Chief Dan Osi Orbih Empowerment Program for Ogbona Community

Chief Dan Osi Orbih Empowerment Program for Ogbona Community

In 2013 Chief Dan Osi Orbih gave out 20 Motorcycles to Ogbona youths and N50,000 to several persons each to start their own business as part of his empowerment program. In 2017, one of the recipients came back to thank him for the 2013 bike. The young man said he has used the proceeds of the Bike work to build his own house and has moved in with his family.

This testimony encouraged Chief Dan Osi Orbih to do another empowerment program on December 27th, 2017 at Ogbona. This time around, he gave out 12 motorcycles, 8 Sewing Machines, 12 Grinding Machines and 1 generator. Ten (10) Bikes were distributed to youths in the various quarters of Ogbona, one bike to the Okphe Ukpi palace for messages and one bike to the vigilante group for quick response

We encourage all the recipients to utilize their gifts to improve themselves and those around them. We hope to receive more testimonies like the one above

Ogbona Elites Forum salutes Chief Dan Osi Orbih


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