Palace of Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona Approved Villages (3rd Edition)

1 Aikpabeghie (OKPHE UKPI) Ivhioverai 1892 – 1904
2 Anyai (OKPHE UKPI) Handed over to Ototo when he was imprisoned for his role during the Dogbonoba war Ivhiorevho 1904 – 1908
3 Ototo (OKPHE UKPI) Ivhitse 1908 – 1914
4 Enakhumhe (Warrant Chief) Appointed by the British Administration Ivhiobore 1914 – 1917
5 Ikhumhetse (Warrant Chief) son of Enakhumhe Ivhiobore 1917 – 1918
6 Okozi (Warrant Chief) Removed on restoration of Ukpi holding system in 1931 Ivhiulaghua 1920 – 1931
7 Aleghe (OKPHE UKPI) appointed at the restoration of Ukpi holding Ivhioroke 1931 – 1938
8 Atsegwasi (OKPHE UKPI) ruled for 3 months Ivhiosano 1941 – 1941
9 Okozi (OKPHE UKPI) same Okozi that Warrant Chief of Ogbona 1920-1931 Ivhiulaghua 1942 – 1954
10 Patrick Ajayi Oboarekpe (A primary school Teacher) became the OKPHE UKPI of Ogbona and vacated the Ukpi holding on becoming the Ogieavhianwu of Avhianwu in 1986 Ivhitse 1955 – 1994
11 Chief Thomas Ajayie Osigbemhe (JP) a retired civil servant-Permanent Secretary (8/10/1994 – 2008) Ivhiozima 8/10/1994 – 2008
Chief William Idode, Okphe Ukpi of Ogbona (Politician and Community Leader) Ivhiobore 2008 – DATE
12 Akpabeghie Egboise Title  Chief Bernard Ikhanoba
13 Ivhiorevho Ogboikpise Title  Chief Patrick K. Ikhane
14 Ivhioroke Utokho Ukpi Na evho Title  Chief Stephen Apakhade
15 Ivhido Utokho Ukpi Na ape Title  Chief Jacob Utu Orbih


Akpagi Ivhiosano Chief Joseph Obeakemhe 3/7/2017
Ivhido Chief Jacob Orbih 3/25/2017
Ivhianaga Chief Bernard Ikhanoba 4/5/2017
Ivhioroke Chief Stephen Aloye Apakhade 8/4/2017
1 Ivhiochie Ivhiobore Agiamhesor Chief Joseph Edogamhe 3-Jun-1986 08122953515, 07064937608
Atogwe Chief Lawrence Iyevhobu 6-Dec-2015 07038558508, ‘08059097487
Emhoepo Chief George Kadiri 2-Mar-2007 08052052203, 07030412997
Oghie Chief Azelake Akabeli 3-May-2010 09050157637, 07032967406
Imela Chief Sunday Oga 26-Jun-2007 07067047766
Ivhiosano Agba Chief Richard Otse 14-Mar-2007 08033327911
Ikhinaede Chief Joseph Obeakemhe 14-Feb-2007 08162393809
Okhakia Chief Vital Anaweokhai 9-Apr-1992 07031967458
Osimua Chief Mathias Akpaibor 19-Jun-2013 08033921962
Ivhitse Akpheokhai Chief Okpobisa Omiawa 10-Sep-1993 07066960311
Enamino Chief Noel Imhoedemhe 4-Jul-2007 08165496223
Innih Chief John Ogedegbe 17-Aug-2013 ,07038879021
Ototo Chief Moses Obadele Ogboalo 15-Sep-1985
2 Ivhido Ivhiobere (Ivhiatso) Anyiora Chief Bernard Damaza 15-Aug-2015 07067443849
Ateghie Chief David Omoghie 08077336677
Anwukpe Chief Jacob Orbih 29-Jul-2006 07038228960
Imhomoh Chief Francis Umago 2-Mar-2007 08067638226
3 Ivhiorevho Ivhiorevho Anyia Chief Francis Irene 07069006832
Ikhane Chief Patrick Ikhane 10-Mar-2003 07035399945
Okhatie Chief Lawrence Ikhiagwa 14-Jun-2007 07069073442
4 Okotor Ivhioroke Aleghe Chief Cyril Okhakumhe 14-Feb-2007 08063445975
Imhonighie Chief Thomas Agbepue 12-Jan-2011 08069403446
Oyemheuno Chief Stephen Apakhade 28-Dec-2009 09036181081
Ivhianaga (Ivhioverai & Ivhiulaghua) Akpabeghie Chief Bernard Ikhanoba 22-Mar-2007 07039279261
Erhagbhe Chief Vincent Otsoi 12-Sep-2014 07068372908
Apekhore Chief Matthias Esue 25-May-2004 08137463687
Okozi Chief Joseph Okozi 14-Jun-2007
Ukhami Chief Daniel Oshiotse 9-Nov-2000 08066319594
Ivhiozima Irume Chief John Ikeku 1-Nov-1994 08073237730
Umogba Chief Matthias B. Isede 26-Mar-2007 07067626664
Uzobonwu Chief Musa Anetekhai 10-Sep-1993 07038436147





H.H. CHIEF WILLY IDODE                                            CHIEF GEORGE KADIRI



Profile of Chief William Idode, Okphe Ukpi of Ogbona

Chief William Idode

Williams Uloko Idode was born 4th April 1959 to Mr. Momodu Ojakpai idode and Mrs. Lametu Amiunomhene Idogho both of Ivhiobore quarters Ogbona. He left home very early to live with his uncle Dr.  J. B. Idode in Benin City in 1970. He completed his primary education in Benin City at Arinze Primary School in 1972. Attended Western Boys High School Benin City 1972 -1977. Willie then left for Kaduna to start life on his own where he gained employment with Nigeria Defense Industry. He returned home to take up an appointment as teacher in 1979 due to pressure from his parents. The struggles continued for some time to go back to school and meet with financial and family challenges. He has to stay close to his father when the father became very sick because others were not around home. The father died in 1986.

His death free him to go into business both local and international business (buying and selling), contract jobs, mining of solid mineral and later, petroleum products business. In 1996 he went into politics, served as ward chairman for eight years and as party Local Government Chairman for four years. He also served in various Government Agencies board. His political influence enable him to attracted development to the community including renovation of schools and provision of furniture, renovation and construction of our health center, boreholes, extension of electricity to some parts of the community, provision of new transforms and maintenance. He also assisted our people to gain employment and our youth to gain admissions to schools of their choice. It is good to know that all these cannot be achieved without

having a peaceful and secured community, he was able to set up Ogbona reconciliation committee, with this committee was able to separate chieftaincy from politics and settled the issues that separated us for a long time etc.

In 2007, he was invited by elders of his Ivhiobore kindred to hold in trust Egboise for them which is second position to ukpi title, also there was pressure from our late clan head the Ogieavianwu of avhianwu Chief Patrick A. Oboarekpe to accept. He accepted with heavy heart because he was comfortable in politics. The Egboise graduated to ukpi drummer in 2008 when HRH T.A. Osigbemhe died.  Chief William Uloko Idode is the current Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona. He is thanking God that today together with each and every one of you we have been able to move the community forward, better than where it was when he took over. By God grace, better days are ahead.

History was made by Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona, Chief Willy Idode for introducing and inaugurating the first Ogbona Advisory Committee.Terms of reference from the Okphe-Ukpi were; Organization, Generation of positive ideas for the development of our community, Act as think-tank responsible for the development of the community, Mobilization of necessary human and material resources, Maintenance of peace and security in our community and Implement approved projects.

The committee and subcommittees were then divided into the following committees to help achieve these goals. Security, Education, Town planning/works, Health, Agriculture, Revenue/Markets, Cultural Revival/Socialization and Judiciary




Chief Bernard Ikhanoba

Chief Bernard Ikhanoba was born in 1942 at Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State.Currently the Village head of

Educational Qualifications

Certificate in Literature

Carrier in Public Service

Apprentice Electrician

Community Development Assignments:

Holder of Egboise Title of Ogbona

Member of Oghie Avhianwu in-council

Chairman, Ivhiovhera quarters, Okotor, Ogbona


  • He was Secretary to Avhianwu Traditional Council from 1992 to 2010. Member of The Area customary Court, Fugar, from 2000 to 2003.
  • Palace Chief representing Ivhiosano Quarter from 1992 till date
  • He has served in pastoral council in most parishes he worked from 1955 to date. Church Council, Ogbona 1986 – Till Date
  • One of the go to persons on Ogbona history and customs

Chief Vital Enaimhegbai Anavheokhai, a native of Ivhiosano-Ivhiochie in Ogbona (Imhakhena), Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State. He was born into a Christian family of Mr. Joseph Akhaniamhe Anaweokhai of Ivhiosano-Ivhiochie and Mrs. Christiana Eladi Asapokhai of Ivhitse-Ivhiochie on the 8 October, 1935 at Onitsha. His father was a businessman who travelled as far as Onitsha to sell goods. He was baptized in the year 1940, confirmed 1950 and got married on the 14 May, 1961.


Chief Vital Enaimhegbai Anavheokhai

As a young boy, he started his education at Holy Trinity Catholic primary School, Onitsha, between 1946 -1947. In 1948, he returned home at the request of his father and resumed studies at St John’s School, Fugar. He had to return back to Onitsha and attended the African school which would later change to Our lady’s primary School, Onitsha. Between1951 to 1954, he also attended the Metropolitan School Onitsha. And since in those days, once one finished school, he/she was sure of an available employment, immediately started working.

His career in life began at the West African Institute for Oil Palm Research (WIFOR) now Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR) in 1955 as Agricultural Assistant in training. In 1957, he proceeded to School of Agriculture in Ibadan for more training till 1959. Upon completion of his studies, he returned to NIFOR, since he was trained by the institute. His normal career continued till 1964. With the creation of the Midwestern Region, he had to transfer to the Midwestern Nigerian Development Corporation (MNDC) from 1964 to 1970. But not long after, it was dissolved. He worked at Urhonigbe Rubber estate for some time. In 1970, Government acquired Rubber plantation in Egbududu-Aka and he was immediately posted there in 1971 to develop and manage the Ajagbodudu Oil Palm (Howard Estate) from 1973 to 1986. He was seconded to the Malaysian government by the Nigerian government to develop palm Oil farming in Malaysia between1960-61.


He was Secretary to Avhianwu Traditional Council from 1992 to 2010. Member of The Area customary Court, Fugar, from 2000 to 2003. Palace Chief representing Ivhiosano Quarter from 1992 till date.


Chief Vital E. Anavheokhai, to say the least can easily be referred to as a “churchman”. Right from an early young age has been faithful, committed and dedicated catholic. He is well grounded in his catholic faith that has always been very active in almost all places he worked and was posted. He has served in pastoral council in most parishes he worked, JDPC, Evangelization 2000 (then in Ben in Diocese council, Inter Religious Dialogue Commission, to mention a few:


  • 1955                Church Council, NIFOR
  • 1964-1966       Church Council, Igueben
  • 1966 -1970      Church Council, Urhonigbe
  • 1970 -1973      Church Council, Egbudu Aka
  • 1973-1974       Church Council, Ajagbodudu
  • 1974-1976       Church Council, Ewhohimi
  • 1976-1978       Church Council, Nsukwa
  • 1978-1986       Church Council, Benin City
  • 1986 – Till Date          Church Council, Ogbona

HIS REGRET That in spite of all the memos they wrote to the Federal Government pointing out the dangers of abandoning palm oil for crude oil was not heeded.


Chief Stephen Aloye Apakhade – Now the Akpagi 1 Of Ivhioroke Ogbona, the Utokho Ukpi Navho Title of Ogbona and the Village Head of Oyemheuno Village, Ogbona

Chief Stephen Aloye Apakhade was born on the 6th September, 1948 in Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State.

 Educational and Professional Qualifications

Primary School Leaving Certificate at EDC Primary School, Ogbona 1963

Obtained Electrical Installation Work in 1970

Trade Grade III in 1982 and Trade Grade II in 1991

During the service he obtained his trade test grade III, II, I, [N D –I] 1982 -1991.

 Carrier in Public Service

Electricity Co-Operations of Nigeria (ECN) 1971 to 1972

Nigeria Paper Mill Ltd, Jebba as Electrical Technician 1972 to 2001 (29 Years)

Skills Acquisition Center for Etsako Central LGA, Fugar, 2006-2015 as Electrical Instructor

 Community Development Assignments:

Village head of Oyemheuno Village, Ogbona 2008

Utokho Ukpi Navho, Ogbona 2011

AKPAGI 1 OF IVHIOROKE, 4th of August 2017.

Chairman Ogbona Lighting Committee

Family Life:

During the service he got married to Miss Grace Ekpe Ezunya in 1973 and they have seven children among who are Charity E. Apakhade, Caleb Apakhade, Roseline E. Apakhade, Fidelis A. Apakhade, Cecelia E. Apakhade, Gilbert Apakhade and Lucky Apakhade


My thanks go to my royal highness and sub clan head of Ogbona Chief Willy Uloko Idode, for his kind support and encouragement for the success of the ceremony of the title as Akpagi one of Ivhioroke. My thanks go to my brother and friends especially Barrister Musa and National President of Ogbona Imhakhena Union, Chief Enegwea for their encouragement toward the success of the celebration

Long live my Royal Highness and Sub. Clan Head, Chief Willy Idode

Long live my able Chiefs

Long live Ogbona Youth forum

Long live Ogbona Asama

Long live C.P.

Long live Brothers and friends

Long live Ivhioroke



Profile of Chief Matthias Amionikhena Akpaibor

This gentleman played major roles as General Secretary of Ogbona Federated Union 1984 – 2004 and Secretary to Ogbona Community for over 20 years respectively. The work of secretaries in those days was very tedious due the methods apply. We salute these gentlemen for documenting stuff for posterity.


  • Chief Matthias Amionikhena Akpaibor, is the Okhaemor of Osimhua Village. Ogbona.
  • General Secretary of Ogbona Federated Union 1984 – 2004
  • Was the First Ogbona indigene to establish a Computer Business Centre, named St. Matthias Computer Center, Ogbona


Chief Matthias Amionikhena Akpaibor

Chief Mathias Amionikhena Akpaibor was born on 8th August, 1949 at Ogbona in Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State, his parents are late Pa Onotu Akpaibor and Madam Iyawo Ameogbomhi Akpaibor (Nee) Asuelimhe.

Attended Saint John primary school, Ogbona 1955-1961 and later continued in St Michael Modern School, Ogbona 1962 – 1964. He later attended New Guide Commercial Secondary school, Warri 1965 – 1969 and later proceeded to Auchi Polytechnic, Benin Campus.

Chief Mathias worked in several places in his career; Institute of Continuing Education, Benin City, 1972-1974 as a Confidential Secretary, State Board Of Education, Benin City As Secretary, Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun as A Personal Officer. Now Retired.

Ad-Hoc Training: Attended Short Courses and Seminars both National and International.


Community Activities:

  • General Secretary of Ogbona Federated Union 1984 – 2004
  • Chairman Advisory Council to His Royal Highness, the Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona, Organising Development Projects in the Community.
  • Was Crowned the Okhaemor of Osimhua Village – Ogbona Sub-Clan, Avhianwu, Edo state.
  • Was the First Ogbona indigene to establish a Computer Business Centre, named St. Matthias Computer Center, Ogbona.
  • The First Chairman of Avhianwu Summit Organising Committee held in 2014 at Yerima Hotel, Oghiadomhe Way, Fugar.



Church Activities:

  • Member of Association of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Marv as a Promoter.
  • Member of Holy Ghost Missionary Movement.
  • Chairman, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Parish Laity Council, Ogbona.


Pastor (Mrs.) Julie Inu Umoru

First full ordained RCCG female Pastor in Edo province 3. Currently the state deputy president of National Association of proprietors of private school in Edo state. She is a mother, a teacher, a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ogieavianwu gave her a chieftaincy title in 1995 as the UFIOLE of Avianwu as mark of her contribution to Ogbona.

Sister Julie, Auntie Julie and Pastor Julie, is a sister and a friend for life. She is one of the early women elites from Ogbona. She always happy for you and your family all the time and also available to help the community anytime. Thank you for your support to our community, care and prayers over the years.

A fair skinned baby was born at the crack of dawn on Tuesday, July 9th 1946 to Mr. Joseph and Christiana Anaweokhai in the bustling commercial town of Onitsha, Anambra State. (Formerly known as Eastern Region). The second of six children. That baby was named Juliana Omonemi.

Juliana attended Holy Rosary catholic school. She grew up with a desire to be a nun but the untimely death of her mother at age 13 changed the course of her academic and subsequently, her career direction. After the death of her mother, she went to live with her uncle where she completed her Standard six at Immaculata conception convent primary School. After completing her primary education, she went to live with her eldest brother, Chief Vital Anaweokhai in NIFOR.

Pastor (Mrs.) Julie Inu Umoru
Pastor (Mrs.) Julie Inu Umoru

She later went on to Teachers training college in Warri and then went on to complete her Grade 2 in 1966. She later went on to Nigeria College of education, Abraka and bagged an NCE in 1978 and immediately went on to do her NYSC (National Youth Service).

Juliana was born a devout Catholic and was baptized and confirmed at Holy Rosary Catholic church, Onitsha. However in 1992 she gave her life to God in Benin City, Edo state.

Juliana became a teacher and taught Geography for 27 years before she retired voluntarily in 1993. Juliana’s love for academic stirred her to open her own school. In 1994, Brighter Tomorrow group of schools was born.

In March 2002, she joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Blessed Parish, Auchi, where she went on to be a full Ordained Pastor in August 2015.

Juliana is blessed with 2 children, and 6 Grandchildren.  She is also very blessed with many godchildren and spiritual children.

For Juliana, giving her life to Christ is the greatest thing that has happened to her. With all her accomplishments she never fails to ascribe it all to God. She uses the phrase “If Jesus tarries” so often that it’s now been a part of her. Looking at Juliana’s journey over the last 70 years would make anyone awed by the magnificence of God

Juliana is fondly called ‘Okpotso’ by her closest friends. When she is not engaged in her School or in Church activities, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren and keeping herself up to date with social media.


Profile of Mrs. Theresa Ekamhefa Abu

Mrs. Theresa Ekamhefa Abu
Mrs. Theresa Ekamhefa Abu

Mrs. Abu Theresa Ekamhefa was born on 17th March, 1952, her parents are late pa Luke Amiekhamhe, who was the head Christian of Ogbona and Cecelia Amiekhamhe, Attended Saint John primary school, Ogbona and later continued in Lagos  where she obtained primary 6 certificate , married to late Isaac Abu in 1968, was enlisted into the Nigeria police force in March 1978 in Lagos, and rose to the rank of an inspector and later posted to Edo state in 1991 where she worked at the Police Training School and in the Police officers Mess and finally retired successfully in 2012 without blemish after 35yrs. To God be the glory. She lives in Benin City

In a male dominated profession she was able to rise to the position of a police inspector. Meet this woman with a great smile and that radiates an atmosphere of love anytime you meet her.



The Profile of Mary Omosike Charles Anwaosi

Her names are Mary Omosike Charles Anwaosi, born to the family of Lucy and Charles Anwaosi from Ivhiobore

Mary Omosike Charles Anwaosi
Mary Omosike Charles Anwaosi

quarter in Ogbona. She was born in Zaria in 1964, but grew up in Ibadan Oyo state, where she had her primary/secondary education, then later relocated to the United Kingdom where she obtained a diploma from South Bank polytechnic, South East London. She moved to the United States of America where and lived there for 20 years and graduated from Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York with a BSc in Business management. Also attended one of the best beauty schools in New York USA, Tinny’s Beauty and figure where she became a trained aesthetician (Laser Cosmetics Surgeon) qualified to work with laser beams. She also obtained certification as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) from the Staten Island University New York USA with several years of experience in nursing practical in the USA.

Mary relocated to Nigeria in the year 1999 and became the first person to introduce permanent cosmetics (permanent makeup and body tattoo) to the beauty industry in Nigeria, and has received various awards to that respect. She is the brain behind the popular outfit known as Twinkul Skincare and laser treatment located at Emporium plaza Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos and a branch at Centro Lekki Mall, Lekki phase 1, Lekki Lagos.

Her clientele list consist of high-profile personnel such as the late Stella Obasanjo. She was the coordinator of the Better Life for rural women an NGO initiated by late Mariam Babangida. She is a member of the Rotary club International and also a member of the Association of practitioner of Spa and medical aesthetics of Nigeria.


The Paediatric Surgeon, Dr. Dorothy Lovina Kufeji (Nee Asapokhai) First Female medical doctor from Ogbona


Dorothy Kufeji FRCS (Eng.), FRCS (Paed), specialises in neonatal surgery and paediatric colorectal surgery at Guys and St Thomas’ hospital in London.

She performed the first laparoscopic ACE stoma at the Evelina Children’s Hospital 8 years ago and is currently the chairman of the Pan London consortium for Paediatric Surgery Training and a member of the board of the London Postgraduate School of Surgery. ComplexdWoman chats with Dorothy about her medical career

Dr. Dorothy Lovina Kufeji (Nee Asapokhai)
Dr. Dorothy Lovina Kufeji (Nee Asapokhai)

The stability I was brought up with in Nigeria made me feel like I could go out into the world and do and achieve whatever I set my mind to. I have two sisters and six brothers and I was given as much freedom as my brothers when it came to career choices. My dad just wanted all of us to excel in whatever we did. From a young age I knew I wanted to look after people; after all, I was the one cleaning up the scraps and cuts caused by the daring adventures of my brothers. I qualified with honours at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria’s premier tertiary educational institute. After my post-graduate training at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, where I was the first female chief resident in surgery, I came to the UK, where I have lived for the last 15 years. Medical training in Nigeria is based very much around the British system and I had a well-rounded experience when I came to the UK, working in Nottingham, Leeds and Sheffield. I’ve worked at St Georges Hospital, Lewisham Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. My working days can be up to 24 hours depending on what commitments and patients I have. The alarm goes off at 6am and I’m at my desk at 8am, but if there is an emergency then I have to be available whenever I am called. A typical day on call involves visiting children in the intensive care unit. Training staff as I make my rounds and monitoring premature babies who have had surgical complications or congenital conditions. At the same time emergencies are coming in, creating situations where I also have to compose myself for operating in theater or talk to the parents and families of children who are critical. At times, I can be in theater all day and night, eventually heading home at 2am in the morning. I am up again at 6am and it starts all over again. I knew what I was getting myself into. It’s the nature of the profession and I had enough warning in my training. You persevere, even though the hours are crazy. The European regulation for working times are trying to control the hours doctors work, but if you choose this path, especially at my level, the work finishes when your patient’s condition is no longer life-threatening. Seeing a child who was critical smiling at you when they recover gives me the strength to work robotically. That’s all I need to keep me going. In medical school, I knew I wanted to be a surgeon. At the end of my general surgical training, I was chief resident in the hospital and had an opportunity to work with Professor Debo Adeyemi and Professor Omodari, who had a great way of dealing with children with terrible birth defects. I won’t pretend it was easy to be a woman when I was moving up in my medical career. There are very subtle incidents, comments and actions that go against you because of your gender. When I was training, all the meetings were scheduled after work. While I had to return home because I had a young family to look after, the male trainees would join the consultants and surgeons at the pub, go to the gym or play tennis together and make decisions during these male bonding activities that were vital to what was happening at work. It was a silent form of exclusion that led to the relationship with male trainees and their seniors being much stronger and resulting in very offensive and condescending situations at work. Instead of keeping quiet, I spoke out about it and made my point known. I was met with cold shoulders by my seniors, but I made no apologies for the fact that I am a woman, willing to work hard for my career, but that I also wanted to spend time looking after my own children. I am a woman and I wouldn’t change anything! Whatever role or career I am in, I am there because I am capable of being in that role. I grew up in a home full of men and men have always surrounded me at work and in surgery. At work, I bring to the table a quality only a woman can bring in a difficult situation, not only when I’m looking after a sick child, but also picking up signals from my mentees.  I am the chairperson of the training committee for paediatric surgery in the region and once, when a trainee came in for their assessment, I could see that they were falling to pieces. I gave them some words of encouragement and pointed them in the right direction because I could sense what this person was going through. One of the male panelists asked me why I was being over emotional about the situation. It proves that there must always be a balance between rational and emotional. An equal amount of men and women in higher positions in the medical profession is a good thing, because there is no denying that women contribute an emotional balance in the work place. Our roles as the nurturing mother and wife are just as important and I will not drop them because of what I want to achieve at work. What I try to do is let these factors meet in the middle. I will admit, balancing family life and a career is very difficult. I admire women who have been able to do both with some degree of success because both are full-time jobs. At work, I lead firmly but I maintain my nurturing qualities because it reaches out to people. At home I have learnt to sacrifice being a perfectionist and delegate a bit more. When I finish work I try my best to detach, but I can’t just put my foot up because my own children also need and want my attention. To disconnect I read, but when I close my eyes sometimes, there are patients I still see. It’s not a bad thing – like an artist, ideas come to me in the middle of the night and I am able to construct surgical procedures that could cure a child. There are also children that grow on you. Because of the nature of what I do, I can be faced with a child who is critically ill from the moment they are born and has to have major surgery for the next 16 years of their life under my care. You get to know that child, their family and watch their personality grow. It is very difficult to stop thinking about my patients. I am often touched on a personal level. I find solace in talking to some very wise people in my life, while maintaining patient confidentiality. I have strong friendships with people who work in the same field, so we share our experiences. I have learned to never do anything by halves. Whatever I do I give it 110%. As the saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing well. I believe women truly rule the roost. I don’t think we need to be feminist! We are feminine and that’s good enough. I have lived and worked in environments where I am the only woman, but it doesn’t really matter to me. I can wear a dress and I can wear trousers… I am versatile. I am a ComplexdWoman because of my love for my fellow human beings. It doesn’t matter if I was the chief executive of Guys and St Thomas Hospital; the respect I have for another chief executive would be the same respect for the cleaner.


The biography of Bar. Thomas Ekhasemomhe


Bar. Thomas Ekhasemomhe was born in October 1941 to the families of Pa Ekhasemomhe Asekokhai of Ivhitse quarters in Ogbona and Ma Amina Ekhasemomhe née Akugho from Fugar both in today Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State. He attended Etsako Division Council Primary school from 1951 to 1957. After his primary school leaving certificate Examination, he proceeded to Blessed Martin School, Jattu from 1959 to 1961 for his model school after which he went to St. John Bosco Teachers Training College, Ubiaja from 1963 to 1964 and taught briefly at Ivhioghe Catholic School in 1965 but left for St. Thomas College, Ibuzor from 1966 to 1967 for his Advanced Levels. Upon his graduation from St. Thomas College, he picked up teaching appointment and taught at Imiegbai Catholic School from 1968 to 1970.  In the present day Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State.1970 he gained admission to the Present day Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife and studied law and graduated in 1973.He went to the Nigerian Law School and was called to bar in June, 1974. Bar. Thomas Ekhasemomhe did his mandatory National Youth Service Corp program in the old Benue Plateau State from 1974 to 1975. He began his legal carrier in Kaduna State under Dr. F Oguntoye’s Chambers from 1975 to December, 1977 and attached himself to Aluko Olokun Chambers from 1978 to June, 1979. In July 1979, he established his Freedom in Kaduna State. Bar Ekhasemomhe got married to his heart throb, Mrs. Luci Onozoamhor Ekhasemomhe née Utsalo from Jattu on the 28th of December,1974 and the marriage is blessed with Four children .Among whom are, Emily, who was among the best graduating student of her class at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Marriet, a lawyer by profession, Dr. Mrs. Jenny Momodu who is married to Dr. Israel Momodu both of whom are medical practitioners at Irrua Teaching Hospital, Edo State and Emmanuel Eghiegbai, a lawyer who works at Freedom Chambers with Bar. Thomas Ekhasemomhe. On his arrival at Kaduna in 1975, Bar. Ekhasemomhe discovered that there were two factions of Ogbona general meetings in Kaduna but with the help of Mr. ABC Anaweokhai, they were able to unite and coalesced them into one strong meeting. Bar. Ekhasemomhe represented Ogbona both at the Justice Ejoor Tribunal in Benin City and at Auchi High Court throughout the Ogbona/Imiava case. Bar. Ekhasemomhe is excited by the giant stride Ogbona has recorded in the education sector in the past few years compared to his time when education was tailored towards teaching. He has no regret whatsoever in life, given the opportunity again, he would not hesitate to come back into this would through Ogbona as his ancestral home. Bar Ekhasemomhe is a trail blazer in the legal profession as far as Ogbona is concerned.



Feddy as commonly called by friends and family is the first son of Late Chief M.C.K Orbih. He is the Only Senior Advocate of Nigeria from Ogbona and probably from Avianwu clan. Do you know that Ogbona community has more than 10 court cases still pending across the country? Most of them between us and our neighboring communities. Feddy is the only lawyer that has the history and the knowledge of all the issues at stake. You can always contact him and or his law firm for Legal matters as related to our community and other specialized areas.



As the managing partner and founder of this firm he personifies the principles upon which the firm was built. He is a problem solver with a knack for achieving or striving to achieve perfection in all he does.

Before founding the firm Ferdinand Orbih previously, he worked at the Ministry of Justice during his National Youth Service Corps (1979-1980). He also worked as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Ife, Ile-Ife (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) from 1981-1982. He then worked as a Counsel in the Firm of Sadoh & Co. from 1987-1987.

In 1987, Ferdinand Orbih Founded Ferd Orbih & Co in Benin- City and it is now Ferd Orbih (SAN) & Co and has expanded to Abuja and Lagos (through the branch offices there).

Ferdinand Orbih has an LL.B degree from the University of Ife; he obtained his B.L. from the Nigerian Law School in 1979; He also has an LL.M. from the University of Ife.
Ferdinand was conferred with the title of SENIOR ADVOCATE OF NIGERIA (SAN) in 2011 (but with effect from 2010). He also became a Fellow Institute of Chartered Arbitrators of Nigeria 2013. (FCIArb)

Ferdinand Orbih is a recipient of the following allocates:
Represented the Federal Government of Nigeria in Arbitration Proceedings in the Matter of the A.I.C Limited & Anor V. Federal Ministry of Works and Housing in London.

  1. Paul Harris Fellow – Rotary International
    The IGECHI of Auchi Kingdom. 7th December, 2006.
    b. The OSIMUA of South Ibie Kingdom 2014.
  3. MERIT AWARD: in recognition of contribution to the Legal Profession and the NBA by Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Benin Branch 18th May, 2012.
  5. Icon of Excellent leadership in Niger-Delta, 2014: An Award by the National Association of Niger-Delta Students.


  • Emergency powers under the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and the emergency powers under the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, 1961 – a critical appraisal: paper presented at the Nigerian bar association Benin branch law week on June 21st, 2004.
  • Injunction Vis a Vis the principles of fair hearing under the Nigerian constitution: a paper presented at the Nigerian bar association Benin branch law week 2005.
  • The nature and effect of default judgment: a paper presented at the 25th advanced course in practice and procedure organised by the Nigerian institute of advanced legal studies.
  • The duties and liabilities of the press under the electoral act and the law of defamation in Nigeria: an address presented at the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) world service trust workshop for journalists at Benin city on Thursday the 13th day of February, 2003.
  • Confronting legal issues in examination malpractice the law, prosecution and judicial processes: a paper presented on the 16th day of august, 2006 at a summit on examination malpractice organised by the House of Representatives committee on education.
  • Improving adjudication procedure in election petitions in Nigeria: a paper presented on the 15th day of March, 2012 at the Nigerian bar association conference on review of performance of election petition tribunal held in Benin City.
  • Plea bargaining and the anti-corruption crusade in Nigeria: a paper presented on the 8th day of May, 2012, at the law students association (LAWSA) of the Benson Idahosa University Law week.
  • Constitution and tenure of the executive: matters arising: being a paper presented on the 11th day of December, 2012 at the Sapele bar law week.
  • Practical advocacy: a paper presented at the Benin bar law week 2011.
    Trending issues in the law of evidence in Nigeria


  • Inherent jurisdiction: a chapter contribution to the book “jurisdiction” edited by professor epiphany Azinge.
  • Review of honourable justice V. A. O. Omage’s judgement (chapter 5 of the book titled “opportunity to serve”).
  • A review of barrister Agbonrofo’s “cooperatives principles and practice in Nigeria”.


Gilbert Erelumhe Odior, BSc (Hon), MSc Petroleum Geology, FNAPE

Gilbert Odior is the Managing Director of Field Support Services (FSS), an oil and gas industry support services firm specialized in the provision of Interface management and regulatory, project specific manpower supply, University assistant programs and community development work.

Gilbert Erelumhe Odior was born at Ogbona to Raphael Nasamu Odior and Angelina Agbapalo Odior (Nee Igonor), Etsako Central Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria on September 22, 1957.  He attended Saint John’s Catholic Primary School, Ogbona 1964-1969, Saint John’s College, Fugar 1970-1974, Edo College Benin City 1974-1976. He then proceeded to the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, where he graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Geology in 1979 and M.Sc. Petroleum Geology in 1981. Gilbert Odior (EGO as fondly called by his friends and colleagues) joined Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) in 1981

Gilbert Erelumhe Odior, BSc (Hon), MSc Petroleum Geology, FNAPE
Gilbert Erelumhe Odior, BSc (Hon), MSc Petroleum Geology, FNAPE

EGO has always gone beyond the call of duty to touch many people’s lives in different ways. He always looks for the good sides of people and how to develop their potentials. He believes that everybody is useful in his or her own way.  His policy is to develop and bring to limelight the strengths and de-emphasize the weaknesses of people around him. GILBERT thrives on challenges, he believes in leading by example and readily changes situations for the better. He has enjoyed every challenge and hard work that has come his way which elevated him to position in oil and gas industry. He sets high standards and achieves things that others dare not dream about. Highly motivated to “make things happen” and energetic, broad technical/business knowledge, diverse exploration and production experience, leader of multi-disciplined teams, flexible and mobile, focused on bottom-line results. Pace setter among mentors for the less experienced members of the department. A good manager of resources.

Holds a B. S. and M. S. Degree in Geology from the University of Ibadan in Ibadan, Nigeria. Gilbert Odior brings a rich experience in Asset management, Oil and Gas Management Consulting, Learning & Development as well as Government Relations to your business/ project.

His experience covers 34 years of diversified activities across the oil and gas  industry such as finding, developing and producing hydrocarbons offshore in Nigeria and Gulf of Mexico, regional evaluations, field development and resource management and a strong knowledge of Government Relations and all applicable Laws and agreement in oil and gas development in Nigeria.

He started his career as a Geologist/ interpreter on several fields including the Edop field, the first Nigeria Deepwater reservoir to be characterized, and with his excellent performance, he became Geoscience Supervisor for MPN, Lagos, Technology leader Nigeria special projects in Dallas, Manager Geoscience-East Area, Deepwater Geoscience Manager, Manager Venture Relations and Manager Formation Evaluation/ Operation Geology with the Geoscience Technology Group. He retired from ExxonMobil in December, 2015 as Exploration Geoscience Coordinator.

He has authored and co-authored several technical papers, proprietary industry papers and reports. Amongst other notable project, he coordinated the production of 24 lecture series on various aspects of Geoscience and soft skills that were deployed to 15 universities in 2015.

He is a founding member of Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE), of which he is a fellow, and a past president. He is a member of Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS), Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Nigeria Gas Association (NGA), National Data Repository Board and American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) for which he also served as president for the Africa Region. He is a registered geoscientist with the Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geoscientists (COMEG).


Meet Chief Daniel Osikheme Orbih

  • Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) in Edo State.
  • Former Director NNPC Group Board as well as member Governing Board University of Port Harcourt.
  • Served at various times on PDP Committees at State and National levels.
  • Dan is a chief from Ogbona, meaning, the community recognizes all the things he does for them

Chief Daniel Osikheme Orbih was born on the 27th of October, 1961 to Chief and Mrs.  M.C.K. Orbih of Ogbona in Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State.  As a veteran politician of the first republic having been elected to the Federal House of Representatives in 1959, Chief M.C.K. Orbih imbued in his children that vibrancy and sensitivity to public affairs which the young Daniel clearly imbibed.

Chief Daniel Osikheme Orbih
Chief Daniel Osikheme Orbih

Chief Dan Orbih attended the Catholic Central School, Afashio for his primary education from 1967 – 1973 and Our Lady of Fatima College Auchi from 1973 – 1978.  For the General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level, he attended the Advanced College, Igueben from 1979 – 1981 before entering the University of Benin in 1981 where he obtained the B.A. (HONS) degree in History in 1984.  After his National Youth Service Corp in 1986, he served as Executive Director, Hill Top Hotel Ltd., Auchi from 1987 – 1988.  He bagged a Certification in International Petroleum Management, Eni, Rome, Italy 2006 and also a Certification in Corporate Leadership, Harvard Business School, Boston Massachusetts, 2007. Convinced that the future belonged to young men who have the courage to step out into the world to fashion out a living for themselves rather than bask into the warmth of family achievement and legacy, the young DAN as a young graduate joined Denny Micky& Co Ltd. in 1988 and became its Operations Manager.

In 1990, he became the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the company, a position which he still occupies till today.

Under Chief Dan Osi Orbih’s shrewd and prudent management always setting goals and targets and achieving them, it was not surprising that the company grew into one of the biggest known organizations in the southern part of Nigeria as an importation outfit.  Such was the phenomenal growth of the company that it became a fore-runner of many other subsidiaries and companies which as at today include Express Transport Services, Marijoe Enterprises Ltd., and Whitney Rentals, Port Harcourt. Chief Dan Osi Orbih is the Chairman of this Business Octopus which has a huge real estate investment all over the country and specializes, among other things in the importation and supply of cement and chemicals to Oil and Construction companies in Nigeria.

In spite of his prodigious success in business which brought him wealth, social status, respect in business circles in Nigeria and Overseas, Chief Dan Osi Orbih has kept a cool head as well as other praise worthy attributes of humility, versatility, considerable maturity, approachability, simplicity and sound judgments.

He certainly has matured more than his age and his executive responsibilities spanning a period of nearly two decades, have made him indisputably a very responsible, dynamic, resourceful and responsive individual whose horizon and ambition are ever shifting.

It is a reflection of the sterling qualities of the man, who within a short space of time made giant strides in industry and commerce that today, Chief Dan Osi Orbih stands tall and is one of the most respected names in the business and political community at home and abroad.

He has served as Director NNPC Group Board as well as member Governing Board University of Port Harcourt.

He has also at various times served on committees at both state and national levels of his party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

He ones contested election as Deputy Governor Candidate Edo State under the APP (1998 – 1999).  Member PDP Presidential Electoral Panel, Dec., 2006, Chairman Edo State PDP Finance Committee 2006 – 2007, Member PDP Edo State Campaign Committee 2007 elections and member of the PDP national convention concluded in August, 2013.He is today referred as the digital chairman, the most active and constructive opposition chairman in Nigeria. He is the Chairman Edo State PDP since 2008.

Despite his business success story, Chief Dan Osikheme Orbih who is a devout Catholic and a member of the Knights of St. Mulumba has maintained sound moral principles and remained faithful to business ethics. Chief Dan Osi Orbih was recently elevated to the Elite donor status of Rotary International after been a Paul Harris Donor for a while.

A completely detribalized Nigerian, Dan Orbih is married to Mrs. Florence Orbih nee Okiyo, from Isoko in Delta State.  They have two children Winifred and Mildred Orbih. Chief Dan Osi Orbih is an avid reader and an enthusiastic squash player, who loves traveling, music and football.


Meet Bar Felix Jones Osimerha

On Saturday 1st October, 1960 at 2pm a baby boy came into this world at Ayogwiri town of the then Afenmai Division of the then Western Nigeria, through Mr. /Mrs. T. A. Osimerha, at the time late T.A.Osimerha was a teacher at Ayogwiri. This baby boy was in 1961 baptized in the Catholic Church in Uzairue and named Felix and later in my secondary school days l added Jones as my second name to register for the WAEC O Level in 1978 at St John Grammar School, Fugar now the headquarters of Etsako Central Local government council area of Edo state.

Bar Felix Jones Osimerha
Bar Felix Jones Osimerha

He attended the Government College Ughelli then in Bendel state and now in Delta state and obtained his HSC (Higher school certificate) A level before entering to read Geography at the University of Ibadan. After his second year and at the prompting of John Ichue from Fugar, he left to start a degree in Law at the University of Lagos where he obtained the LLB, by 28th August, 1985 he was enrolled at the Supreme Court as a lawyer.

He served the NYSC, the one year national service at Kaduna polytechnic as a lecturer in law in three departments in the ND level. He started his private legal practice in Kano on the 6th September, 1986 after the one year national service. He has spent 30 years of his 56 years on earth in KANO, with occasional visits to his Edo state of origin.

Felix is known to have come to the rescue of many undergraduates in the Universities and polytechnics with school fees and upkeep. He is looking forward to new opportunities to contribute to Ogbona community. He is an active member of Ogbona Imhakhena Union in Kano. He has been the chairman of Ogbona Asama Federated Union KANO branch for 5 years. And legal adviser to the National body some years back.

Felix has been in litigations in the high, appeal and Supreme courts. He has prosecuted or defended many elections petitions for members of the National and State Assembly as well as gubernatorial election. He specializes in mainly civil cases and has done cases free for many Ogbona sons. He is the 4th Ogbona indigene to be called to the Nigerian Bar as a lawyer.

His hobby is watching football and watching natural habitats of animals to marvel at the wonder of God. He also loves traveling and knowing places hence he has travelled to 35 states except Bayelsa in Nigeria. He loves Arsenal because of their style of play and has visited Emirates stadium to watch a live match and for tour of the stadium


Profile of Dr. Jerome Atsenokhai Umole

Dr. Jerome Atsenokhai Umole began life’s journey on the 3rd of March, 1946. Born as the first son (second child) to Pa Momoh Umole and Ma Esther Adi Umole (both now late) in Ogbona Town, Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State, he began his primary school education at the age of 6 years at EDC school, Ogbona in 1952. He proceeded and graduated from modern school in 1961.


Dr. Jerome Atsenokhai Umole
Dr. Jerome Atsenokhai Umole

Thirsty for education, Joe as he is fondly called enrolled at the Prince College, Onitsha in 1965 but was forced by the Nigerian Civil war to abandon his education and return home to Midwestern Nigeria. Here however, his pursuit for self-enlightenment and self-discovery propelled him to apply for the much sought after Midwestern Government Scholarship. Not surprising, he got the scholarship on merit after a rigorous examination and interview. It was therefore on the broad shoulders of Government that he completed his secondary school education at the prestigious Essi College in 1969.


With his excellent golden result in his hands and the world at his feet, Papingo as soccer lovers in the old Midwest called him, was short listed by Barclays Bank DCO for immediate employment. Once again fortune smiled on his hard work as he sat and passed the highly competitive examination with flying colors and became one of the elite few Nigerians in those days to carry the banner of the bank. There he worked and climbed the upward ladder of the bank, until 1975 when in patriotic zeal, he transferred his services to the New Nigerian Bank Ltd. He rose to become one of the youngest managers in the history of the Bank in 1985. Paulosa Nigeria Limited was his next station after he left the fast paced banking sector in 1989.


Quickly he became Vice-president/Regional Manager (North) but once again the desire to create a niche for himself propelled him to resign his services from the company. He then birthed the following companies: JerryGold Nigeria Limited, Adi Publishers, Silverpoint International Services Ltd AND JerryBest Suites Ltd



  • WASC, AIB, MSc, University of Ibadan
  • PhD (Econs) Somerset University, UK


  • Banking and Monetary Systems in Nigeria
  • The Language of Money
  • JerryGold “My Memoirs” at 60
  • The Nigerian Budget Challenges (ongoing)


Married Life

Elder Umole is happily married to his heartthrob of 45 years Deaconess Comfort Omosigho Umole (Née Aghedo) and together they are blessed with five (5) children and nine (9) grand children

Social Life 

  • Pioneer Chairman, Abuja Bankers Club
  • Secretary, Benin City Bankers Club
  • General Secretary, Senior Staff Association of New Nigerian Bank Ltd
  • President 1991/1992, Rotary Club of Abuja
  • Vice President (Publicity), Abuja Chambers of Commerce, Agriculture, Mines & Industry
  • Vice Chairman/Trustee, Abuja Children’s Home

Elder Umole or JerryGold as business associates love to call him, loves and plays football, hates tobacco and alcohol in any form, avoids loose talkers and covenant breakers, celebrates hard work and friendships. Unashamed of his faith, Elder Umole is saved, Holy Ghost filled with evidence of speaking in tongues and a husband of one wife. Ordained by the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Elder Umole believes that every man has one life to be lived for God and humanity.


Rev Father Dominic Azagbor is the First catholic Reverend Father from Ogbona

Fr. Azagbor always enjoin people to always place God first in anything they are involved in rather than waiting until things have gone bad or have problems. According to him, there would be storms of life, but Jesus living up to His name as Emmanuel which means, God is with us, never departs from us. He maintained that there is no other way of being a Christian than following Jesus Christ to the fullest.

Rev Father Dominic Azagbor
Rev Father Dominic Azagbor

Rev. Fr. Dominic Azagbor professed his vows to the Order in 1988 and served in a variety of capacities at parishes in Nigeria and Ghana before being ordained to the priesthood in April of 2000. From 2002 to 2005, he served as assistant chaplain at the University of Ife, located in the Diocese of Oshogbo, Nigeria. From 2005 to 2009, he served as associate pastor at St. Jude Catholic Church in Mafoluku, part of the Archdiocese of Lagos, Nigeria.


Bishop Robert P. Deeley assigned Fr. Dominic Azagbor, O.P., as parochial vicar to St. Brendan the Navigator Parish (St. Francis of Assisi Church, Belfast; Our Lady of Good Hope Church, Camden; St. Bernard Church, Rockland).


The Order of Preachers (O.P.), more commonly known as the Dominican Order, have an emphasis on charity, study, and preaching. The spirituality evidenced throughout the Order reflects the spirit and intentions of its founder, St. Dominic de Guzman, in France during the 13th Century. St. Dominic’s brother and sisters in the Order are called to follow in his footsteps by imitating his mercy and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in different way to meet the needs of the times.


In 2010, Fr. Azagbor arrived in the United States and was assigned as chaplain to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania, where he also served as chaplain to the Maria Joseph Continuing Care Community, comprised of The Meadows, an independent living facility for seniors; Maria Joseph Manor, an assisted-living facility; and the Emmanuel Center, a nursing and rehabilitation center.

Fr. Azagbor served in Danville until receiving his new assignment in Maine.

“One thing that I have noticed already in Maine is that the people are ready to hear the Word of God, to hear the Gospel,” said Fr. Azagbor. “That is what I am happy about. You can see that the people are ready to listen.”

Fr. Azagbor holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Rome, Italy, and a bachelor of arts from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria.

Contact details: Email

Poster Address: St. Brendan the Navigator Parish, 7 Union Street, Camden, Maine 04843

Phone: +2348034722901



  • Bishop Anyiador is the first ordained Pentecostal bishop from Ogbona community.
  • He is the founder of Kingdom Connection Academy in Abuja and Ogbona.
  • He is providing alternative education system for our community and he also provides major community support for Ogbona
  • Bishop Anthony Anyiador has been in the forefront of the yearly prayers for our community, sons and daughters of Ogbona, in August yearly for several years now.

BISHOP ANTHONY ANYIADOR was born on the 10th of March 1956 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Obozegie and Eruwoghaghame Aminetu Anyiador (Nee Okozi) in Ogbona, Avianwu Clan, Etsako Central LGA of Edo State, Nigeria.


Bishop Anthony Anyiador attended Etsako District Council Primary School (EDC) now Imhakhena primary school and graduated in 1969 along with His classmates like Christopher Emalumhe, Moses Umole, Godwin Asekomhe, George Akpeokha, late Juliana Oghosomhi Agbayekha, Baby Mhana Irene (Nee Odior) and others. He attended Saint Peter’s Grammar School, Agenebode. He is a great man of God. He is the first to be consecrated bishop in Ogbona and Avianwu Clan. He is one of the patrons of Ogbona Community Christian Association.

He left for Benin City to stay with his uncle Ayaosi. Later became a patient medicine dealer. He later went to the University and became a graduate. While having the quest to go to school, he got born again in church of God Mission International Incorporated, Benin City. He pastored many churches in Benin City, Lagos, and other parts of Nigeria. He was consecrated a Bishop of the Church of God Mission on 10th November 2001 by Archbishop Benson Idahosa. He was later posted to Abuja. His ministration under the anointing of the Holy Spirit has connected many to their place of destiny over the years, Anthony Anyiador is now the presiding bishop of Kingdom Connection Ministries, a network of churches in Nigeria with headquarter in Abuja. He is the first ordained bishop from Ogbona community.

He is married to Pastor (Mrs.) Matilda Anyiador and their marriage is blessed with children. He is the founder of Kingdom Connection Academy in Abuja and Ogbona. The church is located by the entrance to Ivhido from the highway to Fugar.

Bishop Anthony Anyiador has been in the forefront of the yearly prayers for our community, sons and daughters of Ogbona, in August yearly for several years now.



Bar. Thomas Ekhasemomhe was born in October 1941 to the families of Pa Ekhasemomhe Asekokhai of Ivhitse quarters in Ogbona and Ma Amina Ekhasemomhe née Akugho from Fugar both in today Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State. He attended Etsako Division Council Primary school from 1951 to 1957. After his primary school leaving certificate Examination, he proceeded to Blessed Martin School, Jattu from 1959 to 1961 for his model school after which he went to St. John Bosco Teachers Training College, Ubiaja from 1963 to 1964 and taught briefly at Ivhioghe Catholic School in 1965 but left for St. Thomas College, Ibuzor from 1966 to 1967 for his Advanced Levels. Upon his graduation from St. Thomas College, he picked up teaching appointment and taught at


Imiegbai Catholic School from 1968 to 1970.  In the present day Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State.1970 he gained admission to the Present day Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife and studied law and graduated in 1973.He went to the Nigerian Law School and was called to bar in June, 1974. Bar. Thomas Ekhasemomhe did his mandatory National Youth Service Corp program in the old Benue Plateau State from 1974 to 1975. He began his legal carrier in Kaduna State under Dr. F Oguntoye’s Chambers from 1975 to December, 1977 and attached himself to Aluko Olokun Chambers from 1978 to June, 1979. In July 1979, he established his Freedom in Kaduna State. Bar Ekhasemomhe got married to his heart throb, Mrs. Luci Onozoamhor Ekhasemomhe née Utsalo from Jattu on the 28th of December,1974 and the marriage is blessed with Four children .Among whom are, Emily, who was among the best graduating student of her class at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Marriet, a lawyer by profession, Dr. Mrs. Jenny Momodu who is married to Dr. Israel Momodu both of whom are medical practitioners at Irrua Teaching Hospital, Edo State and Emmanuel Eghiegbai, a lawyer who works at Freedom Chambers with Bar. Thomas Ekhasemomhe. On his arrival at Kaduna in 1975, Bar. Ekhasemomhe discovered that there were two factions of Ogbona general meetings in Kaduna but with the help of Mr. ABC Anaweokhai, they were able to unite and coalesced them into one strong meeting. Bar. Ekhasemomhe represented Ogbona both at the Justice Ejoor Tribunal in Benin City and at Auchi High Court throughout the Ogbona/Imiava case. Bar. Ekhasemomhe is excited by the giant stride Ogbona has recorded in the education sector in the past few years compared to his time when education was tailored towards teaching. He has no regret whatsoever in life, given the opportunity again, he would not hesitate to come back into this would through Ogbona as his ancestral home. Bar Ekhasemomhe is a trail blazer in the legal profession as far as Ogbona is concerned.



King Benji Igbadumhe was born on the 5th of March, 1955 at Ogbona in the Present day Etsako Central LGA of Edo state to the families of Mr. Louis Asimhegbe Igbadumhe and Mrs. Magdalene Igbadumhe (née Odogbo). He started his primary school at St. John’s Primary, Ogbona in 1960 and later left for Lagos to stay with his uncle Mr. Julius Igbadumhe, and eventually finished at Ibadan in 1968. He proceeded to Ansar Undeen Grammar School Agbede from 1969 but dropped out in 1971 as the grandmother who was sponsoring him could no longer cope financially. His father too could not help as the elder brother, Antony was already in secondary school in Fugar. In fact, the father had earlier told them, there was no way he could train him and Tony at the same time.


He went to his cousin, Sunny Odogbo Iyiodo) to learn music. Under Iyiodo, he learnt the rudiments of music from 1972 to 1973 after which he joined General Bolivia’s band and he rose to become the band manager. He toured the whole nation with Gen. Bolivia and also learnt music administration but sometimes in 1978 there was misunderstanding and he left and joined Niger Cat Construction Company.

In 1979 he went to Kaduna to meet with Mr. Joseph Irekpita who eventually bought him musical equipment that was launched in March, 1980 and began his musical carrier with his Okeke Sound band. Few years later, he found himself out of music due to some disagreement with Mr. Williams Irekpita but as fate would have it, he met Mr. B J Sam Tsedi who gave him money to buy new musical equipment but the money was not enough and Chief Odidi helped him to guarantee a bank loan with which he bought musical instruments relaunched his carrier.

King Benji Igbadumhe who has no regret in life as he has over 100 albums to his name but has a soft spot for IYEREABOPOMHE, ACROSS THE NATION, ATSAKPAMEGHE, ITSANOTSANOR & IYEIYA. King Benji loves music, perhaps, it is because music runs in his family but did not go into music because of the financial reward or fame. Somehow, his natural love for music has brought him fame, took him to all the major cities in the United States of America and Europe and in every sense of the word, he sees himself as fulfilled and cannot ceased to be grateful to God for everything, if for nothing else, he can pay his bills and take care of his immediate and extended family and other people. King Benji is sentimentally attached to his Town of Ogbona and sees a glorious future for Ogbona.


Profile of Mayor Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe

“Like father like son”

A calm and literate presence, spreads a good aura, thoughtful lyrics and a smart band “Nigeria’s/Afenmai’s King of Melody!” “One of the best things to have happened to contemporary music in Afenmai …a rare creator of rich sounds and a gifted performer.” Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe A.K.A Young Bolivia and his Bolivia Memorial Band have

Mayor Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe
Mayor Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe

General Bolivia Osigbemhe’s death on January 25th 1991 was very shocking: it came like a bad dream. He was young, born in 1942 and was buried on February 2nd 1991 in his three storey building compound along Ogbona – Fugar Road. He had 58 albums to his credit.
His fifth child and second son, Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe was able to stand the hit of the opposition. Today, the young Bolivia leads his father’s Bolivia Memorial Band: “when the head of the rabbits die, there are still younger ones in the hole”, this is one of the younger Bolivia’s popular tracks among his numerous works.


The young Bolivia is such a dexterous on the scene as his works are even more inviting and inciting, especially in his compositions, utilizing the popular “Agbi” format of deliverance. Young Bolivia is a musical activist, whose lyrics depict prevailing political developments in Afenmai land: the realistic compositions have two faces, the opposite is angered by the truthfulness and the other side praises them. A calm and literate presence, spreads a good aura, thoughtful lyrics and a smart band “Nigeria’s/Afenmai King of Melody!”

“One of the best things to have happened to contemporary music in Afenmai …a rare creator of rich sounds and a gifted performer.”

The fruit that dropped from the tree that died has grown and has developed into a living legend that stepped into his father’s shoes, he is polishing them and the legacy is growing and shining “Everywhere you turn, the music of Young Bolivia caresses your sensibilities to the beautiful realities of African culture.”

Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe A.K.A Young Bolivia and his Bolivia Memorial Band have helped to strengthen our belief that there is hope for genuine modern Nigerian and African music, a conviction that is being daily shaken by the foreign hip hop culture which has completely overwhelmed the Nigerian scene. Listening to his music, one cannot but agree with the very true and valid view that Constance Bolivia Osigbemhe is blending rhythms and melodies from the folk traditions of his Afenmai culture with personal influences; and that he has created an original form of music that defies categorization. “One of those who have come to redeem the image of traditional African music.”
Young Bolivia’s voice needs to be heard not only in his native continent Africa but all over the world.”

Although most of his songs tend to draw awareness to the serious degradation brought about by civil war, ineffectual governments, violence amongst neighbours, public health concerns, and widespread apathy, you can almost see the smile on his face as he and his band play epics that beam with hope and positivity. Like an encouragement coach, Young Bolivia is always offering phrases of faith, redemption, perseverance and above all unity, but simultaneously lets you know that sublime rewards will not come without the African people waking up and working for a change.

“The first time you take a listen to Young Bolivia, one word comes to mind. And that word is DIFFERENT.”


The Profile of Chief Mr. J.E.T Oshiomogho

Chief JET Oshiomhogho was born in 1949 to the families of Oshiomhogho-Aleghe of Okotor, Ogbona and Madam Omhonanya from Ivhiokhile, Fugar both in Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State. He cut his primary

Chief Mr. J.E.T Oshiomogho
Chief Mr. J.E.T Oshiomogho

education teeth at EDC primary school, Ogbona in 1952 but in 1953 he left with his elder brother, Mr. S.A. Oshiomhogho to Imhokhuehe near Agenebode. He came back to EDC in 1958 where he finished his primary school and proceeded to secondary model school at Agenebode between 1959 and 1962 with Mr. P.S. Eleta as the Head of the institution. After his graduation in 1962, he took up teaching appointment and was deplored to Iyamho and later to Ekperi till 1963 when he proceeded to the Provincial Teachers Training College, Igueben. Upon his graduation in 1966 he returned to EDC Primary School, Ogbona as the Deputy Headmaster. As Headmaster, he fancied the well starched and ironed khaki short. While teaching he enrolled for the London G.C.E and passed all four papers including English Language at once. He sat for the “A level” but performed poorly.

In 1968, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, who was later elected president of Nigeria came down to the south to recruit volunteers to fill the teaching positions vacated by the mass exodus of the Igbos and Yourubas as a result of the civil war. He was recruited and sent to the North Western State of present day Sokoto, Kebbi, Niger and Zamfara states. He was stationed at Bukkuyum as his place of primary assignment where he taught standard six. He repeated the Advanced Level GCE and passed all the three papers at a sitting.

In 1971 he was admitted into the University of Lagos to study political Science and he graduated in 1974.

He did his national youth service program (NYSC) in Arochukwu in today state of Abia. After his service between 1975/76, he joined the Federal Ministry of Education and he was posted to Denis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha and he taught HSC students. He was transferred to Queen of the Rosary Girls Secondary School Onitsha and later to St. Charles Teachers College where he taught social studies.

In August, 1977, he got enlisted into the Nigerian Police Force as a cadet ASP.
At the middle grade, he served six years in Kano as DPO in three divisions from 1977 to 1983. In 1983 he was promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police and served in Kano, Dawa Kia Kudu, and Deala. Between 1986 and 1990 he was at Force Headquarters in Moloney, Lagos as the Director of Training command in charge of all the Police Colleges nationwide. He attended courses in Durham and Administrative Staff College of Nigeria Badagry, Lagos.
He also worked for six years as Asst. Commissioner of Police Abeokuta Area Command, Otta Area Command, Festac Area Command and Bauchi Area Command.

At The Senior Rank, he was second in Command, Niger State Police Command, Deputy Commissioner of Police Operation, Zone 1, Kano, Deputy Commissioner, Abia State Police Command, Deputy Commissioner, and Delta State Police Command and was appointed Commissioner of Police Delta State in 2008 where he retired in 2009.

Chief JET Oshiomhogho got married to Mrs. Veronica Oshiomhogho, nee Osigbemhe in 1968 and the marriage is blessed with five children.

Since his retirement from active since, Chief JET Oshiomhogho has been involved in politics and the development of Ogbona Community and environ and this has not gone unnoticed as he has been rewarded by the Ekperi Community with a chieftaincy title as “The Asemhokhai of Ekperi” and by the Avhianwu clan as “The Irekhegbe of Avhianwu”



Sam Ikhenemo Okomilo was born in the early 1940s in Jos to the families of Okomilo and Ikhuenena both of Ivhiochie quarter. When the father relocated to Ibadan, his father decided as the first son, he would go home to learn about Ogbona cum Avhianwu culture but before then, his father gave him Ikhenemo having survived the agony of the WW11 where he fought as part of the British West African Frontiers in Egypt and other parts of the world. In 1948 he was sent home and started St Johns Primary School, Ogbona where he was taught by Chief Patrick O Oboarekpe under the Headship of Chief MCK Orbih. He would return from school and go to the farm or to Okokotoko stream to


fetch water. After his primary school, he proceeded to EDC Secondary Model School at Igbhe Rd in Auchi in 1957. At Auchi, he met Constance and Prince Tony Momoh though they were ahead of him. While in Auchi, every weekend they would trek home to get food stuff as there were no vehicles even the roads were not motorable. He finished his secondary Model School at Blessed Martins in Jattu in 1959. Among his classmates were John Idode, Greg Enegwea, and Albert Ilegoghie etc. Though he had the offer to teach like his classmates, he declined and went to Ibadan and got a job in the Federal Ministry of Education. He was sent to the archive department but as fate would have it, he was sent to UCH Ibadan to be trained as a medical photographer from 1960 to 1962. Coincidentally, Lagos University Teaching Hospital was opened and his immediate boss was employed there as the head of the medical photography unit. His boss persuaded him to join him in Lagos. In his 20s he was an assistant medical photographer with a big staff quarter and an official car though he turned down the official car and bought a vesper instead. With the vesper he would ride from Lagos to Abeokuta and Ibadan without any fear of molestation by armed robbers in 1964 with the help of his immediate boss who was an expatriate, he found his way to London. He did not find London environment strange at all as he had lived in the cosmopolitan town of the University of Ibadan. Moreover, all the people he had worked with both at the University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan and Lagos University Teaching Hospital were expatriates. While in London, he did his O level and a levels and got admitted into The University of Edinburgh to Study politics, philosophy and economics between 1970 and 1972.

In 1975 he met his wife, Joanna, a Dutch in the heart of London and they got married and the marriage is blessed with a boy, Ayekhele. Just like his father did for him, he brought Ayekhele home as a child to take the Okhei title. Mr. Sam Ikhenemo Okomilo is the Publisher of the London based African News File, a parent magazine that also publishes: AFRICA TODAY, WHO IS WHO IN AFRICA AND MAKERS OF MODERN AFRICA.

Mr. Sam Okomilo enjoys Omhi akpee and palm wine.


Profile Chief overall Daniel Ikpemhinoghena Oshiotse

Daniel Ikpemhinoghena Oshiotse
Daniel Ikpemhinoghena Oshiotse

Chief overall Daniel Ikpemhinoghena Oshiotse, Village head of Ukhami Village of Ivhianaga quarter of Ogbona, born on  2nd December, 1943, professionally trained Transporter and first Ogbona to purchase two brand new Peugeot  salon cars same day same time in 1979.

Created and first to chairman NATIONAL UNION OF ROAD TRANSPORT WORKERS UNION of Avhianwu from the larger united Etsako union then headquartered in Auchi and later became the overall chairman of all the union units in Etsako central local government upon the creation of the local government in 1998.

Presently a palace chief, married and blessed with children among who are 18 graduates.






Chief Moses Obadele Ogbualo is the current village head of Ape Ototo kindred in Ivhitse. He was crowned on 15th September, 1985, a position he has maintained till date thus becoming the most experienced palace chief among others in Ogbona community. He is also the most senior Oghiebo in Ivhitse quarters


Chief Moses Obadele Ogbualo was born on the 2nd of February, 1932 to the families of Pa Daudu Ogbualo Ototo of Ivhitse kindred of Ivhiochie quarter, Ogbona and Madam Iyawo Akhadumhe of Ivhiegbepui town, Uweppa, Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State.

Chief Moses Obadele Ogbualo attended Catholic Missionary School, Ogbona from 1945 to 1948 and passed to Standard 3 but got expelled for going for club activities against the school rule. Straightaway, he joined his father in the farming profession. His father trained him in the cultivation of various crops including yams, cassava, rice, groundnuts, melons, maize and other cash crops. He has had over 75 years’ experience in farming.

He is happily married to Mrs. Victoria Obakhaye Ogbualo and Mrs. Cecilia Amino Ogbualo and the marriages are blessed with seven children and many grand and great grand-children.

Chief Moses Obadele Ogbualo is the current village head of Ape Ototo kindred in Ivhitse. He was crowned on 15th September, 1985, a position he has maintained till date thus becoming the most experienced palace chief among others in Ogbona community. He is also the most senior Oghiebo in Ivhitse quarters

As a cultural man, he is the patron of Ogbona Community masquerade cultural dance band known as Ikpeluemhe Dance Group, OGAKPOGUN, A cultural dance group he joined in 1946 and was made the head on 31st August, 2014.

Chief M. B. Ogbualo is an encyclopedia on Ogbona history based on what was transmitted to him by his father and what he has gathered from over 85 years of his existence. For example, his late father told him that Ogbona was the first born of Imhakhena who was the last born of Anwu that migrated from Bini and settled at UTAGBABOR, Fugar in the present day Etsako Central LGA of Edo State. And that Ogbona later gave birth to two children, namely, OKHUA and OMIERELE. Okhua later had, OCHIE, OREVHOR, UDOKHAKOR while OMIERELE had OKHOTOR and ANAGA

Chief M.B. Ogbualo is a consultant in all issues relating to burial ceremonies, New Year, new yam festival, customary court, traditional dance band, chieftaincy, Okhei title etc.

Chief M.B. Ogbualo is a true Christian believer and a catholic hence he wedded his long time 1st wife in 2014

His major regret in life is that he did not know his mother who passed when he was just a toddler.

He would want to be remembered for his humility, simplicity and dedication to Ogbona service.

Chief M.B. Ogbualo wants the Okhei title to be modernized to reflect Christian values as things cannot remain the way they have always been.


In those days, there was this story of Pa Ogbualo and his elderly friends who paid a visit to the school, Native Authority, Ogbona. Pa Ogbualo and his group of elders arrived the school chorusing this greeting: Vha nana, ene wena, lagi ene awena. Meaning, good morning teachers and pupils. After the exchange of greetings, Pa Ogbualo observed his son, Obadele was sitting idle, not writing anything, curiously, he asked: Obadele go obe? Aaoh, ude amhe?.  Meaning: Obadele, where is your book? Aaoh, did you buy for me? This encounter later became popular up to the point that local drummers started drumming and singing with it. Badele go obe, Aaoh, ude amhe?



Family Background

Chief Jacob Utu Orbih was born into the family of late Pa Orbih Ekhamhekpe (his father) and late Madam Maria Oboh Orbih (his mother) nee Imhoagene both from Ogbona in Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State of Nigeria on 25th June 1939 among other eleven siblings which are as follows in the order of seniority:

  1. Oyagha Eboiso (late)
  2. Pa Aleghe Amedu Orbih (late)
  3. Ulokoaga Idode Irumhire (late)
  4. Pa Peter Zogetti Orbih (late)
  5. Umagajia Eghieye (late)
  6. Anthony Isah Orbih (late)
  7. Chief Michael Clement Kadiri (late)
  8. Henry Omholua Orbih (late)
  9. Ikhatsuekevho Asapokhai
  10. Chief Jacob Utu Orbih (himself)
  11. Juliana Fatima Anabor
  12. Chief (Dr) Felix Emhoakemhe Orbih

Chief J. U Orbih lost his father at a very tender age, as a teenager. His father died on the 26th of April 1950 when he (Jacob) was eleven years old, and after the death of his father, he was left under the tutelage of his mother and his elder brothers under the family headship of Pa Aleghe Amedu Orbih. At age 22, in the year 1961 Chief J.U Orbih married his first wife, Mrs. Grace Omosida Orbih, after which he married Mrs. Juliana Amiosinor Orbih and Mrs. Queen Orbih his second and third wife respectively. He is blessed with six (6) males and twelve (12) female children.

Educational Background

Despite the effort of his mother and his elder brothers to give him a formal education, he would rather prefer to follow his elder brother Pa Aleghe to the farm and help him manage home affairs. Though he is not formally educated, he can read, write and communicate in English language. He is a lover of education, this he demonstrated in his quest to ensure his children are formally educated.

Religious Background

Chief Jacob Utu Orbih was born into a Muslim family. He was later converted to Christianity at the arrival of the Catholic mission in Ogbona. He was baptized in the same Catholic Church in the year 1958 and became dedicated in service and worship to God in the Catholic Faith. As a committed member of the church, he worked in various capacities for the growth and development of the church. As part of his little contribution to the growth of the church, Chief Jacob Utu Orbih under Rev.(Fr) Colone was fully involved in the building process of the first Catholic church (St John the Baptist Catholic Church) in Ogbona community. Himself and other faithful brethren went as far as Ekperi (a village far from Ogbona community) bare footed to get some of the materials used in the construction of the church building. Also, like King David in the bible, the passion to build the house of God drove him into a foreign land in search of launchers and supporters for the proposed building of Rev. Father’s house in the year 1998. With the support of God Almighty and that of the people they worked together in the building committee, they were able to successfully start the construction of the Rev. Father’s house. Based on the inspiration he received to bring the church closer to the people of God in the catholic faith in Ogbona, Chief J.U Orbih pioneered the Basic Christian Communities (BCC), the first of its kind in the history of the Catholic Church in Ogbona. On 2nd of January 2015, he rededicated himself to the Lord Jesus Christ by confessing Jesus as his Lord and personal saviour.

Career Development

Chief J. U Orbih is an industrious farmer, a building contractor and a distinguished politician. His political career started far back in the year 1954/1955 at age 16 when his late elder brother, Chief M. C. K Orbih contested for the post of counsellorship (Ogbona/Iraokhor Ward). Since that election which he won overwhelmingly under the then NCNC party, Chief J. U Orbih became a renowned politician in the political history of Edo North in particular and Edo state in general under the leadership and tutelage of Chief M. C. K Orbih, his political mentor. He is presently a prominent member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). As a member of the party, he has functioned in various capacities ranging from ward leader, member of PDP Elders Forum, Etsako Central LGA, and coordinator, Senator Yisa Briamah Campaign Organization in Etsako Central LGA. He is presently the second oldest politician in Edo state after Chief Edebiri who is the current oldest politician in the state.

Community Development

Chief Jacob Utu Orbih has contributed immensely to the growth and development of Ogbona community, his community. As a chief (Okhaimho) representing Ivhiobere village (his kinsmen), he was an active member of the cabinet of both late Chief T.A Osigbemhe (the then Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona) and late Chief P.A Oboarekpe (the then Ogieavianwu of Avianwu Clan). He was known for his notable contributions in the matters that concern the development of Ogbona community and Avianwu Clan in general. Chief J.U Orbih is currently an active member of the cabinet of the current Okphe-Ukpi of Ogbona, HRH William Uloko Idode and the Ogieavianwu of Avianwu, HRM Jackson Etokhana.


Honorary Chieftaincy

Chief Jacob Utu Orbih became one of the chiefs (Odwevho) of the then Ivhiobiri (now Ivhiobere) village on 8th November, 1997, and was latter made the Okhaimho of the same village by Chief T.A Osigbemhe on 29th, July 2006. On 26th, October 2008, Chief J.U Orbih was honoured with a chieftaincy title by the Ogie-aga of the three Ibie as the Este-Owa of the three Ibie. This honour was as a result of the contribution of the Orbih Family to the three Ibie Clan. He became the Oghie-ebo of Ivhiobere Adi on 2nd of April 2015. On the 25TH of March, 2017, he was made the Akpagi of Ivhido Village and the Utokho-Ukpi Nape.


He is popularly known as Chief Ovokhawhera, a nickname given to him by late chief P.A Oboarekpe. Because of his smartness, he is also fondly called 440 (four-forty) by his close friends. In 1995, because of his contribution to the growth of the Orbih family, late chief M.C.K Orbih (his immediate elder brother) nicknamed him “the minister of home affairs”

Social and cultural Life                                                                                                               

Chief J.U Orbih though reserved is a very sociable person who is fun to be with. He pioneered so many social and cultural groups in Ogbona community. He was a prominent band member in the early days of Gen. Bolivia Osigbemhe band group. He organized a dance group known as Orchestra in the year 1960; the Agbi cultural dance in 1970 where he became the founder and chairman. He is a very good and skillful drummer. He was one of the prominent drummer in Agbi Cultural Group, Uke Ivhido Cultural Dance Group; the Elue Ivhido Dance Group and the Ishoko (Hunters) Cultural Dance Group.  Chief Jacob Utu Orbih is also a good dancer. He was an active member of the Igieleghede Dance Group from the year 1964. He became one of the founding members of Anabui Club 88. Under his leadership as the president of that club, the club constructed a bus stop garage along Fugar-Auchi Express way as part of their humanitarian service to Ogbona Community. He was also a founding member of Ogbona Aloaye Union (now known as Ogbona Federated Union).

Family Life

Chief Jacob Utu Orbih is a lovely husband to his three beautiful wives whom they still live happily together and a wonderful father to his lovely eighteen children. He is presently the eldest man and the family head of the great Orbih family. He is a disciplinarian and a lover of truth and justice.


Profile of Chief John Oshiomhogho Ogedegbe – The Okhaemho of Innih village, Ogbona

Chief John Oshiomhogho Ogedegbe
Chief John Oshiomhogho Ogedegbe

Chief John Oshiomhogho Ogedegbe was born on the 3rd of February 1944 in Ogbona Etsako central LGA, Edo State. A possesses a Grade 3 trade test certificate in Carpentry (1966). He is currently the village head of Innih village, Ogbona.

Currently the Okhaimho of Innih village, Ogbona.

Community Development Assignments:

  • Member: Ogbona Union, Ibadan Branch – 1969-1988.
  • Member: Ogbona Union, Auchi – 1988-1990.
  • Ivhiochie Apakhaide Union, Home Branch -1990 till date.
  • Member: Oghie ‘Avhianwu in-Council.

Member: Carpenter’s Union (voluntary services during rain storm disaster in Ogbona).

Profile of Chief Lawrence Iyevhobu – Village Head of Atogwe Village, Ogbona

Chief Lawrence Iyevhobu
Chief Lawrence Iyevhobu

Chief Iyevhobu Lawrence was born on the 24th, April 1962 in Ogbona. He obtained a WAEC/GCE certificate in 1983.

Currently the Village Head of Atogwe Village, Ogbona

Community Development Assignments:

  • Secretary Ogbona Youth Vigilante 1996-1999.
  • Secretary NURTW, Ogbona Unit- 1993-2003.
  • Chairman NURTW, Ogbona Unit- 2003-2010.
  • Secretary NURTW, Etsako Central LGA – 1998-2011.




Profile of Chief George Kadiri – The Okhaemho of Emhoepo Village, Ivhiochie, Ogbona

Chief George Kadiri
Chief George Kadiri

Chief George Kadiri was born on the 20th April, 1943 in Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State.

He is currently the village head of Emhoepo, Ivhiochie-Ogbona

Educational Qualifications

  1. Primary Six Certificate 1957
  2. General Certificate of Education (GCE)
  3. 50/100 WPM Typewriting/Shorthand
  4. Certificate in Public Admin, University of Benin, Benin City

Carrier in Public Service

  1. Stenographer/Confidential Secretary 1970-1991
  2. Higher Executive Officer 1992-2004
  3. Retired as Principal Executive Officer Grade One in the Federal Public Service in 2004

Community Development Assignments:

  1. Secretary to Okphe Ukpi-in-Council 2012 -Date
  2. Executive member Oghie Avhianwu-in-Council
  3. Deputy President Ogbona Federated Union 2011-2015
  4. General Secretary, Ogbona Federated Union 2004-2011
  5. President, Ivhiochie –Apakhaide Federated Union 1980-1987
  6. Chairman/Secretary, Ogbona Imhakhena Union (now Ogbona Federated Union) in Ibadan, Benin and Auchi branches from 1964 to 1992.
  7. Served as a member/secretary in various Ogbona Development projects like Water, Electricity, Grammar School Building etc. between 1964 to 1989

Profile of Chief Francis A. Umago (Franco) – The Okhaemho of Ivhiobore Imhomoh Village, Ogbona

Chief Francis A. Umago was born in 1946 at Idioro, Ibadan in Oyo State.

Chief Francis A. Umago (Franco)
Chief Francis A. Umago (Franco)

Chief Francis A. Umago was born in 1946at Idioro, Ibadan in Oyo State.

Chief Francis A. Umago is currently the village head of Imhomoh, Ivhiobore-Ogbona

Franco returned to Ogbona with his mother Ashetu Umago Nee Eleta in 1949 after the death of his father, James Otoukpo Umago

He started his primary school in 1954 at the Catholic School, Ogbona and finished at EDC School, Ogbona in 1960.

Franco could not attend secondary school despite his admission to Our Lady of Fatima, Auchi due to funding. In 1962, he left for Ibadan to live with his uncle John Eghiebade Umago. In 1963, he started learning the tailoring work with Isaac Obeakemhe as an apprentice at De King of Modern Fashion. He had his freedom in 1966.

He opened his workshop called Franco Tailors and draper and later changed to Franco School of Tailoring on February 2nd, 1967. He was suite specialist. He relocated to Auchi, in 1975 and later to Ogbona in 1979.

Community Development Assignments:

Chairman, Committee on Ogbona/Iraokhor on electricity project in 1970

President, Avhenegbe Club, Ogbona

Past President Aloaye Club, Ogbona

Past President, Tailors Union, Ogbona



LGA, Rivers State April 1994 – June 1996.

(xxiv)   2 i/c Area Command (ASP) Sub-Urban Two HQ, Bori-Ogoni. Rivers State

June 1996 – July 1999. 1.      PERSONAL DATA:


(b)        SEX:     –                                   MALE

(c)        DATE OF BIRTH           –           IST NOVEMBER, 1943

(d)        PLACE OF BERTH        –           OGBONA

(e)        NATIONALITY  –           NIGERIAN

(f)        MARITAL STATUS        –           MARRIED



(i)        RELIGION        –       CHRISTIANITY

Chief Joseph Abasebemhe Itsado Obeakemhe


(i)     ST. JOHN’S CATHOLIC SCHOOL, OGBONA    -1949 – 1954

(H)     ST. JOHN’S BOSCO COLLEGE, UBIAJA  –    1957 – 1958




(ii)        TEACHERS GRADE THREE CERTIFICATE         –   1958

(iii)       TEACHERS GRADE TWO CERTIFICATE            –                1964



(i)         Class Teacher. St. Theresa’s Catholic School, Fugar  – 1955 – 56

(ii)        Class Teacher, Catholic School Emu-Ebendo, Kwale  – 1959

(iii)       Class Teacher, St. Leo’s Catholic School, Ashaka, Kwale -1960

(iv)       Class Teacher, Catholic School Ibrede-Isoko  – 1961

(v)        Class Teacher, Catholic School, Utagba-Ogbe, Kwale – 1961

(vi)       Headmaster, Catholic School, Ogege-Isoko   – 1962

(vii)      Teacher, Olubi Demonstration School, Elekuro, Ibadan – 1965

(viii)     Enlistment into the Nigeria Police Force – 1st May, 1966

  • Recruit Constable Training – Police College, Ikeja, 1st May-31st

October, 1966.

  • Mobile Police Course at Mopol II Keffi – Lagos, 1st May 1967-31st

July, 1967

(iii)       Weapon course at Mopol 3, Enugu – June 1973

(iv)       PC – CPL, Promotion Course, Police College, Enugu, 1st May -31st July, 1976

(v)        Inspectorate Promotion Course   PC. Ikeja, 1st May- 26th July, 1979

(vi)       Quick Intervention Advance Weapon Course at Mopol 5, Benin – City – May – September, 1990

(vii)      ASP Promotion Course, at Oji River Police College   and

Promoted ASP 1st October, 92.


(i)         Police Constable – (DETECTIVE)   DIV POLICE HQ Ikeja, 1966 – 1967

(ii)        Mopol 2 Keffi – Lagos

Deployed to Calabar during the Civil War in 1967 – 1970

(iii)       Detective (DCB) – DIV HQ. Ikeja – January 1971 – May 1971

(iv)       Motor Traffic Division (MTD) Ikeja January 1971 – May 1972

(v)        Patrols – Agege Police Station, Lagos   May 1972 – May 1973

(vi)       Patrols -Abakaliki Road Police Station, Enugu-May 20th, 1973-Dec. 23rd, 1974

(vii)      High way Patrol Onitsha 23rd December 1974 – 1st January, 1975

(viii)     PC Lecturer Police College, Enugu – 11th January, 1975 – 10th February 1982

(ix)       CORPORAL LECTURER – 26th July, 1976- 31st September, 1976

(x)        SGT. Lecturer   1st October, 1976 -26th July, 1979

(xi)       Quarter Master, Police College, Enugu – 26th July, 1979 – 10th February, 1982.

(xii)      2 i/c Traffic, Ihiaia Police – 10th February, 1982 – 7th February, 1984

(xiii)     O/C Escort Duties Anambra State Police H/Q Enugu 8th Feb. 1984 –20th May, 1985

(xiv)     O/C DCB Ogidi Police DIV HQ – May 1985   October 1989

(xv)      2 i/c High Way Patrol, Agbor, October 1989 – May 1990

(xvi)     S/O Owan Police Station, Agbanikaka, Benin City – September 1990 – May 1991

(xvii)    O/C Control Room, Operations Dept. Police State HQ, Benin City, O/C

Patrols, Benin-Ore and Benin Auchi Routes. November 1990 – May, 1991

(xviii)   Patrols, DIV HQ. Agbor-June 1991 – August 1992

(xix)     S/O Abuloma Police Station, River State Police Command – Aug. – Sept. 1992

(xx)      DPO (ASP) Abuloma Police Station – November 1992 – March 1993

(xxi)     Provost Marshal (ASP) Isiokpo Police DIV. HQ March – July, 1993.

(xxii)    DCO (ASP) Oporoma Div. Police HQ- Southern Ijaw LGA, Rivers State

April 1993 – Jure 1994

(xxiii)   DPO (ASP) Nembe Div. Police HQ Nembe

(xxv)    Patrols & Guard (P & G) (ASP) OPS Dept. Rivers State Police HQ. Moscow Road, Port Harcourt – July – September 1999

(xxvi)   DPO (ASP) Tombia Police Station, Calabari, Rivers State

(xxvii)  Provost Marshal (ASP) Police College, Nonwa Tai-Ogoni, Rivers State

October 1999-May 1st, 2001.

(xxviii) Retired as ASP after thirty-five years of meritorious service – May 1st, 2001.


Community Activities:

  • Chief Joseph Abasebemhe Itsado Obeakemhe retired from active service from the Nigerian Police Force in 2001 as ASP I.
  • He was appointed Area Customary Court 2nd member Etsako Central LGA, Fugar 2003-2006
  • Appointed Okhaemho in Ivhiosanu quarters in Ogbona in 2006
  • Chairman Rev. Father Valentine Anaweokhai ordination Committee in 2007 at St John’s the Baptist Catholic Church, Ogbona.
  • Vice Chairman Pastoral Council at St John’s the Baptist Catholic Church Parish, Ogbona
  • In 2014 was made Chairman, Ogbona Vigilante Group and has held many security related positions prior to this period
  • On March 17th 2017 he was installed as the Akpagi 1 of Ivhiosanu, Ogbona


  1. HOBBY: Hunting



Chief Richard Otse was born on the 15th May, 1950 in Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State.

Chief Richard Otse

Currently the Village head of Agba Village, Ivhiosano-Ogbona

Educational Qualifications

City and Guilds of London


Carrier in Public Service

Employed in the Nigerian Railways on 1st April 1972

Retired as Principal Officer on 1st September, 2005

Community Development Assignments:

Village head of Agba Village, Ivhiosano, Ogbona

PTA Chairman, Ogbona Secondary School, Ogbona

Contact Phone Number: 0803-332-7911



Chief Vincent Agbodekheme Otsoi was born on the 6th June, 1963 in Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State.

Chief Vincent Agbodekheme Otsoi

Currently the Village head of Eragbe Village, Ogbona

Educational Qualifications

TC II 1983

ACE 1989

NCE 1994

BED, 2006


Carrier in Public Service


NUT assistant Secretary, Etsako East, 1999 to 2001

NUT Financial Secretary, 2002 to 2005

Deputy Chairman, NUT, Etsako 2014 to date

Working experience – over 34 years

Community Development Assignments:

Chairman, Eghietsemhe Age Group, Ogbona 1977 to date



Chief Joseph Okozi was born on the 17th September, 1949 in Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State.

Chief Joseph Okozi

Currently the Village head of Okozi Village, Ogbona

Educational Qualifications

Primary School Leaving Certificate, WASC and OND, Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi


Carrier in Public Service

People’s Bank, Uromi technical College Branch

Principal, Prudence Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogbona

Community Development Assignments:

Village head of Okozi Village, Ogbona

Contributed to Educational developments in the community



Chief Francis Akisayo Irene

Chief Francis Akisayo Irene was born in 1938 at Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State.

Currently the Village head of Anyai, Ivhiorevho, Ogbona

Educational Qualifications

Primary School Leaving Certificate, 1957


Carrier in Public Service

Etsako Central local Government as works attendant since 2007 till date

Community Development Assignments:

Okhaimho of Anyai village, 2011 to date

Community leader in Ogbona in general. Always called upon to settle issues between Ogbona and neighboring communities



Chief Azelake Okhire

Chief Azelake Okhire was born in 1952 to Pa. Okhire and Aminetu at Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State.

Currently the Village head of Oghe village, Ogbona

Educational Qualifications

Anglican Primary School Ogbona, 1958 to 1964

Primary School Leaving Certificate, 1964


Carrier in Public Service

Ugbekpe, Ekperi Etsako Central local Government as a Mechanic

Community Development Assignments:

Okhaimho of Oghe village, Ogbona

Azelake is a story teller



Chief David Omoegie Ugbodaga was born 25 October, 1967 at Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State.

Currently the Village head of Ivhietso village, Ivhido quarters, Ogbona since 2011.

Chief David Omoegie Ugbodaga

Educational Qualifications

Secondary School Certificate 1984


Carrier or Vocation


Community Development Assignments:

General Secretary, Ivhido Quarters, Ogbona, 2009-2015

General Chairman, Ivhido Quarters, Ogbona, 2015- 2017

Financial Secretary 2010-2017, Inakwegiemhe age group, Ogbona

General Secretary, Ivhietso, Ivhido quarter, Ogbona, 2011-2017

General Secretary, Apategie family meeting, 2012-2017

Treasurer Unic Club of Ogbona, 2011 – 2017



Chief Noel Ikhane Imhoedemhe was born on the 11th April, 1948 in Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State.

Currently the Village head of Enamino Village, Ivhitse-Ogbona

Chief Noel Ikhane Imhoedemhe

Educational Qualifications

Primary School leaving Certificate


Carrier in Public Service

Joined the Nigerian Army in 1969 as a Battalion armorer (arm store)

Employed as a security Guard at Ogbona Secondary School, Ogbona in 1986

Community Development Assignments:

Financial Secretary Eghiekhakhumhe age group in 1978

Village head of Enamino Village, Ivhitse-Ogbona since 2007


Member: Okphe Ukpi-in-Council 2007 to date



Chief Sunday Osilama Ogah was born on the 20th October, 1945 in Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State to Late Pa. peter Brai Ogah and Anima Ogah (nee Imoagene)

Currently the Village head of Imela Village, Ivhitse-Ogbona

Chief Sunday Osilama Ogah

Educational Qualifications

BAEd/History, NCE, TC II, Modern III and First School Leaving Certificate


Carrier in Public Service

Employed as a teacher 1st January 1967 and progressed to become Principal II.

Retired 1st October 2000

Community Development Assignments:

Secretary, Ogbona Federated Union, Auchi Branch, from 1976 to 1997

Chairman, Ogbona Federated Union, Auchi Branch, from 1997 to 2004

Became the first Okhaimho of Imela Village, Ivhitse-Ogbona on June 26th 2007


Reading and Farming

Football and Basketball



Chief Paul Saliu Eleta was born on the 5th May, 1932 in Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State.

Currently the Village head of Anyiora Village, Ivhido-Ogbona

Chief Paul Saliu Eleta

Educational Qualifications

Teachers Grade I Certificate


Carrier in Public Service

Retired as Senior Assistant Inspector of Education

Community Development Assignments:

Pioneer Executive member of Ogbona Federated Union, from 1992 to 2016

Deputy President, Ogbona Federated Union, from 2004 to 2011

Secretary to Okphe Ukpi in Council 2001 – 2011

Served as Chairman/member of various Ogbona Development projects



Chief Okpobisa Omiawa was born in 1949 at Ogbona Etsako Central LGA, Edo State to Late Pa. Omiawa and Catherine Omeawa

Chief Okpobisa Omiawa

Currently the Village head of Akphiokhai Village, Ivhiochie-Ogbona



Community Development Assignments:

First village head Akphiokhai Village, Ivhiochie-Ogbona since 3rd September 1993

Served as an arbitrate to land disputes in the community




Profile of Chief Hon Cyril Esiosimhua Okhakumhe

Chief Hon Cyril Esiosimhua Okhakumhe

Chief Hon Cyril Esiosimhua Okhakumhe was born on the 15th January, 1935 at Ogbona in Etsako Central Local Government Area, Edo State

He is currently the head of Aleghe village, Ogbona

Educational Qualifications

  1. University of Benin, Benin City, 1980-1981, Associate Diploma in Education Certificate
  2. Assumption Teachers College, Uzairue, 962-1963, Teachers Grade 11 Certificate
  3. St John Bosco’s College, Ubiaja, 1957-1958, Teachers Grade III Certificate
  4. Preliminary Teachers College, Ubiaja, 1952
  5. John’s Catholic School, Ogbona, 1944 – 1951, Standard VI


Carrier in Public Service

Teaching Service Board, 1953-1988, Headmaster Class II

Community Development Assignments:

  1. Volunteered to run a postal Agency and was singularly responsible for the community’s mails in 1964.
  2. He was the first to organize Inter House Sporting Activities in Ogbona Community Secondary School, now Ogbona Secondary School in 1981 as a Staff
  3. First to donate a shield/cup to the school for the winning House and had a ‘HOUSE’ ie OKHAKUMHE HOUSE’ during the next competition.
  4. First Chairman of Ogbona Asama union ‘Home Branch’ now known as Ogbona Federated Union, Ogbona.
  5. The only elected ‘APP’ Councilor in-the Council from 1999 to 2002 and constructed a culvert between Ivhiorevho and Ivhido Quarters to check erosion menace that time
  6. Conferred with Honourary Chieftaincy Title in 2001 by late Alhaji P.A Oboarekpe, Oghie Avhianwu of Avhianwu as the ‘ANOGHIE OF AVIANWIJ’
  7. Donated Land free of charge to the Community to erect a Town Hall.
  8. General Secretary of Umorunoamhe Age Group in the community,
  9. Patron to “CLUB 88” of Nigeria since 1988 in Ivhiomhierele Quarters. Ogbona
  10. The first to be installed as the Okhaemho & the head of Aleghe village in Ogbona Sub Clan on February 14th 2007

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