2022 Aduikukwa

2022 Aduikwu kwa Day : Ogbona Sub Clan updated some of the community Rules

Aduikwu kwa day is the traditional new year in Avhianwu clan and it was held on Friday 4th March, 2022

The Okpeukpi of Ogbona sub clan head, HRH Chief Willy Idode and the council of chiefs announced changes to the community burial programs to reduce the burden on the people.

Is no longer compulsory to buy a cow for your mother or father’s family during burial. However, if you have the means and choose to buy one, is at your discretion.

Not compulsory to cook or buy drinks for people while the body is still in the mortuary. Anyone caught eating and drinking in the house of the bereaved will be fined N5,000. Visitors are allowed to drink but cooking is totally out of it

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