The Ogbona Elites Forum (OEF) was formed in October, 2016 to complement I’M AN INDIGENE OF OGBONA Facebook page. The Forum has over 200 members and it has been registered with CAC. Its main objective is to unite all the elites of Ogbona extraction in any part of the world regardless of one’s ideological stand on issues that bother on politics, religion, profession, taste etc. to cross fertilize ideas on how to move Ogbona community forward.

The Ogbona Elites Forum could not meet the yearnings and aspirations of every member owing to differences in religion and politics. Consequently, two additional fora, “Ogbona Political Elites” and “Ogbona Christian Forum” were further created to meet political and religion interests of members respectively. Though, the Christian Forum has been handed over to “The Ogbona Christian Association”.

I’M AN INDIGENE OF OGBONA Facebook account has over 1,681 memberships while the WhatsApp account has about 120 members.


To serve as a resource centre on Ogbona customary law, culture and traditions. To preserve, by relevant means, the historical heritage of Ogbona community and celebrate those that have contributed to the growth and development of the historical and modern Ogbona community


A people united by a vision to uplift and develop their community, preserve, nurture, and propagate her heritage.


  1. To unite all the elites of Ogbona extraction in any part of the world regardless of one’s ideological stand on issues that bother on politics, religion, profession, taste etc.
  2. To cross fertilize ideas on how to move Ogbona forward.
  3. To support and defend one another.
  4. To: showcase Ogbona cultural heritage.
  5. To serve as resource Centre on Ogbona culture and traditions.
  6. To relive history and celebrate those that have helped to shape the history of Ogbona community.
  7. To restrain from partisan politics but without prejudice to supporting any Ogbona person who is contesting any elective position against an outsider.
  8. To remain neutral on any issue that involves two or more Ogbona persons.
  9. To accord respect, honour and reward to those that so deserve.
  10. To guide against gutter language that will attract sanctions as determined by elders of the forum.


Identity: everyone is in search of who they are and no matter how far we look, the best discovery of who we are begins from the things closest to us, from the people around us, the community that drives us to grow. People come together and make identities for themselves. It is with that collective identity that a community is formed. Individual Identities are then discovered through collective identity. To know more about a person, check their community because then you discover things you never knew and you can walk the footsteps of discovery in their shoes. What is more? How about experiencing life the way they normally do? With their typical day, an understanding of their history and way of life, perhaps you would be able to really understand who they are.

Life is best lived in pictures, in details of memories that cannot be forgotten. The dance, the culture, the life, the people, the food, the festivals, every aspect of one’s culture come together to form a meaningful whole. Get familiar with the African, Nigerian, Edo, Afenmai, Etsako and Avianwu/Ogbona culture by just watching this insightful webspace. Join the community. The Ogbona community is one place with like-minded individuals looking to ensure that people are properly developed to suit societal changes.

Ogbona community, from time immemorial, had engaged in lots of self-help projects in the areas of education (building of the community Secondary School), Electricity, Modern Market, Police Station, pipe-borne water and many more. These humanitarian efforts represent the collective efforts of the Ogbona community to respond appropriately to the needs of other communities and even their own. Some of their recent efforts are: Hiring and training teachers, free medical outreach for 2 years in a roll, donation of books and furniture to secondary and primary schools, training of teachers, career talk for students, Scholarships for indigent students, and pumping of water for the community. Get familiar with these identities and come on board to create your own identity with the Ogbona community.


Gbam gbam gbam gbam!!! The beat of the drums is what you would hear, the joys, celebrations and the dance to make the event an unforgettable encounter. One of the best feelings in the world is receiving reward for hard work. Imagine toiling night and day and putting in efforts to things around you; the stressful feeling, and then getting produce on your hard work investments; the satisfying and happy feeling. That is the exact feeling of people of the Ogbona community on the Esi (new yam) festival day. The feeling of joy and appreciation for a successful harvest period.

It is easy to see joys but when you look deeper, you would see a community that collaborated to make harvest possible. You would see them reaping the fruits of their labour and being happy together. You would see a family that came together to be their own support system. The Ogbona Community celebrates together a bountiful harvest.

Ogbona is one of the 4 villages that make up Avhianwu Clan. For over two centuries after their migration from Benin, the Avhianwu maintained their root in Benin and the culture remained the same save for modifications and enrichments occasioned by their later association with other non-Benin neighbours. The lgala, the Ibo (Ebu from where they introduced the Okhei title system).

Asides the New Yam festival, another major celebration is the Adui iku kwa in Avhianwu clan Etsako Central Edo State. This is celebrated yearly across the four (4) clans in AVHIANWU namely; Ivhiunone, Ivhiarua, Ogbona (Imhakhena) and Uralokhor between March and April to mark the dawn of a new Year traditionally. The literary meaning of “adui iku kwa” is waste disposal or cleansing of all past things and deeds.

Another interesting fact about the Ogbona community is that the community makes the most melodious entertainment. It has the highest number of musicians in Afenmai. Most famous among the listed 27 musicians are Gen. Bolivia Osigbemhe (Late). His music is still selling more than any musician in Afenmai, Benji Okeke Igbadumhe, Mayor Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe, Calinez Bolivia Osigbemhe, Lucky Odogbo, Ayo (Iyodo), and gospel music artists such as Ochuwa Franco, Emesomi Florence Israel Oyarenua and Evangelist Valentine Bolivia Osigbemhe.

Festivals/ initiation ceremonies include, Okhei, Ukpenokhua, new yam, Aduikukwa, Agbe lagu’lu, Uruamhi etc. With loud drums, soothing music and beautiful dances of Amhi, Ilo, Ivhia-Ibana or Iyabana or Ibana, Agbi cultural troupe, Igieleghe or Okakagbe Dance and Izi cultural dance along with a nice scenery, this joyous community together always celebrates their wins.