Ogbona Community Creates Traffic In Benin To Protest Against Fulani Herdsmen’s Mennace

Ogbona Community Creates Traffic In Benin To Protest Against Fulani Herdsmen’s Mennace.
Francis Onoiribholo On Aug 30, 2021

The people of the Ogbona community in Etsako Central Local Government of Edo State on Monday created an unbearable traffic holdup in Benin city, the state capital that lasted several hours to stage a peaceful protest against what they described as “the menace of Fulani herdsmen” in their community.

Ogbona which is the hometown of Chief Dan Orbih, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) South-South national zonal vice-chairman demanded that the cattlemen should be compelled by the state government to leave their agrarian community without further delay.

Carrying placards with different inscriptions such as “Ogbona People of Etsako Central LGA Protest Against Cattle Rearers Destroying Our Land”, “Ogbona People of Edo North are Farmers who survived by our farm products”

“Government Come to Our Aid as Our Crops are Being Destroyed by Herdsmen” amongst others

The protesters marched through some major streets of Benin city to register their anger.

Chief Vincent Otso, spokesman for the community accused the Fulani herdsmen of wanton destruction of their farmlands and crops with their animals.

According to Chief Otso, the cattle rearers have uprooted our cassava with which they feed their cattle while trampling on our other crops, including yam tubers which are not spared in the destruction by the herdsmen and their cattle.

“We are now afraid to go to the farm because many of us have been beaten up and injured by herdsmen for daring to ask them to stop the destruction of our crops and farmlands.

The community pleaded with the state governor, Godwin Obaseki and the security agents to come to their aid so that they can continue to go to their farms to avoid acute hunger the headers are trying to put on them.

“So, we are here to let you know that we are tired of their atrocities. We can’t go to farm anymore and the little we cultivated have been destroyed by the herders and their cattle. We want them to leave our land and community. We didn’t give them any land.”

He pointed out that the community decided to journey to Benin to express their frustration so that the government can act as they have reached the limit of their endurance and do not want to take the laws into their hands.

[8:04 AM, 8/31/2021] Anthony Okhamera: I don’t understand this. You mean our community went to Benin to protest against the takeover of our farm lands by herders? Mr governor should come chase them away all the way from Benin? That will not work because that has not been proven as a viable solution anywhere. We must take the initiative ourselves and chase the intruders out of our community and we do not need to make noise over this. We have by our action, exposed our fright and the herders will take advantage of our fears. Fulanis don’t understand any other language that forceful revenge. When coerced , they will exhibit astonishing fright.
[8:11 AM, 8/31/2021] Phillip Orbih: You are right sir.. but I think the Okpe Ukpi in his wisdom wanted to also put it out there for the authorities to know.
I personally think we have to resist them.
Like what Fugar is doing and also invest in and Fortify our Local Vigilante to make them very effective.
We can device means to wade them off without being confrontational.
[8:12 AM, 8/31/2021] Phillip Orbih: I also think we should also find away to bring their Collaborators is Experi and South Ibie to order.
This is not something we should gloss over.
[8:13 AM, 8/31/2021] Phillip Orbih: *in Ekperi
[8:25 AM, 8/31/2021] Mike Itsuokor Kadiri: Cannot believe the Bororos are finally in our backyard.
Like you said they are lawless and amorphous and border less.
A quiet carrot and stick approach would be needed in dealing with them. A good network with our neighbouring communities to forge a common front is urgent in this case
[8:31 AM, 8/31/2021] John Anaweokhai: Senior bros, it is not as easy as that.Our problem with the Fulanis is around the Ogbona -Ekperi-South Ibie axes.As a matter of fact, herdsmen are in that area at the behest of the clan heads of those two Kings.Of course , you understand the history of the animosity between Ogbona and Ekperi over that piece of land.As such, whatever can be done to frustrate Ogbona out of that area is readily welcome with joy by the head of Ekperi clan. Unfortunately, our Okphe Ukpi does not have any leverage over any of the two clan heads mentioned above.The Okphe Ukpi needs to appeal to a higher authority who has leverage over the clan heads of south Ibie and Ekperi and it is doubtful if anyone else is better positioned do play that role the the chief executive officer of the state.Will our efforts yield the desired result?
[8:34 AM, 8/31/2021] John Anaweokhai: Let me be quick to add that herdsmen destroy our crops at night.The Okphe Ukpi has settled a lot cases involving killing of cows by our people that would have led to something else.
[8:41 AM, 8/31/2021] Phillip Orbih: The truth of the matter is that we have to be proactive in dealing with this matter.Once they get comfortable they move to the next stage of kidnapping and Killings..God forbid.In as much as the Okpe Ukpi is doing what he can, we as a body has to come together and plan on our to deal with this problem.It is happening all over the country and we all know.
[8:49 AM, 8/31/2021] John Anaweokhai: My brother, I doubt if there is alternative to diplomatic solution.The place in question is not our backyard.Its about 7 to 10 kilo away from home.How do you police that place? In case of eventuality , how do you send reinforcement? We need to be careful about the whole issue , or else, we play into the hands of our enemies
[8:50 AM, 8/31/2021] Phillip Orbih: Ok .
[8:52 AM, 8/31/2021] Samuel Oshiano Imonopi: Ogbona indigene in Benin city to protest the killing and the damage the Fulani have done to our farm

Yep bros, I personally believe stick and carrot approach remains the best option..We can use stick around Imiavan -Ireda- Obe axes,hence it becomes imperative as Bar Philip Orbih has been preaching ,to fortify our vigilante.We need to have a security fund account, to be able to equip and boost the morale of our vigilante.I strongly believe plans are on the way for a broader security architecture to tackle head on , the existential threats posed to us by herdsmen .As regards that of Ekperi – South Ibie axis, extremely cautious needs to be exercised. Though not a military strategist,I don’t see the feasibility of fighting our opponent in the backyard of our swore enemies who are already friends to our opponents

[10:06 AM, 9/1/2021] Anthony Ogedegbe: The clan head of Ekperi was raised in Kano. He belongs to the Shite Muslim sect. I understand he train in Iran. The Islamic Centre is being sponsored by a group from Egypt and only Arabic is allowed at the Centre. Hausa is spoken almost as official language in his amongst his wives. That’s the reason the fulanis find that zone safe to commit atrocities because they consider the clan head as their own. We don’t need the cooperation of such person to secure our land. We can secure it if we want.
[10:08 AM, 9/1/2021] Mike Itsuokor Kadiri: No wonder
[10:13 AM, 9/1/2021] Mike Itsuokor Kadiri: I have always been weary of people like this in our midst. I know some of his types in Kaduna, Zaria. My friend in Kano told me that they can conveniently fill a LGA. That they are many in Kano. That they will avoid you like plague if there hear you speaking Etsako.

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