Chief MCK Orbih who was one of the few Ogbona “Elites” at that time. His father, Orbih Ekhamhekphe hails from Anwekpe lineage of Ivhido in Ogbona. Baba Orbih had three wives, amongst whom, was Felix’s mother, Oibo Orbih (nee Imoagene)- the 3rd and youngest wife, who hailed from Ivhiochie quarter of Ogbona. Felix is the 5th and last surviving child of his parents.


Felix Orbih started his Primary Education in “Infant 1” or “ABC class 1” in those days, (equivalent of present day Nursery1) at the Etsako District Council (EDC) now Imhakhena Primary School, Ogbona in 1953.  In 1957, young Felix transferred to St. Peter’s Primary School, Afashio, Uzairue, to live with his elder brother, Chief MCK Orbih who had been appointed as Principal of Blessed Martins Modern School Jattu. Uzairue. Felix finished his Primary education in December 1959.



In 1960, Felix and Denis Asumu, his primary school mate and friend from Afowah, Uzairue, were recommended by their Headmaster, Chief ABC Nasamu  as the two suitable candidates  to Rev. Father James Hickey,  newly appointed Foundation Principal, who was then scouting around for good  students for the take-off of the newly approved Catholic Secondary School, “Our Lady of Fatima Grammar School, Auchi” Soon after the  enrolment euphoria  as “a Grammarian in Our Lady”, Felix discovered that  he was a Lilliputian in every department of comparison with his new classmates and friends: from age, previous educational qualification to life experience. He was neither scared nor deterred.


Fired by his ambition to be a Medical doctor from his formative years in Primary School at Ogbona, and realising that all the prerequisite subjects to study Medicine would not be available in his new school, he transferred to old Ilesha Grammar School in 1963 with the challenge to face entirely six new subjects, including the three Science subjects that would make his dream a realisable possibility. In December 1965, he passed the West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) in Division One at Ilesha Grammar School, from where he was one of the only two students who passed the Entrance Examination to Igbobi College Yaba, Lagos, for the Higher School Certificate (HSC) course, which he duly commenced on January 15, 1966-that historic and unforgettable Day of the First Military Coup in Nigeria. Felix owes an eternal debt of gratitude to Rev Cannon J.A Akinyemi an Anglican Principal of Ilesha Grammar School at that time, and father of Professor Bolaji Akinyemi who later became Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Principal was only shown in Lagos, Felix’s last December 1962 end-of-year report card from Our Lady of Fatima Grammar, Auchi, and he believed that the student possessed the potential to meet up with his aspiration if he came over to Ilesha. Felix’s admission to Ilesha Grammar School was conveyed by Telegram (through the Post Office which was the fastest means of distant Communication in those days) from the Principal at Ilesha to his Honourable friend, and it read: “Send Down Brother immediately JA Akinyemi” And it took five days to arrive at Auchi Post Office from Ilesha!



Seizing every opportunity in his unshakable pursuit of his life’s ambition to become a Medical Doctor, he  gained admission to the University of Ibadan  through the Entrance Examination for one academic session, in relevant Preliminary Science Subjects, that would ultimately determine his entry to the University of Ibadan Medical School  Following his performance at the Preliminary Science Sessional Examinations in June 1969, he not only won the “University Scholarship Award” for his class that year,  but also was specially invited to major Bachelor of Science  (B.Sc.) honours in Zoology as a First degree, going forward.


While humbly expressing appreciation to the University authority, Felix preferred, and indeed went ahead to commence his Medical Training Programme at the University of Ibadan in September 1969, and  enjoy “all the everything-free benefits plus annual book allowance “attached to the prestigious title of “University Scholar”,  until he successfully qualified Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery (M.B; B.S.) degree of the University of Ibadan, under the Vice Chancellorship of Prof Oritsejolomi Thomas, on June 28, 1974, culminating in the achievement of his life ambition, and by accident of history, becoming the first Ogbona indigene to become a Medical Doctor.



On graduation, he did his house job at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) in Benin City from July 1, 1974 to June 30, 1975, through the Departments of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medicine and General Surgery in that order-under the Supervisory teams, of Profs Akenzua/ Jackson Omene, Prof Diejumaaoh/ Prof. A.U Oronsaye, Dr. Annah, and Profs, Odiase/Osime respectively.



He served as Medical Officer in charge of the NYSC Orientation Camp, in Arungugu near Sokoto; then later he was attached to General Hospital Minna, with delegated responsibility to be the first Medical Officer to be in-charge of the Rural Health Centre, Kuta, all in North West State, the largest in the then 12-State structure of Nigeria under General Yakubu Gowon’s Administration. Niger State with Minna as Capital, was created in April, 1976, by General Murtala Mohamed. And so, the NYSC set’s passing out Parade was held in Bida, Niger State at the end of June 1976. By July 7, 1976, Dr. Orbih had returned to UBTH, Benin City where he worked until he finally left in August 1979, after the General Election that brought President Shehu Shagari’s National Party of Nigeria (NPN) Administration to power on October 1, 1979.


In 1980, he passed the Professional, Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) examination that qualified him to do clinical work in British Hospitals. Subsequently in the UK, he worked in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Departments of the following Hospitals: Ninewells Hospital, University of Dundee. Scotland (1980/81); Cameron Hospital Hartlepool, Cleveland (1981-82), and Perth Royal Infirmary, Perth, Scotland (1983). In September 1984, he gained admission into the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of London, England where he obtained the Post-Graduate Specialist Diploma Certificate in Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Institute in February 1985, under Prof. John Dewhurst as Dean.


On return to Nigeria, and after a brief stint at the General Hospital Minna, (March to July, 1986), before taking up appointment with the Department of Health and Social Services of the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA), Abuja on August 5, 1986, with Dr. Ahmed Attah as Director of Health Services.


  • “Advanced Certificate in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations” at the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), Topo, Badagry. Lagos State, under the supervision of Prof. Malu. September 1993.

·        “Advanced Certificate in Health and Hospital Administration from Centre for Management Development (CMD”), Shagisha. Lagos.                                                        December.1996

  • Re-orientation workshop for Directorate – Level Officers of the Nigerian Federal Civil Service organized by the Office of Head of Service of the Federation. (HSOF) anchored by Prof Ayo Adedeji                                                                           June 2000


In addition to his clinical duties in Obstetrics and Gynecology units in the various FCT Hospitals, Dr. Orbih also held the following administrative responsibilities while in the service of the FCT.

  1. Chairman In-Charge Wuse General Hospital Management. Committee, Abuja. FCT. 1991–1992
  2. Chairman of Family Planning Committee, FCT, Abuja, 1987-1988
  • Assistant Director, Hospital Services Division, Head Quarters, 1994–97.
  1. Chairman of Health Departmental Disciplinary Committee FCT, Abuja. 1994 –1997.
  2. Deputy Director, Hospital Services Division, Department of Health Services, January. 1994-April, 1 Director of Health and Social Services, FCT, Abuja, April1997–November 1999.
  3. Medical Director, Gwarinpa General Hospital, Life Camp FCT Abuja. March

2000 – December. 2004


i.    Etsako District Council (EDC) part Secondary Scholarship through Comparative evaluation of annual class/school report Cards, 1960-962

  1. Midwest State Government Scholarship Award for Secondary Schools through the Nation-wide Competitive Examination for all Midwest students, 1963
  • 2nd Prize Winner (School level at Igbobi College) in the Nationwide John F. Kennedy Memorial Essay Competition organised for Nigerian Secondary Schools by the American Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria, 1966
  1. One of the “First Prize-Winning Trio” that represented Igbobi College, Lagos in the First ever “Inter-collegiate Live TV Debating Contest” for Lagos Colleges/Secondary Schools by publishers of “African Statesman” Magazine: – Mr. Femi Okunnu et al, 1966.
  2. “University Scholar” of the University of Ibadan through his excellent performance at Preliminary Science Sessional Examination of the University, June 1969.
  3. Federal Government Scholarship award for Medical training at the University of Ibadan through National advertisement, application and screening selection by the Federal Ministry of Education., with effect from September 1969.
  • Honoured as a “Member of the Institute of Management Consultants (MLMC)” of Nigeria. 1998.


He voluntarily retired from the Services of the FCT Civil Service with effect from January 1, 2005, after the three months mandatory notice of his intention he gave to the FCT Administration earlier in October 2004.


After retirement, he ran his own private out-patient health Consultancy outfit called “LIXIANA CLINICS” in Abuja, from which he finally disengaged in 2010.  In 2011, he was appointed Chairman of Board of Directors, of “JLN International Limited” a private Engineering Construction Company, majoring in Houses, Roads and Bridges in Abuja, Nigeria.


In 2014, he was appointed by the FCT Administration as the First Chairman of the “FCT Maternal Deaths Surveillance and Response (MDSR) Committee, newly established to reduce Maternal Mortality- the deaths of women, during pregnancy, around the time of delivery and within six weeks after delivery in the FCT, starting with public health facilities. He led this Committee, which consisted of serving Directors and Heads of relevant Units to laudable achievements within a short time, until the Committee was reorganized by the new Administration in 2016.


From the time he graduated from the University of Ibadan Medical School in 1974, he has shown very keen interest in the activities and affairs of his professional association, the NIGERIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (NMA) and its AFFILIATED BODIES. He has been described by some of his colleagues as “a very cerebral, and deft Medico-Politician!”

  1. A Member of National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), (UBTH), Benin City, 1976-79
  2. First Chairman, (unanimously elected De Jure) Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) FCT, Abuja Branch, 1989–1991
  • A Member Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) National Executive Council (NEC), 1989–1991
  1. Member, Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), Continuing Medical Education Committee in-charge of FCT. Abuja Zone , 1997-1998
  2. Chairman, NMA FCT Branch Professional Ethics Committee, Abuja, 2003


Dr. Orbih’s qualities as a multi-talented officer have always been recognized by his bosses or contemporaries in any circumstance wherever he worked. Successive FCT authorities have often given assignments, which he not only always willingly accepted but also completed well on schedule with good results. He was Member of:

  1. The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Medical Board 1990 -2004
  2. “Ministerial Committee on Improvement of Health Services in the FCT”. The approval of these recommendations led to the introduction of reasonable charges for hospital items, sustainable DRUG Revolving Fund (DRF) system, controlled exemptions from payment and the end of “out of Stock Syndrome” in FCT Hospitals, 2001
  • “Ministerial Committee on FCT Indigene ship, Chieftaincy, Land, Political Structure, and Other Related Matters in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja”. 2000
  1. “Ministerial Committee on “The Establishment of FCT Hospital Management Board” 1999
  2. Leader of FCT Medical Team in the entourage of Pope John Paul II (now a Saint) during his Visit to Abuja Nigeria during General Sani Abacha’s Administration, 1998
  3. “White Paper Committee on Kerosene Explosions in the FCT .1998
  • FCT “Private Health Establishment Registration Committee. (PHERC)” 1991-1997
  • FCT “Medical Delegation to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) which is North Korea” under the leadership of Kim Jon IL, 1998


When the news of the epidemics of the incurable Acquired Immune- Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) disease first broke globally in 1986, the Federal Ministry of Health directed the 36 States and the FCT Health Authorities to set up Committees to Coordinate a National effort to prevent the spread of and manage the disease.

  1. Was appointed the FIRST COORDINATOR of FCT HIV/AIDS Control Programme. 1987-1999
  2. Became a major Participant in a series of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC), programmes on HIV/AIDS, and other health issues’ in Radio Nigeria and Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in Abuja, 1987-1997
  • Encouraged Dr. JAF Momoh, then of Garki Hospital , (now the Chief Medical Director of National Hospital Abuja) to design a Poster which he entered for the first                                                                                                     National Poster Competition on Prevention of HIV/AIDS. This artistic and colourful entry from Abuja became the best from all the States in the Country, gave the designer a handsome First Prize and brought honour and praise to the FCT Programme, during the World’s Day Celebrations on December 1, 1998. The Winning First Prize, was formally presented to Dr. Jaf Momoh in March,1999. This unique IEC material, was subsequently mass-produced, and distributed for use through the length and breadth of our country
  1. Was a Member of the Federal Ministry of Health Delegation to the 6th International Conference on AIDS, Dakar, Senegal, December 1992.
  2. Co-Producer, “Short and Medium-Term Action Plans” for HIV/AIDS Control Programme in FCT Abuja.
  3. Leader of the FCT Team to the series of National Seminars/Workshops on AIDS held in Major Towns and Cities throughout Nigeria, 1988-1991
  • Diagnosed the first clinically documented and laboratory confirmed AIDS case in FCT, Abuja; the case was featured in the first Nigerian documentary film on AIDS titled “Dawn of Reality” launched by Prof Olikoye Ransome Kuti, then Nigeria’s Federal Minister of Health, and shown repeatedly on National TV Stations nation-wide. 1991.
  • Member of the National Working Committee on “Nigeria’s AIDS Case-Definition with deliberations held at “Festac 77 Hotel”, FESTAC Lagos. 1991


Through his membership of socio-cultural, politico-economic and straight humanitarian clubs, associations or societies, Dr. Felix Orbih has made tremendous contributions to communities without frontiers.

Lions Clubs International

In 1987 he joined the International Association of Lions Clubs, the world’s foremost Service Organization, by becoming a member of the only International Service Club affiliated and honoured with annual date (!3th March), set aside for joint celebrations: “Lions Day with the United Nations”

  • A Charter member and the 3rd President of Abuja Central Lions Club, the First Lions Club in Abuja and the First Mixed (Men and Women) Lions Club in Nigeria and Abuja (1987 and 1990/91 respectively)
  • The Charter or Founding (First) President of Wuse Abuja Lions Club- a club of 22 members which he nurtured and stabilized for 3 years (April 1997-2000) to fulfil their Club, District and International obligations.

For 30 years now (1987 to December 2017), Dr. Orbih has remained a “Lion at heart, in good standing and in active service”


For his services to the poor and less privileged in Society, Dr. Orbih has been honoured with awards and commendations in various ways:

  1. Two Star Fellow of the Nigerian Lions Charity Foundation (NLCF**) 1994
  2. Four Star Fellow (NLCF****) of the Nigerian Lions Charity Foundation, 2009
  • Member, Board of Trustees Nigeria Lions Charity (NLCF), Foundation. 1998-2000
  1. Melvin Jones Fellow (MJF) of the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) Oakbrook, Illinois. USA, 2000
  2. Nigeria Lions Evergreen Award Lagos, Nigeria. 2009
  3. Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow (PMJF) of the LCIF Illinois USA, 2009
  • “Appreciation for Spending Your Time, Talent and Treasure in your years of Care for Inmates of the Motherless Babies Home Karu, Abuja”-
  • Divisional Surgeon of St. John Ambulance Brigade Hospital Support Service (HSS) Programme, Abuja. 1994–2001

This Hospital Support Service (HSS) programme was funded by the Ambulance Brigade in collaboration with the Nigerian Red Cross, Lagos. They engaged volunteer Red Cross, medical and nursing Lecturers to teach basic First Aid to Civil Servants, School teachers, police, and other educated individuals and groups. Those trained volunteers worked part time for a few hours on any day of their free time, to assist Nurses in FCT Hospitals, with only stipends for transportation to and from the point of service, paid by the Brigade.

  1. Special Marshal, Abuja Lions Club Unit, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Abuja Sector, assisting in direction and control of traffic at accident scenes whenever and wherever necessary, 1993-1996
  2. Society for International Development (SID) Abuja Branch but headquarter in Italy. This group with Prof Jerry Gana as Chairman, Dr. Felix Orbih as Deputy and Ayim Pius Ayim as Secretary, organized a very successful National Debate tagged “Constitutional Conference: What Agenda?” in Abuja. The consensus from that debate paved the way for the CONTITUTIONAL CONFERENCE convened by General Sani Abacha’s Administration


Dr. ORBIH has contributed solely or jointly to the following documents: or publication.

  • “Guidelines for the Implementation of Hospital Autonomy in FCT Hospitals” under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health Services, Abuja. 2002
  • “Fact finding Mission and Contribution to National Programme against dissemination of AIDS” (prepared for the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by a team of International Consultants to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)1996
  • Action Plan for Family Planning Programme in FCT, 1987
  • “Strategies for Improving Health Services in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja” (Dissertation for the fulfilment for the award of Certificate in Advanced Personnel Management and Industrial Relations to the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) in September.1993.

He was highly commanded for his overall performance by ASCON authority which also recommended him to FCT Authority for further training for higher corporate responsibilities, by Dr. Malu, then Director of the Programme at ASCON.


  • The marriage between Felix Emoakemhe Orbih and Diana Egiemhme Ugheoke took place at St. Peter’s Catholic Church Afashio, Uzairue, on Saturday, October 1, 1977- Nigeria’s 17th Independence Anniversary. Brides Parents: Chief Emmanuel Ugheoke from Ivhinone, Avhianwu Clan and Mrs. Beatrice Ugheoke (nee Anama from Ghana) were there.  Groom’s foster parents, in loco parentis: Chief MCK Orbih from Ogbona, Avhianwu Clan and Mrs. Christiana Orbih (nee Otsemobor) from Ivhinone, Avhianwu Clan. Dr., (Chief) Felix and Lady Diana Egiemhme Orbih are blessed with four children- (a daughter and three sons,) and six grandchildren as at September, 2017.


As the School’s First Choice Goalkeeper in Our Lady of Fatima Grammar School Auchi, he was formidable calculating and agile between the posts. His goal-keeping activity ended following a severe injury he sustained on his right hand on stopping a penalty shot that gave victory to his School in a crucial march.


Although he has spent more years of his entire life so far, living continuously outside his birth place and home Local Government, Dr. (Chief) Felix Orbih is in constant touch with his people at grassroot. He has contributed to the launch and development of the Community Grammar School.  Also, he as an individual and in conjunction with his family, made significant contributions to the building and development of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and Parish Ogbona, over the years.   In his earlier years in Abuja he did not only joined and encouraged Ogbona indigenes to form the Town’s Branch Unions in Abuja, but also provided his residence for their monthly meetings and end of year activities. Very intimate sources have said that the details of the invaluable contributions to the location, accelerated building and movements to functionality of UBTH (MCK Orbih) Comprehensive Health Centre to Ogbona, may never be fully known.


His hobbies include Travelling, Photography, Playing Chess, Walking,

Dancing, Watching Football and Lit. Writing.



Paulinus Eraga Ifaorumhe was born on June 13, 1954, in Ivhitse quarters of Ogbona, Etsako Central, in the defunct Midwestern region (now Edo State). He was born to the Ifaorumhe family by Ifaorumhe Okhogiemhe and Ayina Idanwekhai both from Ogbona. Unfortunately, he lost his mother at the early age of 6 years old.

 Life as an Adolescent

He went to St. Peters Anglican School, Ogbona, where he had his primary six (6) leaving certificate. He has always loved education but all effort to further his education after primary school proved abortive because the finance to further his education was not available. While he was in primary school, Eraga Lived with Late Mr. C.U. Mochi, who promised to enroll Eraga in secondary school in exchange for his domestic services. After staying with the teacher for about 5 years without any hope of actualizing his dreams of furthering his education, his elder brother, Late Matthew Ifaorumhe (aka emperor), advised him to learn carpentry for five (5) years. The idea was that by the time his mates were completing their secondary school education, he will be completing his carpentry training as a graduate apprentice.

So Eraga proceeded to learn carpentry from Late Itsidasomhe Yusuf Aigbokhaevho who returned home before the Nigerian civil war. On April 2, 1972 (the same day Nigeria switched from right-hand drive to left-hand drive), Eraga did his freedom, therefore eligible to start his own practice.

Humble Beginning

After completing his training, he worked for some months in Ogbona, then decided to move to Okpella for greener pastures. He was able to move to Okpella with the aid of Sgt. Maj. Emighilarumhi Okozi. When he got to Okpella, he started a small carpentry workshop at Okugbe, Okpella. In 1972, Late Brig. Gen. J.L. Odeleke, who was at the time an army captain and the battalion commander of 179 Battalion, Nigerian Army, bought some furniture from Eraga. The battalion commander was so impressed by Eraga’s skillfulness and attention to details that he requested him to close up his workshop and move with him to Kontagora. At that time, the 179 battalion was being moved from Okpella to Kontagora.

While in Kontagora, Eraga served as a personal servant to the battalion commander. After some time, the battalion commander was posted from Kontagora to Ilorin. Before the battalion commander left Kontagora, he offered Eraga a job at the maintenance department of the Nigerian Army Engineers, 179 battalion, Kontagora. Eraga took the job and worked for a while but the Job was short-lived by the new battalion commander that was posted to kontangora. The new army commander insisted that Eraga couldn’t work with the unit because there was no provision for his salary.

After losing his job with the Nigerian Army Engineers, he got hired by two Yoruba men, Danlandi and his brother, who sent him to Bukani for a job. Being an inexperienced businessman at the time, he worked for them for six (6) months without pay. It was at this point that he decided to seek for another job.

Eraga joined Stanley & Standing, an Italian road construction company as a camp builder. As a camp builder at Stanley & Standing, he was saddled with the responsibility of building temporary accommodation for the company expatriate. In 1974, due to his skillfulness and hardworking nature, the company posted him to Yauri. While with Stanley & Standing, Eraga continued to excel among his other colleagues and was liked by his bosses.

While he was still at Stanley & Standing, Eraga found out that his former boss, Capt. Odeleke has been posted to Nigerian Defense Academy, Kaduna, so he relocated to Kaduna to join his former boss. While with his boss, he sat for the Grade 3 Trade Test. In 1975, Brig. Gen. Odeleke got posted to Ibadan and once again Eraga was out of job. As a result of government bureaucracy, Eraga never got paid for all the time he worked at the Nigeria Army Engineers Maintenance Department, so he had to leave.

That same year, he joined D’Alberto & Japaoli Construction Company, an Italian company, where he worked from 1975 -1982. He was quickly promoted to head carpenter, then foreman, because of his hard work and determination. Still trying to upgrade his education, he enrolled for the City & Guiles of London Certificate program at Kaduna Polytechnic on a part-time basis. While at D’Alberto & Japaoli, he undertook some private projects, just to make some extra cash. At that time, he could not cope with a full-time job, a private practice and part-time certificate program at the polytechnic, he had to drop out of polytechnic

Private Practice

In 1981, he registered his company as Paulinus Ifaorumhe and Brothers Enterprises. Then in 1983, having acquired adequate knowledge at D’Alberto & Japaoli Construction Company, he resigned and went fully into private practice. Slowly but steadily, he began to build his reputation, administrative skills and customer base as an entrepreneur in the construction industry.

While he was in the construction business, Eraga also undertook other jobs like supplies. For example, in 1985, through the invitation of Chief Gregory Enegwea, who was then Bendel State chief inspector of NYSC, Eraga supplied beef for NYSC orientation camps in Auchi, Benin, Abudu, and Abraka.

In 1991, his company metamorphosized from Paulinus Ifaorumhe and Brothers Enterprises to PIBE Limited.

Since 1991 till date, PIBE Limited has carried out numerous projects for individuals, institutions, different state governments of the federation and the Federal Government of Nigeria. Some of the notable projects that the company embarked on, include; Auchi Polytechnic Central Library, Auchi Polytechnic current administration block, Auchi Polytechnic Academic Building, School of Engineering, Osun State University, School of Health Sciences, Osun State University Auditorium,  James Hope College, Agbor, Day Water Man Secondary School, Abeokuta, Rainbow College, Ogun State,  Olusola Adekanla & Co. Office complex, Ikeja, Lagos.

In his quest for more knowledge in the construction industry, he has been to different international construction and earthworks exhibitions in different continents of the world, including: USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Ghana, France and many others.

He is currently the Chairman of PIBE Limited. As a man of excellence and a perfectionist, Eraga has always ensured that PIBE Limited recruits the very best individuals among its management staff. In the course of doing business, the company has employed more than 20 certified engineers; including Nigeria engineers and expatriate engineers.

Further Education

As a way to upgrade his educational status, Eraga has attended various executive trainings in Management, Risk Mitigation and Project Management at different times, at the Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom.


Marital Life

He is happily married to Florence and they have six (6) boys together. Five of his children are already university graduates.


Community development

Throughout his life, Eraga has always been a Philanthropist. As part of his philanthropic gestures; he single-handedly paid for the covet rings that were used for the construction of the gutter at the front of Oghie-Avhianwu of Avhianwu Palace. He contributed financially to the development of some of the churches at Ogbona, was a former member of Ogbona Advisory Committee to the Sub-clan head of Ogbona, and a member of the Ogbona Elite Forum.

He has also trained numerous individuals to university level; some of which are Doctors, Engineers, Pilots, IT specialist and so on. He has also given scholarships to various children of the employees of PIBE Limited. He is also very active in community development both on a company level and in his personal capacity. In 2017, he engaged his company machinery to carry out maintenance works on some roads in Ogbona, his home town.

He also chaired the launch of the divisional police station in Ogbona and donated immensely to the course.


  • He is a devoted Christian and a member of Deeper Life Bible Church. Due to his commitment, dedication and integrity, he has continuously been given sensitive and very important responsibilities to handle in church.
  • He is a founding member and a patron of the Ogbona Christian Association.
  • He has risen to the rank of a Corps Commander in the Nigerian Legion (CNC).
  • He is a patron and the senior Patron of the Nigerian Legion (CNC), Edo State Command.
  • He is a member of the Ogbona Elite Forum.


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