THE MUSLIM STUDENTS’ SOCIETY OF NIGERIA, OGBONA BRANCH The introduction The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) Ogbona branch was officially launched on the 27th of June, 2000 in Ogbona community making it almost 24years as at when this was written. Within these years it had produced five (5) presidents, following the current administration under the  leadership of Pius Etokhana Abdulmalik. Within the four years of formation, the organization’s presence covered virtually all the government schools in Avianwu Kingdom. This was successful with the help of HRH the ogieavianwu of Avianwu kingdom, Late Alhaji Patrick Oboarekpe and our relentless patrons and patronesses, among them is Alhaji Aminu Isunuevho as the grand patron of the society AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The following are the aims and objectives of the society  : To bring all Muslims in closer union of brotherhood and absolute faith in Allah as the only basis for the achievements of peace among mankind. To establish an Islamic Ummah (Nation) governed by the principles and rules of the pristine islam. To promote the general welfare of the Muslims and safeguard their fundamental human rights in any community. Promotion of peaceful coexistence between the Muslims and non Muslims at large To awaken the social, moral and intellectual standard of the generality of the Muslims in the community and the nation at large. To Co-operate with genuine and honest Islamic organisations in Nigeria and the world at large. To organize guidance and counseling for all Muslims. To ensure our children who are the future leaders have the best Islamic training. PROGRAMS Our major Programs are as follow: DA’WAH:This literally means “issuing a summon”, invitation or call and also refer to the preaching of Islam and the exhortation to summit to Allah and also preaching to non-Muslims in particular. Still on the Da’wah we have an annual program tagged “JIHAD WEEKEND ” a 3-days program featuring the following :  Public Lectures 2 Days Free Medical Outreach to the generality of the Ogbona Community( Held 9th Ogbona free medical outreach by the Muslims students society of Nigerian at their jihad week at Ogbona 2024 Community service which includes: i .Hospital Visitation ii.Visitation to the oldest man & the oldest woman in Ogbona as well as the oldest Muslim man & woman in Ogbona iii.visitation to the palace and lots more.. Welfare program (Endowment) it is a program to assist the less privilege, the windows and the orphans in their Education and other social needs. Presently, the association is having some children who are under her sponsorship. Hospital Visitation:this program is organized once in three months i.e four times yearly to visit hospitals and healing homes in Avhianwu to make Dua (prayers) for the sick and gifts items to them and the hospitals.. Signed Pius Etokhana Abdulmalik, President