The Omadimhe family remembrance of their iconic parents was a great success

Some highlights Include:

  • Novelty football match in honor of theirParents
  • AnEvening outing and a main event
  • Ground breaking of the Orphanage and Maternity home for theirMothers respectively
  • Institution of a scholarship scheme in honor of theirfather
  • Thanksgiving service at the family house


Distinguished ladies and gentlemen from all works of life, you are warmly welcome to this august occasion of the Remembrance ceremony of our iconic parents “Chief V.A Omadimhe, Mrs. Janet Omadimhe and Mrs. Florence Omadimhe.

Today represents a significant watershed in the social life of the entire offspring of the family of Omadimhe as its bothers on the genetic roots of the tree from which we all sprouted. We have in the past organized series of solemn adoration to mark the anniversary of their departure through our individual churches. This time, we have resolved to come up in a grand style to reflect and appreciate them on account of their accomplishment that remained their indelible footprints in the sands of time. Finally, this gesture seeks to jingle the bells with sounds of resonating memories in the minds of the living who in time past suffered the emotional trauma of their departure.


He was born on Feb. 2d 1926, the last child of his parents in Ivhiozima ruling kindred in Ivhiomierele, Ogbona in Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State. His mother’s name was MRS. ELADI ONOAWEGHO OMADIMHE (Nee Emhokidi) while his father was PAOMADIMHE EPI, son of ELUOGBA, son of ARIOVHIOMHI who was begotten by UZOBONWU. He had a senior sister MRS. EMHOSUMUNO ATSIGHI and a senior brother ANAPUEDE OMADIMHE all late.

He embraced polygamy which was the exclusive prestigious preserve of a hard-hitting father of his era.He governed the home harmoniously, freely on the basic principles of love, equity and discipline. He was acclaimed by all to have practiced the best polygamy in the history of Ogbona and beyond. To the amazement of all, it practically impossible for friends and associates to distinguish amongst the children of the different women because of the decorum, discipline, love and cohesion that inter-played between the women, this hitherto extended to the children.

In his life time, he was married to 5 wives whom were all blessed with children.

Today, we also remember his first and second wives: MRS. JANET OMADIMHE (Nee Odior) of Iviukasa Quarters, Ivhiarua, Fugar and MRS. FLORENCE OMADIMHE (Nee Ikoko) of Ivhioche Quarters, Ogbona. They lived together as sisters supposedly of same parents which was the standard other wives followed. These two women also at various times in their lives celebrated and held the prestigious title of the “Onyekhakha of Avianwu” MRS. JANET OMADIMHE passed on at the age of 75 years in the year 2004 while MRS. FLORENCE OMADIMHE also passed on at 83 years in 2019. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

Education: Highly decidedly far sighted, he envisaged the need for a western education and as such availed himself the opportunity to commence the elementary education at a full grown age in the year 1946 while he was in the top academic bracket of his class. His class mate include Chief P.K Ikhane, Pa Francis Aigbudumhe Ibadan to mention but a few in the then Etsako Divisional Council School (EDC) Ogbona presently Imhakhena Primary School Ogbona. However, the destiny of the entire family particularly the up keeps of his aged parents rested on his shoulders at such early age, so became constrained to terminate the pursuit of his education in standard 5. Notwithstanding, his low educational level, he was naturally endowed with the gift of knowledge, articulation and indeed a sound mind.

He was a dependable analyst, counselor, teacher whose philosophy and ideals were sought far and wide. This culminated to wide range of achievement which was is droves and mamont.

His Achievements: To many who X-rayed him via memory lane, one most remarkable

achievement was his provision of succor in the transportation menace that ravaged Ogbona/Avianwu and nearby communities in Etsako. On Feb. 2nd 1962, he procured the first brand new 5ton ‘AUSTIN” Lorry that solved the transportation menace at that time with the inscription. (NO EVENT NO HISTORY) the early fleets also included a Bedford lorry “Long face” nicknamed (Obayaye-Long face) Mercedes Lorries, brand new DYNA BUS with the inscription “OGBONABUS” and the first brand new Mercedes Tipper in the entire Avianwu.

Motor Saw Engine: Also to the delight of his co-sawyers, he procured the first motorized table saw powered by a diesel engine. This engine rolled out smaller sizes of wood like 1 x2″, 2″x2″, 2″ x 3″ and so on. The machine was operated by himself, late Adamu lkeku and Adamu Umoru all of blessed memory.

Improvement on the Rice Regime: At about 1964, Chief Ipoga Anetekha, Pa Okhumhale, Mr. Nasamu Odior, Okhani Musa, Imhana Ogedegbe and Lawrence Ogedegbe started the cultivation of rice on a commercial scale while experimental cultivation had been on for quite some years. The newly found crop became so popularly cultivated hitting an unbelievably high annual yield in a couple of years at Ogbona and in neighboring communities.

Regrettably however, it was discovered that the earning from this crop was a far-cry from what it would have been if value was added to the crop. In discontentment with this aberration, he personalized, this challenge and procured the first RICE MILL ENGINE in 1966. This singular effort attracted Rice merchants both men and women from the Yoruba land and beyond to Ogbona community.

As a Farmer: Notwithstanding how hard-earned the resources of a full time village home dweller from relatively lowly rewarding resources like his could be, yet he was irrevocably committed to share the plight and pains of his people with whole strength and might, a courage possible only unto heroic minds. He advocated that success does not depend only on the quantum of commercial rewards or riches of a man but the number of lives he is able to touch. Being a successful farmer and a happy man, records has it that he was the first home dweller to drive a car in Ogbona.

Contribution in the Education Sector: In 1976 or thereabout, there was the ugly occurrence of acute classroom accommodation shortage, a widespread phenomenon of the Bendel State Government Schools which occasioned various short-term palliative measures by host communities. This took its toll on Imhakhena primary school where teaching was done under the shades of trees. Worried by this ugly incidence, this patriot swore before the school Headmaster to build a standard 3 classrooms block with his newly founded “ABOKHASOMHI UNION” which he led as the life chairman.

The surviving members of the union include Mr. Martins Okolo, Mr. Salami Opikhara (Billy) William Umoru, Isedu Agbomhekhe while Mr. Ozekhomhe Inaede, Idesimhi Itsuokor, Osilama Oghena, Okereke Anabor, Imhana Odior, Imhana Ogedegbe, SA Oshiomhogho (sec) C.U. Imhochi, Anthony Ilegah, Agbonoga Obozeghie, and Chief Francis Irene are all of blessed memory.

The block of 3 classrooms was completed in an unbelievable record time of less than 2 months and commissioned by the then head of Education Inspectorate Division Mr. P.U.O. Esenwu when Chief J.E. Alemoh was the headmaster of the school.

Town Hall: In 1984, he pioneered the construction of the first recreation hall in Ogbona “Ivhiomierele Hall” while he was the chairman of the Ivhiomierele sub-village family meeting. Today the hall houses various activities of Christ chosen church.

In the year 1987, he also pioneered the citing and construction of a standard market advantageously located at the Ivhiobore axis of Auchi – Agenebode road, Ogbona as the main founder and chairman of the then newly founded Ogbona Development Union (ODU) with several built in open stores.

Contribution in DB Partridge Commission of Inquiry: As great and overwhelmingly impact his contribution to the growth of his community have been, analysts and his admirers have upheld that the rewards of his intellectual output deserves more glowing tributes. They opined amongst others his unforgettable eloquent and oratorical submission which sealed the victory of Ogbona and Ivhiraokhor while he represented the two at the DB Partridge commission of inquiry of 1966 that lasted several weeks. This inquiry was instituted by the Bendel State Government to amongst others quest into the custom and tradition of the 4 villages in Avianwu with the view to determining the framework of power relation amongst the four villages, the sources of such powers, superiority if any of such powers, ascent to the traditional chieftaincy hierarchy including the clan headship amongst the 4 villages. When chief VA Omadimhe mounted the dock, the entire arena was agog and with such obvious appraisal in the face of every listener including the chief Justice D.B Partridge who continuously nodded and jotted excitedly. It became certain that the pendulum as it did would swing the way of Ogbona and Ivhiraokhor. At the end of his submission, emotion overwhelmed the observers and not minding the decorum of the court atmosphere, lifted him shoulder high in jubilation. His presentation made it possible for Ogbona and Ivhiraokhor to be qualified to ascend to the throne of clan headship of Avhianwus the situation now obtains.

POLITICAL LIFE: He was a political enigma that believes in the political ideologies of his party, he never switched camps for immediate benefits but believes in the ultimate benefits of all.

He spent his hard earned money to advance the course of his party, he was known to have sponsored political activities in his ward and beyond. Due to his distinctive character and class, great political actors like Prof. Ambrose Alli, Chief Lamai sought his political support and patronage.

Traditional Chieftaincy Cycle:He was in the traditional chieftaincy circle where he transited to the highest rank in the circle as the Okphe-Ukpi in the four steps traditional chieftaincy ladder of Avianwu clan from Utokho-Ukpi, Egboikpise, Egboise and Okphe-Ukpi. He was duly crowned by the Avianwu king makers (Iviadachi) by P Azimhi and subsequently recognized by the Bendel State Government with Gazette No. 12 vol/20 as B.SLN 25 of 1983. This was greeted with further intermittent litigations that lasted a couple of years before he passed on in 2008 at the ripe age of 82 years.

The man who chose to live forever by making truth, justice and fairness his life thrust. He spoke truth to powers without fear or favour. He lived beyond tribes and did justice to all issues and persons that came before his judgment.

He was blessed with wisdom uncommon to men and for posterity he used it to establish the truth that all Avianwu sons and daughters are Kings and Queens without exception whether you are Ivhiarua, Ogbona, Ivhinone or Ivhiraokhor.

He worked hard for the future now today and still to come. In all the human endeavors he ventured into with the support of his wives, he made record of FIRST and NEW but today we are not celebrating their achievements in GOLD and SILVER as that has proven to be ephemeral.

What we are celebrating in our parents is the legacies of trust, dependence and discipline which all of us have each taken to the bank and continue to draw from for survival. Today we are not painting walls like men will ordinarily expect of us but here to paint the minds of the new generation of the truth, discipline, fairness and justice our parents believed preached, invested and fought for throughout their lives here on earth.

Chief Omadimhe, like a prophet, saw the challenges of the future and chatted a developmental course for his people but this suffered on the bricks wall of sectionalism.

He was however intentional about being a voice of the oppressed and a hope of the minority by committing his life with the unwavering support from his wives and followers to fight against all forms of oppressive forces.

Chief Vincent Azagbor Omadimhe like an encyclopedia, he had history in his hand to understand the secret of heavens and for the sake of the future. He told what to forbid in truth for the sake of using the truth to undo the forbidden for the interest of all and peace of the community. However, for his differences, people who ought to love him chastised him for not understanding his struggle was on the long run for their beneficial interest. He had a difficult Simon to preach because they were truth told long before their time.

Our Daddy, Baba we popularly called him, the Amokpayakhe of Avianwu land, the Otalor -olulo of Avianwu land, the Ogwimekpogha because he knows boundaries, a valiant and a fearless man. My literally prowess cannot express correctly who you were but I can only direct those that care to know you better to read up the story of Okonkwo in the book ” Things Fall Apart”. Baba we all took many of your prophesy for granted because we thought you will live forever. But we are however consoled by the fact that you came before you left. A look at all your children today will show you actually came before you left.

In wisdom; you came before you left. In business; you came before you left, in uprightness you came before you left; in the temple of justice; you came before you left. This conversation is truly of our thoughts of you as a father and from our daily interaction with you as your children.

In our relationship as father and sons, you were a light on our path to destiny. You marshaled us through thicks and thorns with knowledge full of grace, ideas rich in wisdom and plans prophetically envisioned. Chief Vincent Azagbor Omadimhe, the Amokpayakhe of Avianwu has left an indelible mark on the sand of time and his foot prints are still here with us. He spoke prophetically into the future as if he saw today..He was a man who his followers followed in conviction of his person of truth, fearlessness and of such great wisdom that surpasses mere knowledge of things. He was a man without real enemies, for those we thought were, were even his greatest admirers but only got jealous because they were not him or to please others whom they did not even know were not his enemies but only differs in ideas and life principles.

He never discriminated against anybody or tribe but in his proverbial language, deeper than what mere men could understand, he expressed the challenges of hate from those he has shown much love. He expressed his shock like a lady will say never to love

again is to hate for the love of you.

He was a valiant man in batted and his greatest Generals were his wives who never left him but gave their lives as a shield for his life battles. In politics they were his advisers and lobbyist.

In business; they both held the ladder for him to realize his greatest potentials. They were source of his free labour in all his farming ventures, that they had crops in and out of seasons.

They were his prudent Accountants and Bankers who granted him advances without interest but simply motivated by the success of their husband.

Chief V. A Omadimhe and his wives all lived, achieved and made history together which is today worthy of our celebration.

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