Biography of Late Madam Angelina Agbapalo Odior (Nee Igonor)

Biography of Late Madam Angelina Agbapalo Odior (Nee Igonor)

Mrs. Angelina Agbapalo Odior was born on 21st September 1931 to the late Mr. and Mrs. Igonor of Ivhiorevho quarters, Ogbona, in Avianwu clan, Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State. She was the second daughter of the Late Mrs. Awawu Amhofuegbe Igonor (nee Ikhaghu). Mrs. Adi Momoh Umole (Late) and Lady Christiana Itsuokor (Late) were her same parent siblings. They had several stepbrothers, including Irumhekhai Igonor, Aduku Igonor, Pius Ebayode Igonor, and Ikhe Igonor.

Madam Angelina had a loving bond with her eldest sister, Mrs. Adi Momoh Umole (Late). Adi Momoh Umole, the eldest of the three sisters, had seven children: Mrs. Abiba Osimerha (late), Mrs. Omonegho Enakpene (late), Lady Victoria Umole, Dr. Jerome Umole (late), Lawrence Umole (late), Mrs. Magdalene Yusuf (late), and Clement Umole. Among Abiba Osimerha’s (Late) nine children is Barrister Felix Jones Osimerha. Dr. Jerome Umole (late) had five children: Barrister Ekhaesomi Umole, Barrister Osilama Umole, Oshioriamhe Umole, Mrs. Oyemhe, and Emike Umole.

Her younger sister was Lady Christiana, whom she loved dearly. The youngest of the three sisters, Lady Christiana, lived with her elder sister, Madam Angelina Odior, to assist with caring for her children before marrying the late Pa Daniel Kadiri Itsuokor in 1959. Lady Christiana had nine children: Mike Amanesi Kadiri Itsuokor, Moses Eshiekpaobo Kadiri Itsuokor(late), Cecilia Eloghie, Frederick Egbevhomhe Kadiri Itsuokor, Marcel Erelumhe Kadiri Itsuokor, Martina, Anthony Iyemhelo, Mathew Oshiomeghie Kadiri Itsuokor, and Evelyn Omoarefe. Sadly, Lady passed away on 7th August 1991 in Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital in Zaria after a long illness.

Angelina and her step-siblings loved and cared for each other. Aduku Augustine Igonor’s children include Mrs. Helen Igonor Renner, Mr. Benson Igonor, Mr. Lawrence Igonor, Mrs. Regina Igonor Okorodudu, Mrs. Josephine Igonor Olusakin, Mr. Emmanuel Igonor, and Mrs. Justina Igonor Nzekwe. Pius Ebayode Igonor is blessed with seven children: Lucky Odior Igonor, Thomas Omo Igonor, Mrs. Grace Ademakhe Ogedegbe, Professor Aiyegbeni Igonor, Dr. Godwin Emokhare Igonor, Pastor Patrick Agbomheire Igonor, and Bar. (Mrs.) Precious Emetsemhe Adejo.

In the late 1940s, Raphael Nasamu Odior married his first wife, Angelina Agbapalo Odior (nee Igonor), in a Catholic Church. Their union was blessed with six children: Celina Ikhaluotse Odior, Ambrose Atsenokhai Odior, Gilbert Erelumhe Odior, Roseline Ayemhere Igbadumhe (Late), Joseph Asama Odior (Late), and Tessy Omonike Irueghe. Angelina is survived by four children, 11 stepchildren, 17 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. She worked tirelessly on the farms, supporting her husband to ensure all her children received an education and a quality life. She was a devoted Catholic Christian known for her gentle nature and kind words, which endeared her to the Nasamu family even after Raphael’s passing in August 2005. Angelina was a unifying figure among the Nasamu and Igonor descendants, her biological and stepchildren, occupying the role of a notable matriarch. Her love and care left a lasting impact on everyone who knew her, providing strength and courage in the face of life’s challenges. She expressed her love through prayer and was viewed not only as a mother figure but also as a friend and confidante by her in-laws. Angelina appreciated the beauty in nature and loved God and people. She was stylish, often dressing up and doing makeup, especially on Sundays, with the help of her daughter-in-laws and grandchildren.

Dedicated and divinely inspired, Angelina spread happiness to all those she encountered. She would sit in front of the house to greet people returning from the hospital or farm, offering them medications, words of wisdom, and care. Her honesty, integrity, humility, purity of heart, and commitment to her family and community were exemplary. She was known for her peaceful nature, earning her the nickname “Orunomeh” from her mother-in-law. Her home was always open to all, and her hospitality made everyone feel valued. She treated everyone equally and never showed favoritism, even among her biological children. Her loving and motherly nature earned her the name she was fondly called by all, “Mama nokhua,” meaning grandmother to all.

Her family feels blessed and grateful to have her as a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. There are no words to express their gratitude for all she did for her family. She invested time, energy and her love on the family and community, enriching their lives with friendships, happiness, honor, wisdom, and love. She was a symbol of love and a pillar of strength. She was truly an altruistic being. Her family is deeply thankful to the Lord for her healthy and long life. She will be missed. Rest in peace, Mama, until the resurrection morning.

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