Juliana Okhipo, is a Solo Artist with the Music Name J. Star. In this interview with ELIAS INAEDE MEDIA GROUP, She bares her mind on the prospects of Ogbona and other salient issues.

Excerpts :

Tell us about yourself, when you were born and to which family ?

I was born into the family of Brendan Eragbe Edogamhe from Ogbona Ivhioche quarters on December 26th 1964.

I currently resides in London in the United Kingdom, but I was born in Lagos and as a child,  I frequently travelled between Lagos and Ogbona where my Grandparents lived.

I can speak several different languages from Igbo, Afemai and Yoruba. I also speak Hausa though it is quite rusty now and I have learnt some Fante (Ghanaian languages) through singing.

My passion for Music has followed me throughout the years from being a lead Singer in my local church choir at the age of 5 to releasing my first Gospel Album “To Him The Glory Goes” in 2007 and “Lord You Are The Most High” in 2021.

Can you tell us about your Educational background?

I attended Ogbona Primary School and graduated at the Commercial Higher Institution in Lagos and completed an Issac Pickman course for shorthand typing. I then moved to the UK in 1989 to study law and qualified as a Barrister.

What is the name of your band?

I am a Solo Artist and go by the stage name J Star

When did you begin your Music career ?

I have always been a part of the Gospel music scene and throughout the years I would frequently be invited to sing at different Churches both in Nigeria and the UK. I officially started my music career in the late 90’s when I decided to devote my passion for God by praising Him through music.

How many Albums have you waxed?

I have one album  “To Him The Glory Goes” in 2007 and an EP “Lord You Are The Most High” in 2021.

You can listen to them on any audio streaming platform like Apple Music and Spotify. You can also purchase a digital copy from Apple Music or a CD copy by reaching out to

Which of the Albums that brought you to prominence ?

Every project I have been involved in is important to me as I put a lot of hard work into it and my Praise and Worship always come from the heart.

What is your advice to upcoming Artists?

Let your passion lead you, don’t look for fame or fortune. One must always express gratitude to the most High, Be persistent and tenacious as it is a very tough industry. If at first you dont succeed, keep on trying. Don’t let nobody or negative opinions get you down or set you back as long as you believe in yourself and the Blessings God has installed in you and you will go far.

How many children do you have

I have four lovely children, Two boys and two girls who have blessed me with beautiful grandchildren .

How do you see Ogbona in the near future?

I see and hear a lot of positive changes being made in Ogbona.

The late King,  William Idode was a great philanthropist rebuilding the Primary Health Center and Asama Primary School with the help of the awesome people of Ogbona. I am confident that the current Okphe-Ukpi will continue on the brilliant works.

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