Chief Matthias Amionikhena Akpaibor
Chief Matthias Amionikhena Akpaibor

It gives me great a pleasure to present to the Union this day, this report of my seventeen years in Office as the General Secretary of Ogbona Imhakhena Asama Federated Union. I hereby thank the entire community, both at home and abroad, for the opportunity given me to serve.

I took over this office when it was at its infancy and I had little or nothing to start with the co-operation of the first, second and third Presidents, Chief A. O. Itsuokor, Chief T. A. Osigbemhe JP. The Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona and Arc. J.E.A Orbih respectively the union started growing from strength to strength.

The Union was formed in 1976 with Protem Officers as Chief A. O. Itsuokor – President, Mr. G. I. Kadiri – Secretary and Chief M.A. Akpaibor as the Asst. Gen. Secretary.  A constitution committee headed by Mr. P. S. Eleta was set up. The Draft Constitution was submitted in1982 and was adopted and passed into law in the same year. The first Union executive council members were elected into the following offices:-

President                        –        Chief A. O. Itsuokor       –        Lagos Branch

Vice President                 –        Mrs. S. A. Anetekhai      –        Benin Branch

General Secretary          –        Dr. J. E. Umole              –        Benin Branch

1st Asst. Gen. Secretary –        Chief M. A. Akpaibor      –        Warri Branch

2nd Asst. Gen. Secretary –        Mr. P. Osigbemhe           –        Ibadan Branch

Treasurer                       –        Okhaemoi P. S. Eleta     –        Auchi Branch

Financial Secretary        –        Mr. M. G. Enakpene       –        Auchi Branch

Publicity Secretary         –        Sir P. M. Anaweokhai     –        Lagos Branch

Social Secretary             –        Mr. R. A. Edogamhe       –        Benin Branch

Legal Adviser                  –        Chief C. A. Ekhasemomhe       Kaduna Branch

Ex-Officers                     –        Mr. M. Asapokhai           –        Kano Branch

“                            –        Mr. A. Oghena                –        Ile Ife Branch

“                            –        Okhaemoi J. Edogamhe           Ogbona Branch

“                            –        Mr. A. Oyagha                –        Warri Branch

“                            –        Mr. J. I. Odior                –        Ogbona Branch

Patrons                          –        Chief J. O. Odalumhe    –        Ogbona Branch

“                            –        Mr. Francis Asekomhe   –        Ogbona Branch

“                            –        Pa. Abu Idinokhai          –        Ogbona Branch

“                            –        Pa. Odia Ikhane             –        Ogbona Branch

“                            –        Pa Aleghe Orbih             –        Ogbona Branch


Ogbona was elected to be the Headquarter of the Union and it was agreed that the name of the Union should be known as “OGBONA IMHAKHENA FEDERATED UNION”.

The financial branch unions were eight comprising, Auchi, Benin, Ibadan, Ile-Ife, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos and Warri while the home body was dragging their feet over the name of the union. We are grateful to God today as the number has increased from eight branch members to ten branch members including the home branch, Abuja, Ilorin. Port-Harcourt branch which was one of the recent registered branches, is neither here nor there for reasons best known to them.

The aims and objectives of the Union were well spelt out in the 1982 constitution. After one year in office, the General Secretary declined his post and I was appointed to act which I did for one year before I was appointed for the post of the General Secretary in 1985. When I took over the office, the financial branch members still remained eight. The home which supposed to be the headquarters was still doubting whether to accept the name or to stay away because of the name.

Then the financial position was very poor. The only main avenue for funding was the monthly subscriptions from the eight branches of the Union.

The attendance of the executive council meetings was encouraging expect some branches whose members were not regular, mainly Ile-Ife and Kano. These two branches claimed that they always received letters late. After normalizing their postal addresses, the Ile-Ife branch complained that their members were new converts and that they would not accept the name “Ogbona Imhakhena Union” The Kano branch of the Union complained that due to frequent riots in Kano for the past years, they could not form any useful union. Recently, they informed the federated bodies that they had re-organized and would act fully Ile-Ife remains dormant till date.

The union could not achieve any meaningful development during these years till 1986 because it embarked on reconciliation of the two factions that were Asama and Abokhasomhi unions, which were formed because of the Chieftaincy dispute in the community. The Ogbona Imhakhena Federated Union called on them to allow the Chieftaincy matter take its cause and form a development union. That is what the Federated Union stands for in order to have a coon front which the community can channel their problems through to the government for meaningful development of the community. This took the Federated Union time but those who saw what the union stands for were carried along by the union while those who believed that their cause had to be met remained still battling with their Chieftaincy cases. As at today, all these are history as Ogbona Imhakhena Asama Federated Union break the ice and unite the whole factions together and brought them to the popular body both home and abroad.

At the 1987 Annual Conference, the National Executive Council of Ogbona Imhakhena Federated Union was dissolved and there was an election where the following members were elected:-

President                        –        Chief T. A. Osigbemhe JP        –        Benin Branch

Vice President                –        Sir P. M. Anaweokhai              –        Lagos Branch

General Secretary          –        Chief M. A. Akpaibor               –        Warri Branch

1st Asst. Gen Secretary   –        Mr. R. A. Edogamhe                 –        Auchi Branch

2nd Asst. Gen. Secretary –        Mr. D. Akhamiemhona            –        Ibadan Branch

Treasurer                       –        Okhaemoi P. S. Eleta               –        Auchi Branch

Financial Secretary        –        Chief P. S. Anyiador                –        Benin Branch

Asst. Fin. Secretary        –        Mr. M. Asapokhai                    –        Kano Branch

Publicity Secretary         –        Mr. G. I. Kadiri                        –        Auchi Branch

Social Secretary             –        Mr. P.C.I Okhakumhe              –        Auchi Branch

Legal Adviser                  –        Chief C. I. Ekhasemomhe        –        Kaduna Branch

Ex-Official Members       –        Mr. S. A. Anetekhai                 –        Benin Branch

“                            –        Mr. A. Oghena                         –        Ile-Ife Branch

“                            –        Arc. J.E.A Orbih                      –        Benin Branch

“                            –        Mr. D. K. Itsuokor                    –        Kaduna Branch

“                            –        Okhaemoi T. D. Dunia             –        Ibadan Branch

Patrons                          –        Chief J. O. Odalumhe              –        Ogbona                 “                           –        Chief M. C. K Orbih                 –        Auchi

“                            –        Chief A. O. Itsuokor                 –        Ogbona

“                            –        Mr. J.E Asapokhai                   –        Warri

“                            –        Oduevho J. E. Igbadumhe       –        Auchi

During the inauguration of the council, the President sued for co-operation from members.

The President called many executive council meetings and annual conferences. The executive members and branch unions attended all. Though some of the executive members did not live up to expectations, the Union still forged ahead. Those members and branches knew themselves.

My device to future members is that they should accept the duty they can perform although there is no duty that a patriotic one cannot perform for his/her community as long as is a member of that community. Also, branch unions should borrow a leaf of from the good things that are being practiced in the area they are residing and bring such ideas to develop their community, materially, financially or morally.

In 1996, the executive was reconstituted due to the appointment of the President as the Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona. The council was reconstituted as follows:

President                        –        Arc J. E. A. Orbih          –        Benin Branch

Vice President                –        Sir P. M. Anaweokhai     –        Lagos Branch

General Secretary           –        Chief M. A. Akpaibor      –        Warri Branch

1st Asst. Gen. Secretary  –        Mr. G. I. Kadiri               –        Auchi Branch

2nd Asst. Gen. Secretary –        Mr. R. A. Edogamhe       –        Agenebode Branch

Treasurer                       –        Okhaemoi P. S. Eleta     –        Auchi Branch

Financial Secretary        –        Chief P. S. Anyiador       –        Benin Branch

Publicity Secretary         –        Mr. R. Asekomhe            –        Benin Branch

Social Secretary             –        Mr. S. O. Ogah               –        Auchi Branch

Legal Adviser                  –        Dr. J. B. Idode                –        Benin Branch

Ex-Official Members       –        Mr. P. Azoganokhai        –        Ibadan Branch

“                            –        Chief B. I. Aikabeli         –        Benin Branch

“                            –        Mr. M. O. Mana              –        Benin Branch

“                            –        Chief C.A. Ekhasemomhe        Kaduna Branch

“                            –        Okhaemoi P. K. Ikhane –        Ogbona Branch

“                            –        Oduevho T. A. Anyiador –        Ogbona Branch

“                            –        Mr. James Ivhaluogue    –        Ogbona Branch

“                            –        Mr. Philip Iyonagbe        –        P/Harcourt Branch

Patrons                          –        Chief T.A Osigbemhe JP

The Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona     Ogbona

“                            –        Okhaemoi T. D. Dunia   –        Ogbona Branch

“                            –        Chief A. O. Itsuokor       –        Ogbona Branch

“                            –        Pa M. Ogedegbe              –        Ogbona Branch

“                            –        Okhaimho Joe Edogamhe        Ogbona Branch

The out-going President wished the union well and told his successor to always consult him whenever he found it necessary.

The rate of development in the community was demanding regular attention and the house decided to set up a committee to attend to them. The committee was constituted and it was named Ogbona Development Committee with the following members.

Chief A. O. Itsuokor       –        Chairman

Mallam M. Z. Okozi        –        Secretary

Mr. A. I. Enaberue          –        Member

Mr. J. Azoganokhai        –                  “

Okhaemoi T. D. Dunia   –                  “

Okhaemoi P. K. Ikhane  –                  “


They were given the following guidelines to work with

  1. To map out development projects in the community
  2. To executive development projects in the community
  3. To run the development projects when they are in use
  4. To constitute the Home branch of the union and arrange for election
  5. To act as electoral officers not to be voted for nor participate in voting
  6. To hand over power to the home branch to run the branch
  7. To remain as Federated Union Committee on development projects.

The Ogbona Development Committee was dissolved because the house discovered that some members were interested in the home branch election and preferred it to the ODC.

As at today, the Ogbona Imhakhena Asama Federated Union has achieved a lot for the community while more are still being expected. Also, the Union crossed a lot of hurdles for the past twenty years. We are all thankful to God for protecting and guiding us for the past, and wish same for the present and future.



In 1979 the sons and daughters of Ogbona in abroad applied for a grammar school and with the help of our son who was then the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Education, Chief T. A. Osigbemhe JP the present Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona, the school was approved. The community received this approval with joy though some members in the community at home did not see anything good in it because of their mischievous aims. At the annual conference of 1980, a committee was inaugurated to organize the launching of the Grammar School. The project was launched on 8th August, 1980 and the sum of N63,032.60 was raised. The sum of N62,857.67 was spent in erecting the school. Chief J. O. Odalumhe (of blessed memory) was the Chairman of the committee who built the school. Messrs. P. S. Eleta, P. C. I Okhakumhe and G. I Kadiri audited the account, copies of the audited account are in the file.

Thanks to Chief T. A. Osigbemhe JP. The Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona, for the noble way he led by bringing education to the door-step of the community during his tenure in office. My thanks, though posthumous, also go to Chief J.O Odalumhe who stood out and saw that the project was completed as scheduled. My gratitude goes to Chief G. K. Enegwea who, until his retirement from the public service, always ensured that NYSC members were posted to the school since its inception. I will not fail to mention the unequalled role played by the Ogbona Imhakhena Asama Federated Union since the school was opened.

Some of this people who backed out at the beginning have retraced their steps and associated themselves with better ideas which are for the betterment of the generality of the community.


The Ogbona Imhakhena Asama Federated Union in 1986 embarked on electricity project based on the advice given by one of our prominent sons. Dr. J. B. Idode, who was the Director of DFRRI in the then Bendel State and promised to help through his office. The Electricity Project was launched on December 26th 1986 and the sum of N60,090.03 and a transformer was raised. The sum of N55,599.02 was spent on the project. The community bought three transformers (100KVA) and sum of N20,000.00 cash was donated to the government towards the project.

My gratitude goes to Dr. J. B. Idode, who made the light to come into reality during his tenure in office. My thanks, though posthumous also go to Mr. B. A. Orbih who helped the community to achieve her aims and objectives in cash and materials.

A committee made up of Messrs. F. Umago, F. S. Akpaibor and P. S. Eleta Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer respectively was set up to collect levy and disbursed same. Messrs. G. I. Kadiri P.C.I Okhakumhe and G. E. Itsuokor, Chairman, Secretary, and Member respectively have audited the account. The report is in the file.

With regard to the Grammar School Project, the Electricity did not receive much co-operations from the opposing side. They did all within their power to stop the project by writing petitions to various branches not to support the project which was their own baby. Also, they engaged their members to circulate their petitions from branch to branch. As the saying goes, that “Positive ideas always triumph over the negative ideas” Thank God that their aims did not achieve their objectives. The Union took a drastic action against them by denying them the use of the light, nor until the intervention of His Royal Highness, The Ogieavhianwu of Avhianwu, that led to amnesty being granted them. Presently, the then enemies of progress in the community have repented and happily, they are now in the forefront of development in the community. Thank God for that. I thank the Ogbona Imhakhena Asama Federated Union for the respect accorded His Royal Highness for the sense of maturity and understanding in handling the issue. I also thank the entire community.


The Head of Avhianwu Clan was appointed from Ogbona Ruling House in Avhianwu Clan by the then Bendel State Government and was gazette in 1987. The Ogbona Imhakhena Asama Federated Union made history by organizing the first over coronation in Avhianwu Clan for the Clan Head of Avhianwu, His Royal Highness P.A Oboarekpe, the Ogieavhianwu of Avhianwu. It was a very colourful ceremony and people from all walks of life came to graced the occasion.


The union raised fund for this ceremony and the account was audited. I thank Mr. P. S. Eleta, Chief M. C. K Orbih, Dr. J. B. Idode, Chief A. O. Itsuokor who was then the President of OIAFU and Chief T. A. Osigbemhe JP. The Okphe Ukpi of Ogbona and the entire OIAFU branches for their unreserved co-operation.


The OIFAU played a vital role during the commissioning of the Health Centre by mobilizing the community to embrace the occasion. They donated bedding and rented a building, which accommodated the medical students attached to the Health Centre. Thanks to Chief M.C.K Orbih for the great role he played in influencing the Federal Government in establishing the Health Centre in the community when he was the Chairman of Board of Governors in UBTH, Benin City.


The OIAFU in conjunction with DFRRI executed the water project and on January 31st 1990, the then Military Governor of Bendel State. Col. Jonathan Tunde Ogbeha, commissioned the project. The water is flowing at a site in the community today. I thank Dr. J.B. Idode who rescued the community when they were thirsty. His name will ever remain indelible in the heart of the entire community. Also, my thanks go to Chief Major F. Atsegwasi (Rtd) who during his tenure as the Local Government administrator extended the water from the borehole site to the community where it is being fetch today.

I will not fail the to mention the behavior of the unpatriotic citizens in the community who vandalized the NEPA cables at the borehole site.


In 1988, the OIAFU instructed branch unions to organize in-house launching at their various branches. On the 25th March, 1989 during the annual conference. Few branches reported the success of their launching and the total sum of N10,405.00 was remitted. This amount was diverted to the Ogbona/Imiava crisis in which the law enforcement agents arrested our men over a communal clash. The idea of equipping science laboratories was deferred.


On the 25th March 1989 after nine years of the formation of Ogbona Imhakhna Federated Union, the home body accepted to enroll in the Union. The Union was then renamed “OGBONA IMHAKHENA ASAMA FEDERATED UNION”.

Between 1980 and 1996 three branch unions joined the federated union. They are Ilorin, Port-Harcourt, Agenebode while Abuja joined in year 2000. As at today, two of the above-named branch unions are dormant i.e. Agenebode and Port-Harcourt. Homebody’s presence is not felt as their financial status in the Union is not encouraging.


In March, 1989 there was a communal clash between our community and Imiava over the farm land. Some of our men were arrested and detained in various prisons custody. The case was charged to court at Auchi High Court and some were discharged and acquitted while three were convicted and sentence to death. The OIAFU took an appeal to the Appeal Court in Benin City and won the case and the three men regained their freedom. As at today the OIAFU is still having one of the cases in the court, in which the community is Plaintiff. The case is Chief P.A Oboarekpe vs the Edo State Government, over the White Paper on the community clash between the two communities. The case is in Court 11, Benin City.

I thank the OIAFU members and His Royal Highness P. A. Oboarekpe, The Ogieavhianwu of Avhianwu for the way they piloted the affairs of the entire community during this period of tribulations. I will not fail to mention that during the trials, one of our sons, Mr. Okhakuobomhe Ozekhomhe, died in detention and the community gave him a very befitting burial. May his soul rest in perfect pace (Amen). My special thanks go to Chief T.A. Osigbemhe JP. The Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona, Dr. J. B. Idode, Chief B.I Aikabeli, Mr. M.O. Mana (in blessed memory), Mr. R. Asekomhe, Arc. J. E. Orbih, Mr. G.I Kadiri, Okhaimho P.S. Eleta, Sir P.M. Anaweokhai (in blessed memory) and Chief P.S. Anyiador. My special thanks also go to all Branch Unions, Lagos, Ibadan, Auchi, Benin, Warri, Ilorin, Kaduna, Kano, Port-Harcourt, Agenebode, Ogbona for the patriotism they demonstrated since the beginning of the problems to-date.


In 1994, the Ministry of Education supplied Science Equipment to Ogbona Grammar School with the help of our late son who was then the Commissioner for Education, Mr. G. Uwaya. After the supply, the installation of the equipment became a problem and this was reported at one of the OIAFU executive meetings held in 1994. It was unanimously agreed at the meeting that a launching had to be organized for fund to extend electricity to the school and installation of the equipment. A committee was set up with Chief A. O. Itsuokor, Chairman, Okhaemoi V. Anaweokhai, Secretary and Okhaemoi P.K. Ikhane as Treasurer. The launching was held and the sum of N84,850.00 was raised and the sum of N78,536.00 was spent on the extension of light and installation of the equipment.

My thanks go to late Mr. G. Uwaya who distinguished himself and proved to the community that there are patriotic sons who have the welfare of the community at heart whenever they are given any opportunity to serve in the government. I also thank the following people who contributed materials and cash for the completion of the project: Mr. F. Anyiador, Mr. P. E. Ifaorumhe, Chief G. K. Enegwea, Chief A. O. Itsuokor, Okhaemoi V. Anaweokhai, Okhaemoi P. K. Ikhane and the entire OIAFU.


The OIAFU formed vigilante Group to take care of security matters and indiscipline in the community. The group brought sanity into the community from which the neighboring communities borrowed a leaf. As at today, the local government has renamed it as Neighborhood Watch and gave them more power to execute their duties.


Oboarekpe Primary School building was blown off by rain storm sometime ago. The community reported to the appropriate authority but there was no immediate relief from local government authority and then the school was in session. The OIAF levied every branch for the re-roofing and this was done. The Primary School was reroofed through the levy collected by the OIAF Union.


The out-going President, Arc. J.E.A Orbih, on his resumption in Office made a lot of proposals to be considered by the house. One of his proposals was celebration of Ogbona Day. He said that would draw all sons and daughters and non-indigenes the community, which can lead to foreign investors to invest in the community. The house unanimously accepted this. Sub-Committees were set up and it became a reality in year 2002. The first Ogbona Day was celebrated and was attended by all sons, daughters and the community’s well-wishers. It was resolved at one of the OIAFU meetings that the Ogbona Day would be celebrated year 2004 with a difference. It was agreed by the house to add to it a Fund Raising which was done according to plan. I will not fail to mention here that it was almost marred by one quarter that backed out from the ceremony due to pettiness, but with God’s grace, the ceremony recorded above average.

The sum of N521,000.00 was raised. I thank all OIAFU members both home and abroad who stood their ground and made the ceremony to achieve its aims. My thanks also go to the Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona and High Royal Highness the Ogieavhianwu of Avhianwu who gave fatherly backing to the Union for the successful ceremony.


The Youth Forum and Students Union in the community requested for approval for recognition in order to participate in all community affairs. Their request was considered by OIAFU and an approval granted.

The OIAFU has started organizing competitions with prizes for the students in Secondary School level. The first beneficiaries received their prizes during the Second Ogbona Day/Fund Raising ceremony in year 2004.



In 1989 there was a clash between our community and Imiava community as earlier mentioned. The patriotic members of our community witnessed a lot of horrors from the hand of law enforcement agents; the community started by contributing money through levy, providing food and provisions to those arrested. The Traditional Ruler and prominent members in the community were arrested and detained in the various prisons custody. The Traditional Ruler was suspended from office. Members of OIAFU were being harassed here and there while some members were running around trying to make both ends meet and finding solutions to the problems.

Our fellow community members who were so unpatriotic because of their selfish aims compounded the problems. They compiled the names of the patriotic citizens and sent to Police, alleging that these were the people who ran-off Imiava community. This case became tougher as the opponents got more support from our own community. The worst happened when our fellow clansmen went to the tribunal and testified against us, introducing the chieftaincy matter before the Commission of Inquiry in order to dethrone our traditional ruler, but with God on our side we overcame the major part of the problems.

On a surprising note, some of them who were detained and charged to court and discharged from court have now turned their backs on OIAFU. Their reasons for their actions are best known to them. In many respects, this is affecting the OIAFU presently both at home and abroad, they are not willing to pay their levy and most parents are discouraging their children abroad. I humbly appeal to these members to unto others as was done to them when they were behind the bars. Now we cannot pay our legal fee and cannot open our eyes and see that our land is taken away by strangers. Fellow community members, let us rise and shine as in the olden days. We are sons and daughters of Ogbona that is known throughout the environment. We are known to be a united body when we are outside. In the same vein, we should settle our problems and be united when at home. We have no other home than Ogbona.


In 1990, while we were still in the wake of the compound clash, the same unpatriotic community members led unscrupulous elements to vandalise the N.E.P.A cables at the water project site. This was detected in time and a vigilante group was sent to the site and these men were caught and handed over to the police with the cables in their possession. The case was charged to court but the out-come of the case is yet unknown to us. But the cables have been released to the community after series of petitions from OIAFU. I thank the entire community for their courageous actions that they have been known from time immemorial.


The OIAFU lost some of their able bodied members during the period under review, mostly the exco member Sir P M Anaweokha, Vice President of OIAFU from Lagos branch, Mr. M G Enakpene, Finance Secretary in 1982 reign, from Auchi branch, Mr. A. Oyaghi, Ex-officio, Warri branch, Chief J.O Odalumhe, Mr. Francis Asekomhe, Pa Abu Idinokhai, Pa Odia Ikhane and Pa Aleghe Orbih all of whom were patrons in the 1982 reign. Mr. G. Uwaya the former commissioner of Edo state and Mr. D. K. Itsuokor, Exco member of Kaduna branch, Mr. B. A. Orbih. May their souls rest in perfect peace (Amen).


There are some of the OIAFU Exco members who are down with illness for some time now. They are Dr. J. B. Idode, Legal Adviser and Chief A. O. Itsuokor, Patron. I wish them God mercy and quick recovery (Amen).



It has been observed that majority of Ogbona sons/daughters who have gone beyond secondary school education level hardly associate with their community where ever they are residing. They don’t attend their meetings, they hardly contribute towards the development of the community, they don’t accommodate their fellow citizen’s wherever they find, either in their various organization. They are heading or working, in fact, they do not care for what is happening at home.

With my experience, an Ogbona man is highly respected in any organization he finds him/herself because of honest, dedication and hard work. Why should our sons/daughters who are in responsible positions refuse to help the younger generation. I hereby appeal to these groups of elites to have a rethink of their action and come and develop our home. Nobody can do it for you, you have to do it yourself. They should not forget the saying that, North, East, South and West, home is the best.


It has been observed that the age-long Ogbona Town Hall is an abandoned Project due to lack of fund. I am suggesting that we should appeal to our sons/daughters to give OIAFU a helping hand in completing the hall. It will serve a useful purpose for our youth and the town in general.


It is an eye-sore for anyone who goes along the major streets in the community. The erosion is threatening houses and roads seriously. The attention of our councilor and the local government chairman should be drawn in general.


The community has no permanent building for postal services. It is still being operated in a rented houses and the rentage is not being paid as and when due. I think with completion of the Town Hall the problem of Postal Agency would be solved.



  1. In order to generate more revenue to OIAFU purse, the clubs, association both at home and abroad, should be appealed to, to pay certain percentage of their income to the union’s account at the end of every year.
  2. Certain percentage of the community revenue should be paid into the OIAFU’s account.
  3. An appeal should go to the elites in the community to form a solid body if they cannot join their forces with OIAFU to develop the community.
  4. The erosion should be given the proper attention it deserves from the Local Government.
  5. The Town Hall should be redesigned if the present one is too big to execute.
  6. The Postal Agency should have a permanent building.
  7. The Birth and Death registers should be re-addressed
  8. Entire community should sanction those dormant branch union/individual members who are not with the OIAU.
  9. I strongly recommend to the entire community, both at home and abroad to arrange for inter-denominational thanksgiving service to our Father Almighty, for what He has done for us over the years, and still doing.


It is a good adage that says “United we stand and divided we fall”. As you all know, this Union is a rebirth of Unity in Ogbona. To make it function properly, we should drop pettiness, sectionalism, hatred and prejudices. We should avoid all unnecessary complaints against anybody or group of people, with the intention of bringing about another disunity. Let all genuine complaints that would bring disunity be brought to the floor of the house for settlement. Let Love and Peace reign supreme in our midst. Let us learn to tolerate the misgivings of others and show a good sense of judgement in the interest of peace.

I thank you OIAFU for the co-operation I received from you during my tenure in Office as the General Secretary.

Long live Ogbona Imhakhna Asama Federated Union, Long live Ogbona Community, Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Chief M. A. Akpaibor

   General Secretary (1987-2004)






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