Ogbona Community Celebrates 2022 New Yam Festival In Grand Style

Ogbona Community Celebrates 2022New Yam Festival In Grand Style

By Elias Inaede

Indeed. New Yam Festival is a celebration of life, accomplishments, culture and well being of the people. It is a speciall way of marking the beginning and end of the farming season.

Ogbona Community is añ agrarian town located in Avhianwu Clan of Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State.

The town is famous for its agricultural produce. One of the community’s popular produce which is hugely celebrated annually is the harvest of new Yams from the farms in an elaborate ceremony popularity known as (Esi) New Yam festival.

The celebration of New Yam Festival in the town of Ogbona usually attracts tourists and visitors to the community who come to tap from the rich cultural heritage of the people of the community.

Yam is significant to the planting and harvesting season of the Ogbona People. It is regarded as a miraculous plant that signifies fertility and fruitfulness.

Once New Yams are harvested from the farm in large quantity and in good conditions, it is generally believed that the year will be fruitful and that the soil will be fertile to other crops.

The traditional Ruler or the Eldest man in the community opens the ceremony with prayers of thanksgiving and appreciation for the gifts of nature and the importance of Yams to the community.

Other Traditional Rulers and dignitaries from the Neighbouring Communities pay homage to the community Head during the festival. Thrones and dignitaries show solidarity and support of the people.

The 2022 Ogbona New Yam Festival is symbolic in the history of the people of the community. The Women of the community on their part donate melon as a way of showing gratitude to Almighty God for a bountiful harvest. Yam is food and food is yam.

Various traditional dances perform during the festival. The 2022 New Yam Festival in Ogbona Community is remarkable in the history of the area and by extension in Avhianwu Clan.

The ceremony which took place at the New Jerusalem Prayer Ground, Ogbona was attended by various Age Groups in the community.

The traditional Ruler of the community, HRH Willy Idode represented by the Egboise of Ogbona, Chief Vincent Otso urged the people of the community to be proud of their culture.

He noted that the significance of culture as a way of life in any Community cannot be overemphasized and called for sustainability of the festival in order to boost the economy of the area.

The community head commended the Sons and Daughters of the community for adding value and glamour to the ceremony and reassured the people of it’s sustainability.

Young Bolivia Valentine Osigbemhe trilled the guests with melodious songs that touched the souls.

Highlights of the occasion was the presentation of yams, other farm products and cash gifts to the community by the various Age Groups. The gifts were later distributed to the elderly, widows and disables in the community


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