Profile of Suleiman Mustafa Enakhe (aka MS MR SOFT)

Name: Suleiman Mustafa Enakhe (aka MS MR SOFT)
Profession: Musician, Songwriter, Composer, Performing Artist, Event Planner
CEO, Deepman Entertainment

Date and Place of Birth: January 22, 1984, Ogbona
Parents: Alhaji Mallam Oyarekhua Suleiman Julius (aka Yogho Yogho) and Mrs Rabiеtu Suleiman Oyarekhua, both from Ogbona
Quarters in Ogbona: Ivhiobore, Ivhioche Quarter

– Oboarekpe Primary School, Ogbona
– Ogbona Secondary School, Ogbona
– Ambrose Ali University, BSc Public Administration

Workplace: Deepman Entertainment
– Current Status/Role: CEO, Deepman Entertainment

Family and Community
– Family Life and History: From the Oyarekhua family in the Ogbona Ivhioche Quarter, extended from the Izah large family
– Views on Ogbona: A community with intelligent people and a beautiful culture
– Favorite Story: Enjoying festive periods in the village with friends, having great discussions without phone distractions
– Contributions to Ogbona Community: Member of the Ogbona Youth Forum (OYF), Benin Branch
– Memorable Moment: Being born and raised in Ogbona, with no regrets
– Self-View as an indigene of Ogbona: A solution in my area of understanding (entertainment)

Legacy and Impact
– Legacy: To be remembered for good, leaving a positive impact in the entertainment industry and through my music
– Projection of Ogbona to your children and friends: Share stories of Ogbona with children and friends, showcasing the community’s hospitality
– Children’s Visits: Yes, my children visit Ogbona and are always happy to hear the story about their community and the ways of our lives.

– Future Plans: Many plans for Ogbona, time will tell

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