Ogbona Rulers

The various rulers of Ogbona over time


MEET THE NEW OKPHE UKPI OF OGBONA SUB CLAN, CHIEF VINCENT AGBODEKHEMHE OTSOI By Elias Inaede Chief Vincent Agbodekhemhe Otsoi was born on the 6th of June,1963 to the Family of Paul Amedu Otsoi and Mrs Elizabeth Omosi Otsoi. His Father hails from the Royal Family of Iyevhe of Ivhiomielele Quarter of Ogbona in the present Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State, while the Mother Mrs Elizabeth Omosi Otsoi from Isedu Agbugui’s family, Ivianopkodi, Egori, Etsako East local government area EARLY LIFE/EDUCATIONAL CAREER As a young promising boy, he attended Imhakhena Primary School, Ogbona from 1970 – 1976 for his Primary Leaving Certificate (PSLC) before proceeding to Esigie Teachers College, Abudu from 1978 to 1981 (TCD), University of Ibadan for his Associate Certificate in Education (ACE) in 1988 to 1989. In his quest to be grounded in his Educational Career, Mr Otsoi proceeded to the College of Education, Agbor, Delta State where he had his National Certificate in Education (NCE) from 1991 to 1994. Not satisfied with his level of Education he has attained, he proceeded further to the University of Calabar to study Environmental Economics where he had his Bachelor’s degree (BED) from 2003 to 2006 with Second Class Upper Division and was appointed as a Part -Time Lecturer at UNICAL for a year. He began his Career as a Teacher at Ebua Primary School, Iviebua, Agenebode in 1981 to 1989 and was later posted to Army Children School Barracks, Agenebode from 1989 to 1995, Atekhai Primary School, Ivhiukwe from 1995 to 2003, Anagwe Primary School, Edegbe (2003 to 2012, Okugbe Primary School, Ivhioghe (2012 – 2014 and posted to Aloaye Primary School, Igiode in 2014 to 2019 where he retired meritoriously from Service.. In 2014, he was called by his people (Eragbe Family) to hold the position of Egboise in trust for his Family which is the second position to Ukpi title after the demise of Late Chief Michael Umole due to his contributions to the unity and development of Ogbona Community and as a result of his clean record while in active Service.. He was received and accepted in the Palace by the late Okphe Ukpi of Ogbona Sub Clan, HRH, Chief Willy Idode of blessed memory.The Egboise graduated to Ukpi Drummer in accordance with Avhianwu custom and tradition on the 5th of January, 2023. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES He is the Chairman of Eghietsemhe Age Group of 1977 till date Chairman of Ogbona/Imiava Reconciliation Committee Past Assistant Secretary, Ogbona Federated Union (OFU) 2006-. 2010 Chairman, Ogbona Esi Days (2001 till date) Current Okphe Ukpi of Ogbona (5th January till date) RELIGIOUS LIFE Chief Vincent Agbodekhemhe Otsoi can easily be referred to as the “Church Man”. Right from early age, he has been a dedicated Member of the Catholic Faith. He is a Member of many Religion Organizations. Member, Catholic Church Council, Iviebua , Agenebode (1986) Member, Association of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary till date Financial Secretary, Catholic Men Organization (CMO) 2007 Member, St. Philomina Catholic Church, Upland Agenebode (2014) Laity Secretary, St. Philomina Catholic Church, Agenebode (2014- 2016) It will interest you to know that under his rulership, Ogbona Community has witnessed many developmental achievements including Settlement of land disputes in the Community, Maintenance of Peace, unity and cooperation among his Subjects Perimeter Fencing of Oboarekpe Primary School, Ogbona Construction of 5 Chamber Toilets at Imhakhena Primary School, Ogbona by the Edo State Government after his installation as the Okphe Ukpi of Ogbona and repair of Boreholes by Ogbona Elites Forum (OEF) Chief Vincent Agbodekhemhe Otsoi is a responsible Family man. He is happily married to Mrs. Faith Efoamemhe Otsoi from the Royal Family of Late HRH Patrick Oboarekpe. The marriage is blessed with Five Children.


Ogbona Rulers of the Twentieth Century from 1892 to 2017

OGBONA RULERS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY FROM 1892 TO 2017 S/N OKPHE UKPI KINDRED DATES 1 Aikpabeghie (OKPHE UKPI) Ivhioverai 1892 – 1904 2 Anyai (OKPHE UKPI) Handed over to Ototo when he was imprisoned for his role during the Dogbonoba war Ivhiorevho 1904 – 1908 3 Ototo (OKPHE UKPI) Ivhitse 1908 – 1914 4 Enakhumhe (Warrant Chief) Appointed by the British Administration Ivhiobore 1914 – 1917 5 Ikhumhetse (Warrant Chief) son of Enakhumhe Ivhiobore 1917 – 1918 6 Okozi (Warrant Chief) Removed on restoration of Ukpi holding system in 1931 Ivhiulaghua 1920 – 1931 7 Aleghe (OKPHE UKPI) appointed at the restoration of Ukpi holding Ivhioroke 1931 – 1938 8 Atsegwasi (OKPHE UKPI) ruled for 3 months Ivhiosano 1941 – 1941 9 Okozi (OKPHE UKPI) same Okozi that Warrant Chief of Ogbona 1920-1931 Ivhiulaghua 1942 – 1954 10 Patrick Ajayi Oboarekpe (A primary school Teacher) became the OKPHE UKPI of Ogbona and vacated the Ukpi holding on becoming the Ogieavhianwu of Avhianwu in 1986 Ivhitse 1955 – 1994 11 Chief Thomas Ajayie Osigbemhe (JP) a retired civil servant-Permanent Secretary (8/10/1994 – 2008) Ivhiozima 8/10/1994 – 2008 Chief William Idode, Okphe Ukpi of Ogbona (Politician and Community Leader) Ivhiobore 2008 – DATE NEXT ORDER OF ROTATION ACCORDING TO KINDRED AS AT APRIL 2017 12 Akpabeghie Egboise Title  Chief Bernard Ikhanoba 13 Ivhiorevho Ogboikpise Title  Chief Patrick K. Ikhane 14 Ivhioroke Utokho Ukpi Na evho Title  Chief Stephen Apakhade 15 Ivhido Utokho Ukpi Na ape Title  Chief Jacob Utu Orbih

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