Ogbona Advisory Committee First Committee Meeting

Ogbona Advisory Committee

First Committee Meeting

May 01, 2010

The Chairman’s Residence, Ogbona, Edo State

Minutes of Meeting

 Attendance Register:


S/N Name Email address Contact Numbers
1 Mathias Akpaibor  mathiasakpaibor@yahoo.com 08033721963
2 Ralph. Edogamhe  Raph2010@yahoo.com 07038339000
3 Linus Dunia  chrisdunia@yahoo.com 08033269606
4 Ralph Asekomhe 08056267095
5 Emmanuel Anabor  emmanuelanabor@yahoo.com 08033042506
6 Celina Ateghie  ChiefCelinaateghie@yahoo.com 08056734997
7 Joseph Izuagie  Izuagie@yahoo.com,

Jobisco 57@yahoo.com

8 Stephen Aigbepue  steveaigbe09@yahoo.co.uk 08035435637
9 Gilbert Odior geodior@yahoo.com 08022903457
10 Paulinus Ifaorumhe eraga_54@yahoo.com 08077757781
11 Joseph Musa lebitus@yahoo.com 08058850058 07030204090
12 Thomas Ikhaghu tikhaghu@yahoo.com 08066630028


Date:                            May 01, 2010 at 10:00 A.M

Location:                      The Chairman’s Residence, Ogbona, Edo State


Introductions and Meeting Objectives

The meeting started at 11:00 am with an opening prayer by Joseph Musa. This was followed by introduction of participants.

Inaugural Committee Meeting Minutes

The April 10, 2010 Ogbona Advisory Committee Inauguration meeting minutes were reviewed with some amendments. The motion for adoption of the minutes was moved by Ralph Asekomhe and supported by Paulinus Ifaorumhe.

The chairman presented a welcome address and re-iterating the task ahead the committee and implores the members towards realising the objectives set out by the Ukpe-Ukpi and the community. A copy of his address is attached.

Terms of reference from the Ukpe-Ukpi were;

  1. Organization
  2. Generation of positive ideas for the development of our community.
  3. Act as think-tank responsible for the development of the community
  4. Mobilization of necessary human and material resources.
  5. Maintenance of peace and security in our community.
  6. Implement approved projects.

There was no set agenda for the meeting and discussions were not focused, however, it was generally agreed that we should organize the committee along structured line and also work on our attendance at meetings. The following officers were appointed to run the council.


Matthias Akpaibor         Chairman (appointed by the Ukpe-Ukpi)

Raphael Edogamhe       Vice chairman

Thomas Ikhaghu            Secretary

Chief Celina Ateghie      Assistant secretary


The committee reviewed the Ukpe-Ukpi Inaugural address and terms of reference and broke them down to the following areas:

  1. Security
  2. Education
  3. Town planning/works
  4. Health
  5. Agriculture
  6. Revenue/Markets
  7. Cultural Revival/Socialization
  8. Judicial committee.

The committee decided to organize its work in smaller committees along the above listed areas. Broad terms of each committee were defined and each committee was encouraged to come up with a comprehensive definition of the terms and coverage for its work. Attempts were made to include everyone of the 23 members of the council in one or 2 committees based on the perceived knowledge of the individual and field.


s/n Committee Term Members
1 Security Internal & external Linus Dunia (Chairman)

Jet Oshiomogho

Theresa Abu

2 Education Formal & Informal education including Moral education etc Dr. Steve Aigbepue (Chairman)

Barr Joseph Musa

Chief Mrs. C. Eleta







Town Planning /works Town planning including Layout, street naming, Land Acquisition, and boundaries with neighbouring communities etc


Works including infrastructure, electricity, communication and market structures

Paulinus Ifaorumhe (Chairman)

Thomas Ikhaghu

Gilbert Odior

Peter Odior

Felix Osimhera

Pascal Osigbemhe


4 Health Child and maternal Health, diseases and prevention, Lecture on health issues e.g. Aids and HIV and other transmittable diseases. Manpower for the community Health Center


Ralph Edogamhe (Chairman)

Dr. Felix Orbih

Joseph Izuagie

Philip Ogedegbe

5 Agriculture Improved varieties of seedlings (cassava, groundnuts etc)

Food processing and access to markets. Improved land usage through use of fertilizer and effects of Bush Burning.

Cooperative Society and mechanize farming

Gilbert Odior (Chairman)

Matthias Akpaibor

Cecilia Eleta

6 Revenue/Market Access to Markets

Banking facilities

Foreign investors ( Unicef, World Bank, Unido etc projects/programs

Tourism development.

Mineral Resources and community rights

Emma Anabor (Chairman)

Bernard Oboarekpe

Felix Osimhera

David Joseph Ikhiagwa

7 Cultural Revival/ Socialization Informal education

Lecture séries – carrer etc.

Cultural modernization (okhe title, age group initiation etc)

Attendance at Federation, community & family meetings most especially by youth

Ralph Asekomhe (Chairman)

Peter Aigba

Theresa Abu

Paulinus Ifaorumhe

8 Judicial committee Examine pending land cases

Action items from the last land cases.

Protection of community land

Relationship with neighbouring communities

Barr Felix Osimhera (Chairman)

Barr Joseph Musa

Mathias Akpaibor

Tom Ikhaghu


Members were advised to co-opt knowledgeable and subject matter experts of Ogbona sons and daughters into their various committees. Each committee is expected to come up with a written documentation of their committee work in the next meeting.



Meeting Schedule

The next committee meetings are scheduled for 28 August and 01 October, 2010 at Chief Akpaibor’s Residence, Ogbona.

Any Other Business (AOB)

It was advised that everybody should have an E-mail for easy dissemination of minutes and notice of meetings.

To help run the secretariat the following items were promised by the following: Emmanuel Anabor – desktop computer, Paulinus Ifaorumhe – printer and Gilbert Odior – Stationeries. The house thanked and prayed for them.


The remaining letters of appointment and the Ukpe-Ukpi address to be collected by the chairman and send to members who were not in attendance at the inaugural meeting.

The chairman was advised to be in touch with all the members and to encourage attendance at meeting. Also an agenda should be generated to guide the meeting.

Pascal Osigbemhe called to apologize for his coming late to the meeting; however, he never made it to the meeting before closing. Other apologies were received from Dr. Felix Orbih and Jacob Oshiomogho for their absence

The Ukpe-Ukpi, Chief William Idode came to the meeting venue to thank members for accepting to serve and coming to the meeting.

Closing Remarks

The Chairman thanked members for attendance and participation in the meeting. He enjoins the members to work in their various committees for the general interest of the Ogbona community. He called Paulinus Ifaorumhe to lead the prayers for our journey mercies and Peter Dunia quick recovery from his accident. He also offered those present some light entertainment.

Motion for adjournment was moved by Joseph Musa and supported by Celina Ateghie. Closing prayer was said by Joseph Musa and meeting end at about 1.40 pm



—————–                                  ——————————-

Chairman Advisory Committee    Secretary to Advisory Council


Address by the Chairman Advisory Committee

 List of Advisory Committee members

 Ogbona Land allocation Committee members list


Attachment 1


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you home and thank God for journey mercy for those who are here present. I would like to start, first by humbly calling on all sundry here present that the call to duty extended to us by Okpe-Ukpi of Ogbona should be seen honestly as a challenge to attain the common good for the community.

As we were made to understand, this committee is a non-religions or political committee but whose purpose is to generate positive ideas necessary for the rapid development, peace and security of our community.

One of the essential characteristics of any living organism is growth. Our community, as a living body or a family of God’s people, with different parts working in harmony, is not an exception in this regard

It is my fervent wish that the committee should focus in all direction both home and abroad by way of development e.g. Organization, Education Health, Communication, Agriculture, Water, Creativity, Social Reform and Moral values, Common Forum, Investment, Revenue generation, Common Roads, Electricity, Recreation Hall etc. and advise towards these directions.

Finally, I will not fail to mention that history has been made by Okpe-Ukpi of Ogbona, Chief Willy Idode for introducing and inaugurating this that first Ogbona Advisory Committee in the annual of Ogbona Community. I therefore appeal to all members to put in their best to achieve this noble purpose.

I wish the committee happy deliberations, with God on our side we shall succeed. I wish you all journey mercy back home. Thank you for listening.
























Attachment 2

 List of Advisory Committee members

S/N Name Email address Contact Numbers
1 Mathias Akpaibor  mathiasakpaibor@yahoo.com 08033721963
2 Raphael Edogamhe  Raph2010@yahoo.com 07038339000
3 Linus Dunia  chrisdunia@yahoo.com 08033269606
4 Raphael Asekomhe 08056267095
5 Emmanuel Anabor  emmanuelanabor@yahoo.com 08033042506
6 Celina Ateghie Mrs.  ChiefCelinaateghie@yahoo.com 08056734997
7 Joseph Izuagie  Izuagie@yahoo.com,


8 Steven Aigbepue  steveaigbe09@yahoo.co.uk 08035435637
9 Gilbert Odior geodior@yahoo.com 08022903457
10 Paulinus Ifaorumhe eraga_54@yahoo.com 08077757781
11 Joseph Musa lebitus@yahoo.com 08058850058 07030204090
12 Thomas Ikhaghu tikhaghu@yahoo.com 08066630028
13 Bernard Oboarekpe Bernard.oboarekpe@shell.com 08035700020
14 Dr. Felix Orbih felixorbih@yahoo.com 08055245551
15 Peter Odior petrodion@yahoo.com 07068831077
16 Pascal Osigbemhe Ascalos_54@yahoo.com 07035848784
17 Peter Aigba Peter.a.aigba@exxonmobil.com 08033054284 08055494133
18 Felix Osimera Felixosijones@yahoo.com 08058993848
19 Theresa Abu Mrs. 08023013626
20 Jacob Oshiomogho   08033822832
21 David Ikhiagwai   08051576695
22 Philip Ogedegbe philoges@yahoo.com 08055259055, 07087051680
23 Cecilia Eleta Mrs.   08080314225

Attachment 3



Land Allocation Committee
Name Contact Number
1. Jerry Umoru 8068335235
2. Douglas Oyarekhua 7038743073
3. Lucky Aigba Ivhioche 7032072839
4. Innocent Aigbonoga 7035402745
5. Adomokhai Alabi okotor 7037829230
6. David Iyevhobu 7035402808
7. Imonoghie Amiekhamhe 8033659210
8. Tarko Peter 7032200870
9. David Atsegamhe 8066629907
10. Etu Adamu 7032200876
11. Thomas Ikhaghu 8066030028
12. Amhanesi Julius 8066668996
13. Oshiomhogho Clifford 7063325877



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