Ogbona is a community located in Etsako Central local government area in the northern part of Edo state. Traditionally a rusty agrarian community, the leadership of Ogbona had long realized that importance of education for its children and further understood that the various secondary schools in neighbouring communities where her children currently study are not enough to fully cater for the needs of her wards. Thus, through ardent community efforts and uncommon sacrifice Ogbona Secondary was established in 1980. It became not just the darling secondary school of the Ogbona community, but several neighbouring communities began to send their children to Ogbona secondary school in their droves. In 1984, the then Bendel State government (now Edo state) took-over the management of the school from the community. From the take-over period till date, there was basically developmental efforts from the government to improve or add to the structural and academic facilities of the secondary school. Most of the classrooms, laboratories, offices were dilapidated and in dire need of attention. Due to the deplorable state of the school facilities, the Ogbona community sought the assistance of Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (EEPNL) to give the school an infrastructural facelift.

In 2015, Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, as part of their community work, heeded the clarion of Ogbona community and decided to construct a storey building in the school with the following components:

  • 15 classrooms; 3 Science labs; an ICT Centre; a Reading Room; Principal and Vice Principal’s offices; Staff Common room; and 20 toilets.
  • Furnishing and Equipment (450 student desks/Teachers tables/chairs, Lab equipment, 60 Computers/ accessories)
  • Generator House, Generator, Power Supply, and a borehole

 ICT Center

  • Procure and install 20’’ Dell LCD Monitors
  • Projector and Screen, Toshiba, Model TDP-PX10U
  • Liaise with a Service Provider and install a Main Server with a broad bandwidth subscription and associated equipment required for connectivity to the school


  • Procure and install Double Desks and Chairs for the pupils and teachers as described in the bill
  • Procure and install wooden tables of dimensions 1.6m long, 0.8m wide and 0.75m high and chairs Procure and install 6 No. 3.0m x 1.5m x 25mm wall mounted dry erase magnetic white board (1 in each classroom).
  • Procure and Supply 12 (twelve) packets of Dry Erase Marker (Non-Toxic MonAmi White Board Marker). Manufacturer – MonAmi Co Ltd, Thailand.
  • Procure and Supply 12 Dusters (2 for each board)
  • Procure and Supply 12 White Board Cleaner Spray (STRONG)


  • Procure and install wooden tables of dimensions 1.6m long, 0.8m wide and 0.75m high

Procure and install Bookshelves each measuring 0.9m x 0.9m x 0.45 and with.

 Toilets & Utility Room

  • Drill 150mm uncased borehole by motorized rotary rig to a depth not less than 100m for installation of 100mm diameter casing (cost to include borehole log & log report detailing equipment graphic plot and data interpretation)
  • Provide and construct water distribution lines complete with all necessary fittings from the borehole to elevated tank and from the elevated tanks to the hook-up points in the classroom block.
  • Design and install a mini water treatment plant to make the water potable.
  • Electrical connections of the facility shall be installed in the utilities room in the classroom block as detailed in the electrical sketch and bill
  • Procure and install 450 X 600X 6mm thick float glass silver-colored mirrors

 Mobilization for the project started late 2015 and continued through 2016 to 2018. During the construction there were several changes in the business environment that led to revision in the project cost and timeline. The furnishing was separated from the construction, and it took almost 3 years to award the furnishing part of the project.

The mobilization for the furnishing started early 2020 but was quickly disrupted by the Covid-19 and restrictions. Furnishing was completed late 2020 and early 2021 but the project could not be handed over to the community due to disruptions from the various waves of the Covid-19 and security. Other communities moved into their buildings without a handover ceremony, however, Ogbona Secondary school was waiting on a formal handover.

Today ceremony marks the official moving into the new building and taking advantage of the opportunities it presents. We wish the students and the community the best of learning in this new facility that is about the best you can find in the whole of Edo state.

The community is hereby appealing to the Edo State Government for a better staffing of the school to enable the proper utilization of the laboratories, ICT Centers, and other facilities.

We thank you for your presence and attention.

His Royal Highness Chief Willy Idode, welcome address at school building and gate/fence projects handing over to Edo State Government, December 27, 2021


Today is yet another epoch-making one in our recent history as a community. I am not surprisingly elated, therefore, welcoming your excellency and other  honourable and distinguished guests to this ceremony.

As you may already know, two very important projects which are key to the educational development of our community and the advancement of academic pursuit of our children and wards in Ogbona Secondary School are being handed over to the Edo State Government:

  1. One-kilometre long perimeter fencing and ambience gate undertaken by the Old Students Of Class 1993, and
  2. A Block of 15 classrooms; a Reading Room; Principal and Vice Principal’s offices; Staff Common room; 3 Science labs; an ICT Centre furnished with (student desks/Teachers tables/chairs, Lab equipment, 60 Computers/ accessories), Generator House, Generator, Power Supply, and a borehole and 20 toilets.

Your excellency, distinguished guests, we are here today because of the benevolence of our children who have pulled their personal resources as well as contacts together for the benefit of the younger generation and the community.

On behalf of the elders, leaders and people of Ogbona community, I heartily appreciate these donations. Let me thank in a very special way, our young men and women whose love for the education of our children manifested in the attraction of these projects.

Your excellency sir, as these projects are being handed over to the state government today, they form part of the community’s assistance we have always rendered to relevant authorities for the wellbeing of our people.

We are, therefore, appealing to our very forward looking governor and our dynamic, project-loving deputy governor to graciously accept the challenge of putting these projects to profitable use. First, this school requires adequate number of teachers in all subject areas as well as books and other learning materials for the library and laboratories. I will not like to mention here what presently obtains in the school. We would ask the government to give consideration to designating this World Class Computer Center As Edo State ICT Training Institute as it is bigger and better than the ICT Centre The Federal Government has just provided in one secondary school in Owan West Local Government Area.

As we all know, a perimeter fence in a school is good and useful for security but it also requires personnel for effective and purposeful maintenance of security. We, therefore, solicit the assistance of government in providing adequate security for the school infrastructure and facilities. On our part, we are ready to partner with this government in the development and improvement of critical infrastructures and services necessary to enhance the welfare, security and wellbeing of our people.

Your excellency, sir, while we look forward to having these projects being put to profitable use as soon as possible, we assure this government of our support at all times. We wish your entourage a safe journey back to Benin City. To all our distinguished guests we wish you all a merry christmas in advance.

Thank you and God Bless.

HRH Chief Willy Idode

Opkhe-Ukpi of Ogbona SubClan

Dec.    2021.

Welcome Address by Mr. Thaddeus M.O. Anabor, Principal, Ogbona Senior Secondary School, Ogbona

I, on behalf of the staff and students of Ogbona Secondary School welcome all of you to this all-important ceremony. I thank the almighty God for making it possible for me to witness this handing over ceremony.

This legacy project (School gate entrance ambience and front perimeter fence) is a dream come true. When I was transferred to this school in February 202, the school was in need of furniture. I approached some old students for assistance and I was told they will look into my request. The Class of 93 came up with idea they will build toilets for the school which I vehemently rejected. I suggested to them that we need a perimeter fence and a school gate. When the architectural design of the school gate was sent to me, I laughed and told myself that the project may not be accomplished because of its gigantic nature and also because of the economic recession created by covid-19 pandemic.

In spite of paucity of funds created by the pandemic, the Class 93 has done what Napoleon could not do. Today, we are witnessing the handing over of the magnificent edifice to Edo state government. Thank you, my amiable and dependable Class 93, for accomplishing this project. The God I serve will never depart from you all.

Let me use this opportunity to appeal to other classes to emulate Class 93. This project is still ongoing. We need your assistance to ensure its early completion. I appeal to all old students of this great institution to come together under one umbrella. They should unite to form an old students’ association. There is a popular adage that says “unity is strength.”

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, the task of building and re-building this great citadel of learning is an enormous one, let all of us unite to accomplish it.

Apart from the fence, the school is in need of the following:

  1. Renovation and furnishing of the examination hall
  2. Purchasing and supply of sports equipment
  3. Furnishing of the school library with modern textbooks
  4. Employment of more teachers and others that are not mentioned in this address.

Let me also use this opportunity to thank Ogbona Elites Forum for the employment and regular payment of thirteen teachers since the past six years.

My thanks also go to HRH the Okpeukpi of Ogbona, and his Palace Chiefs for their numerous assistances to the school. I want to use this opportunity to remind the Edo state Government that more teachers should be deployed to the school as we have only two principals and a teacher in the school.

Thank you all. I wish you journey mercies to your respective destinations.

Mr. Thaddeus M.O. Anabor,

Principal, Ogbona Senior Secondary School, Ogbona

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